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The Loewenstein Aficionado Test

September 15, 2009 – 7:39 pm25 Comments

a-lo challenge

By Anthony Frosh

Antony Loewenstein (A-Lo) is launching the 3rd edition of his book, “My Israel Question.”  So unfortunately we can expect to hear and see him in the media ramping up his own publicity.  He’ll be telling the audience that Israel is not really a democracy but is an apartheid state, while at the same time vouching for the democratic credentials of Hamas (as he did on ABC radio recently).  No doubt, he’ll be touted by organisations such as the ABC and Fairfax as a Middle East Expert.

So how expert does one need to be touted as such by these organisations?

It turns out the answer is: Not very!  Of course, this is on the proviso that you fulfil the role of useful idiot.  Can you imagine that someone would be touted as an expert in Australian politics on the BBC or CNN, if they were not even aware that John Howard was a male?

Below is a quote from A-Lo which reveals that above absurd scenario is being paralleled in Australian media coverage of Israel.

Yet more evidence of Israel speaking the language of ‘peace’ but acting entirely differently came from a senior ally of Sharon, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni. He told a legal conference in early December that, despite years of Israeli denials, Sharon himself imagines the 425-mile separation barrier as the future border between Israel and a potential Palestinian State.

‘One does not have to be a genius to see that the fence will have implications for the future border,’ he said  (my emphasis).

The above redefines what it means to be called an expert, at least on the Australian media landscape.  So on that note, I’ve prepared a little quiz for our readers so they can see how they measure up on the expert scale.

The A-Lo Aficionado Test – 1st Edition

The following individuals have been deemed to be of similar relative obscurity to Tzipi Livni.  Please identify their gender

1)      Barack Obama

2)      Hillary Rodham Clinton

3)      Kevin Rudd

4)      Julia Gillard

5)      Golda Meir

6)      Queen Elizabeth II

7)      George W Bush

8)      George H.W Bush

9)      Vladimir Putin

10)  Margaret Thatcher

For answers, please ask any reasonably educated 8 year old.

How to evaluate you score:

10/10: Well done, you are not ruled out from being a contributor on Galus Australis (sorry about that folks at The New Matilda)

7-9: You’ll probably never write for Galus, but at least you can take comfort from the fact that you are doing better than A-Lo.  The ABC or Fairfax will probably offer you a full-time position as a foreign correspondent.

5-6: Please contact us to let us know if you have ever heard of any Jewish males named Tzipi.

Less than 5: Contact Louise Adler at Melbourne University Press – she wants to offer you a book contract.

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