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Mossad Passport Appeal 2010 – Give Generously

March 8, 2010 – 11:23 pm19 Comments


  • Izzy says:

    I wanted to call the number on the screen to donate some passports of family members that I don’t think will be using them too soon, but unfortunately, I don’t have one of those fancy phones with the letters on it. 

    A little help, anyone?

  • Reality Check says:

    Before people start donating their passports, they ought to read the fine print; namely, they are only the holders and the passports belong to the government. But that aside, go on, I dare you, donate your passport.

  • ariel says:

    did he say “the bitches are stunning this time of year” in malaysia?

  • paroggan says:

    How about a South African passport?

  • alex fein says:

    Galus, once again: congratulations!
    Someone asked me yesterday about the informational vacuum in the Jewish community (referring to our media) and about the need for possible alternatives.
    I responded that the alternatives are already here, in the blogosphere, where there is a florescence of news and opinion from diverse viewpoints.
    The last two posts on this site are clear examples of this. This post current post, in particular, presents a contentious issue in a new way. Satire is often more powerful than straight commentary, which is my stock in trade.
    Until recently, there were only two modes of opinion in our community: official and unofficial. The latter was relegated to the private sphere, and there was no real outlet for many Jews to express themselves. This is changing now, and your site is providing a challenge to the official/unofficial dichotomy.
    Such a challenge is invaluable, not only for Jews, but also as a demonstration to wider Australia that Australian Jews are not monolithic, but diverse, considered, and able to laugh at themselves.
    For this reason, I have edited my most recent post (on Australian extreme reactions to Zionism) to point to the two most recent posts here as examples of this diversity.

  • Reality Check says:

    ariel, by your comment, I am beginning to think that you are somewhat of a racist. But let me tell you something; those who are racist towards us are much better at the job than you will ever be,  and it cuts both ways, if you get my drift.

  • ariel says:

    Reality Check, as usual I have no idea what you’re talking about.
    I can only say that – whilst it is a childish observation, it is nonetheless true on a very deep psychological level – it takes one to know one.

    Now, for once, I offer you the opportunity to disect my extremely humourous comment and to prove that I am somehow a racist, rather than just use that as an epithet against anyone with whom you disagree or whose highly intelligent humour you can’t understand.

  • tal says:

    fellas, a bit of shush, please. it’s bad for the jews.

  • Mirawayne says:

    you can have mine anytime! anywhere!, I would never go to Islamic country that’s will support terrorist murderers with my money.

  • Ittay says:

    foreign correspondent are screening a special report on the passports affair tonight at 8pm. the title of their investigative efforts is “Middle East – The Hit Parade”

  • frosh says:

    I just watched the Foreign Correspondent report – it looked like it was directed and edited by the same team that does Chaser’s War on Everything.

  • The Hasid says:

    How ‘meh’ was Foreign Correspondent tonight? Yawn. Nothing incisive or illuminating whatsoever.

    And did you all catch that bit at the beginning where Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was described as a “freedom fighter”?

    For realz.

    Well, you know what they say: One man’s acclaimed television journalism is another man’s first year history tutorial.

  • frosh says:

    Agreed Hasid.

    Typical ABC, they love to interview Robert Baer on intelligence matters. For those unaware, Baer is your typical CIA anti-Semite. He is widely quoted online suggesting Zionists (read Jews) control the newspapers and American foreign policy etc.

    E.g. “In American politics, you can’t do anything in the Middle East without the approval of Tel Aviv”

    Clearly Baer, like many so called experts, is not even aware that the Israeli government is housed in Jerusalem. Perhaps he also thinks the Australian federal government is housed in Sydney.

    Ironically, on the program Baer tries to convey the message that the Israelis are incompetent. I fail to see how the Israelis can be both all-controlling and also incompetent.

  • frosh says:

    It has just been announced that an Israeli diplomat has been expelled from Australia.

    I sure hope it wasn’t Herzyl Barak!

  • ittay says:

    i heard that the australian governemnt now wants to expel the guy with the tennis racket in this video. they say he looks dodgy, and that his accent is really bad.

  • frosh says:

    That’s a great shame. I know he’d been hoping to use his time in Australia to travel a bit and see the region, such as the stunning beaches of Malaysia, and of course Bali.

  • Ittay says:

    Today’s haaretz editorial on this issue concludes by saying:
    One can only hope that the highest levels of both the government and the defense establishment are taking the expulsion of the Mossad representatives from Britain and Australia seriously and drawing all the necessary conclusions from the aftermath of the assassination in Dubai. Instead of “regretting” these friendly governments’ perfectly understandable response, it would be better to apologize to them and refrain from violating their sovereignty in the future. Israel should not be gambling with so valuable a strategic asset as its foreign relations.
    Does that mean we have to call the appeal off?

  • Tim says:

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song & singer at the end of the clip?

  • frosh says:

    In light of the recent ‘news’ about the phone tapping of our ‘friends’ deployed under the previous Labor government, then it makes the grandstanding we saw at the time by Kevin Rudd and Stephen Smith look even more hypocritical.

    What was that line again that they used?

    “These are not the actions of a friend.”

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