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Ode to the Moshiach Dancers

June 18, 2009 – 10:44 pm21 Comments

By Anthony Frosh and Rachel Sacks-Davis

Living in the heart of St Kilda East, a mere ball throw from any Lubavitcher yeshiva in Melbourne, there are few things that give us as much joy as the daily sight of the Moshiach Dancers. On the corner of Inkerman Rd and Hotham St, or occasionally Carlisle St and Hotham St, we like the familiar sight of four bearded men, dressed to the tilt with Jester’s hats and fluorescent yellow safety vests (construction worker style), dancing and singing.

We must admit that we have never honked when confronted with your “HONK FOR THE MOSHIACH!” sign but in fairness to us, our primary source of transport is the bicycle.

A fairly philo-Semitic work colleague who lives off Inkerman Road even approached one half of Frochel to ask “What is the deal with those guys dancing?” It was explained to her that “They’re just kind of, you know, your hard-core spiritual messianic kind of guys.” So you see that the Moshiach Dancers have become an icon.

We have gotten the impression that this embarrasses some members of the Jewish community, and we have seen Jew and non-Jew alike walk past them as though they are not even there. Personally, we don’t share in this embarrassment. We like the way that this adds further colour to the neighbourhood. Our only disappointment that there is not a Hare Krishna dance circle on the other side of the street to complement them.

We are interested in hearing in your views and any related anecdotes that you might have.

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