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The return of the purim spiel

February 24, 2010 – 11:31 pm3 Comments

Next week, the newly-revived Purim Spiel kicks off at the Phoenix Theatre in Elwood.

Last year, the Spiel was revived after a hiatus of over 15 years. “Of Mice and Menschen” was a great success, providing the community with a new avenue for Jewish involvement and connectedness, a warmly received form of musical entertainment, and an opportunity to raise awareness and significant funds for Emunah, and its social welfare programs in Israel.

This year’s production is titled “The 39 Shleps”, and is a brand new musical comedy with an original script that the whole community will love and a fantastic talented cast, orchestra and crew. Everyone involved is willingly volunteering time and skills. Written by Dr Talia Boltin and Josh Gurgiel, the show features an all-star cast including many original cast members from last year.

Best of all, all funds raised go straight to supporting Emunah, a volunteer-based Zionist women’s organisation, operating children’s day care centres, residential homes, and crisis intervention centres for children at risk, and a range of schools and training colleges in Israel. It also works to enhance the status of women in Israeli society by supporting women’s rights legislation and providing legal assistance to women in rabbinical courts.

Momentum is in place for the Purim Spiel to once again become a cherished annual event in the Melbourne Jewish calendar. The show opens on March 2 and runs to March 7 at the Phoenix Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online at purimspiel.com.au or by phone 03 9525 9292 / 0413 016 924.

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  • Liz says:

    can’t wait!

  • SBS says:

    we promise to be hilarious…

  • Sven Golding says:

    was tops.  it’s quite heartening to see the community so aware of itself through humour and digs at actual community shiz like bloggers and moshiach freaks instead of just the corn on glicks (of which there was still plenty. but it’s the good corn! gotta make the alte kakas in the audience heppy!)
    go see it tomorrow night if you’re keen on being heartened.

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