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July 1, 2009 – 7:38 pmOne Comment

Dear readers,

It appears that some of your more recent comments may have disappeared in the process of birthing Galus Australis – we wholeheartedly apologise! It was completely unintentional and we’d love for you to re-post your comment if you’re able to.

We also think that some comments posted today might’ve fallen through the cracks entirely, due to a mystery bug. Which appears to now be fixed. So, again, if you posted a comment today and it didn’t appear onsite, please try again. Should all be sorted now. (If you notice any other teething issues, please feel free to email us at editorial@galusaustralis.com.)


Galus Australis

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  • E. Flaumen says:

    I love the new magazine and liked the answer to Adam’s question from Izzy; but I can’t help thinking that this whole conversation has happened sometime in my lifetime. In fact in my dining room!

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