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And now a word from a concerned neighbour‏…

December 7, 2009 – 7:14 pm50 Comments
It seems not all missionaries are living such dramatic lives as the Jesuit protagonists in the 1986 film, The Mission.

It seems not all missionaries are living life as dramatically as the Jesuit protagonists in the 1986 film, The Mission.

The following letter was dropped into the letter box of one our readers living on Hotham St, Balaclava.  The letter was printed on plain paper in Times New Roman, single line spacing, and without any spaces between paragraphs (to the extent that there were paragraphs).  Apart from the spacing, we have reproduced the letter below verbatim (spelling mistakes etc included).  We found the letter amusing, and since the author asks for the letter to be passed on to anyone Jewish, we thought we’d help out.  Enjoy and discuss.

Dear Jewish people your god Yahweh has instructed me a non Jew and not even a Church goer to tell you to assess your writings, for your massier has already been. And I must say, my name is Steve, that with no one in the world crucifying people any more, not even in Jerusalem, which I thought they might to at least give there prophases a chance of coming true, that you have missed the boat on this call. Anyway I was instructed in a dream to tell the Jewish people this two years ago but I did not know why, I am not Jewish, not that I know of anyway, so have found myself dodging writing this, but it keeps coming to me so I thought I better get it over and done with and tell the Jewish people and then leave it in there hands.

I believe your people must be Gods favourite people if God is this persistent.

It looks to me like Jesus must have been your saviour, I can’t think of anyone else in history but I could be wrong, but that is up to you to work out, if he was your massier you will have to work out how to worship him in your own manner, you must have something in mind you’ve had a couple of thousand years to think about it and you have been waiting, I hope your people have something good up there sleave. I think in the old days some of your people were not ready for change, and I wonder if someone turned up today as the chosen massier would things still not change, as some people that control things and have power would not want things to change just like the old days. Anyway you’re the chosen People and if you’re reading this and you’re Jewish I have done my job. So spread the word and ask a phew questions of your beliefs and fce answers will lead you to your promised land and the truth, maybe Yahweh will give you the answers in a dream if you just ask.

Good luck and may Yahweh keep loving you Steve.

Pass this manuscript onto anyone that is Jewish please.

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