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CSG Advert – What the?

September 23, 2009 – 10:20 am55 Comments
CSG advertisement, Rosh Hashana 2009

CSG advertisement, Rosh Hashana 2009

By Almoni

What the *&@%&*!!

First it came in a personally addressed envelope (where did they get my address from?!). Then it fell out of the Jewish News.

You know what I am talking about. That flyer from the Community Security Group, meant to scare the hell out of me and everyone within an eruv distance of Caulfield. And not just to scare me, but to scare me to hand over money, anything from $18 (chai) to $5,000 and up.

If you haven’t seen the leaflet, there’s a bull’s eye on one side, with a kid’s face showing through, and a picture of some gratuitous anti-Semitic vandalism. I’ve seen other CSG ads playing off the natural fear of grandparents for their grandchildren.

What is going on with an organisation that markets fear and weakness rather than a positive message of community capacity or trust and support in professional law enforcement authorities?

There are definitely crazies out there, but that is not the point. Should we be supporting a secretive, unaccountable, and privatised approach to what appears to be anti-terrorism policing?

There is no public information available on a number of issues including:

  1. How is this organisation governed?
  2. What and who provides training whether in Australia or overseas, including firearms training?
  3. What are its financial accountability processes?
  4. By what code of professional ethics does it abide?
  5. It is a registered security agency?
  6. Does it have oversight and complaint mechanisms? And what are they?
  7. What contact is there with foreign security agencies, including conflicts of interest?
  8. What mechanisms are there to protect data integrity?

Of particular importance, is the CSG able to show that it has prevented what it deems to be anti-Semitic incidents? Or, is it all for show for wannabees with earpieces?

Don’t expect any answers: it’s run by the JCCV and it is hard enough to find out accountability information about the JCCV. It’s far easier to find out information about ASIO.

I’m concerned.

Editors’ note: Right of reply from an appropriate member of the CSG or JCCV is welcome. Please contact us by email: editorial at galusaustralis.com

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