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Major Shake-up at the AJN

August 23, 2009 – 10:46 am25 Comments
Source: Voices.com

Source: Voices.com

By Anthony Frosh

Here is another major story of which The Australian Jewish News is yet to inform the community.

At the close of this week the AJN and its national editor, Ashley Browne, will part ways.

Speculation abounds that Browne’s departure relates to the heavy-handed editorial direction of Robert Magid, who acquired the AJN in mid 2007.  Magid has apparently been trying to take the AJN in a more conservative direction, aligning it with the more right wing Zionist organisations in the community. In contrast to Browne, Magid also prefers foreign content to local news.

This seems to be in contrast to Magid’s stated intention at the time of purchasing the AJN , when he claimed that “every element of the community’s voice” would be represented in the newspaper (The Australian, July 28, 2007.)

If this is the case, this would seem to be the second time this year that an owner of a well known Australian niche publication and their editor have parted ways over editorial position.  We refer to events that took place earlier this year at The Monthly, where owner Morry Schwartz and former editor Sally Warhaft fell out, apparently partly over Schwartz’s refusal to run a piece by Peter Costello in response to this essay by Kevin Rudd.

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