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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner!

August 20, 2009 – 10:16 pm13 Comments
Photo source: RealFooty.com.au, Credit: Craig Golding

Photo source: RealFooty.com.au, Credit: Craig Golding

By Anthony Frosh

When we created Galus Australis, we were determined not to become a trashy tabloid.  However, very occasionally we might suffer a lapse in our journalistic integrity.  This is one of those occasions.

As some of you may be aware, Australia’s most talked about celebrity (at least in the AFL states) is now living in the heart of Jewish Melbourne. (Apologies to our many readers outside of Melbourne.)  I speak of course of former West Coast Eagles legend, and now Richmond Tiger, Ben Cousins.

The number of “Cuz” sightings on Carlisle Street is growing weekly.  He’s been seen outside Gold’s bookstore, I myself have even bumped into him in Gan Eden florist, and it’s just matter of time before someone sees him in Haymishe bakery popping in for a delicious Mon Kichel (poppy seed cake).

I must say I feel guilty writing this.  Partly, because it is such a voyeuristic Woman’s Day kind of article.  But mostly, because I didn’t invite him home for shabbos that time I bumped into him.  After all, it’s the proper way to welcome a stranger into the neighbourhood.  I for one won’t make that mistake again, and I implore any of you who come across Ben looking for metziah in one of the never-ending closing down sales at Culture Shock (or is it called Jerusalem Gifts?) to invite the man home for shabbos.  You will be rewarded as he sings some his favourite zemirot to the tune of the West Coast Eagles club song.  Although even as an Eagles supporter, I must admit his rendition of Adon Olam to the tune of the Tigers’ club song sounds even better – love how he uses Azay Melech in place of the classic “Yellow & Black” bit.

The question remains: Why exactly is Ben Cousins living in Ripponlea rather than a more fashionable neighbourhood like Prahran or South Yarra?  Well, some viewers of Footy Classified may remember when the chief football writer at The Age, Caroline Wilson, accused Ben of “wearing an arrogant hat.”  Now, I know some other gentlemen in the neighbourhood who have been accused of the same thing.  While the offending hat, as worn by Cousins in the above photograph, is not quite as striking as a shtreimel, I’m sure Ben finds plenty of common ground with his more formally dressed neighbours.

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