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August 17, 2009 – 5:03 pm100 Comments

general feedback - dayanHi there,

At Galus Australis, we try to be open and accessible to our readers.  Thus this is a section for readers to provide general and honest feedback on Galus as on online publication.

Tell us what you like; tell us what you don’t you like.  Do you think we run too much of one type of article, not enough of another?  Too high brow? Too low brow? Are our articles too short or too long? Do you think we live up to our ideals of providing a forum for diverse Jewish opinion, or are we just full of ourselves?  Whatever is on your mind relating to Galus, here’s the place to let us know.

We can’t promise to act on everyone’s feedback, since for starters, everyone is bound to prefer something a little different; but we can promise to read, consider, and (where possible) to reply to all genuine feedback that we receive.

And of course, if you prefer to give feedback via email, you can always send an email to editorial at galusaustralis.com

Naturally, comments relating to specific articles should continue to be left in the comments section located underneath those articles.

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