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Desperately Seeking Someone (to help with Galus Australis)

October 2, 2009 – 1:55 am8 Comments

internAre you the sort of person who weeps at the sight of “you are” contracted to “your”?

Do you always have a piece of chalk handy for correcting restaurant menu spelling mistakes?

Does the impeding release of the fifth edition of the Macquarie Dictionary give you that tingly feeling in your tuches? (November 1, peeeps! [*Happy dance*] You know what we’re asking for for Christmukkah.)

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, WE NEED YOU.

Galus Australis is seeking a capable student intern (or interns) to help with editing, web design, marketing and general dogsbody tasks (a few hours a week). It’s an excellent opportunity to gain some web development/publishing experience and will surely look tres hip on your CV.

For now, the position is unpaid, but we provide SCINTILLATING conversation and excellent nosh for free. And you get to play a part in the very important task of cultivating intellectual Jewish-Australian life (cough, cough). Howzat?

Email your resume and a brief shpiel to editorial at galusaustralis dot com if you’re interested.


The Galus Australis eds

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