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Warning: Never Separate a Wedding Reception from a Chuppah

March 21, 2010 – 8:55 pm9 Comments

At many weddings, you will find that there is a considerable gap, both temporal and geographic, between the chuppahceremony and the wedding reception.  Typically, the reason cited for implementing this gap is that the couple and their family like to have photos taken – many photos.  In fact, sometimes the gap is so long that it seems implausible that such a substantial amount of time is required for photography.   We suspect that this large gap is a relic from earlier days.  Prior to modern photography, we assume a sketch artist was commonplace at weddings, and the creation of a portrait of the bride and groom, as well as their families, took several hours.

Submitted for your education, the case of Motti and Carly Blum.   They were just a nice young couple trying to have a few photos taken at a scenic Melbourne location, following their chuppah. Nothing out of the ordinary here; it could be any couple in Australia – your sister or cousin perhaps.  We are sure that after witnessing the tsures experienced by this lovely couple, you too will become an advocate for having the chuppah and the wedding ceremony with as little temporal and geographic displacement as possible.

Video by Motti & Carly Blum.

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  • Izzy says:

    Those shtarkers look somehow familiar. 
    I think their grandfather must have been Krzysztof Djetsky.

    His father, Mr Djetsky, was also a shtarker, not to mention a real shikker.

    They lived not far from the town where I grew up in Poland.
    I’m glad you gave them what for!

  • ariel says:

    a) If the cameraman left them alone, who’s filming?
    b) Why didn’t they just catch a taxi?
    Seriously though, the long break after the chuppa is for yichud. Isn’t it?

  • frosh says:

    If memory serves, the halachic minimum for Yichud is about 10 minutes, although I’m sure this varies depending on the source, but it is in that vicinity.

  • I was recently a witness at a wedding … yichud is 8 minutes … in the Talmud “the time it takes to boil an egg”. In the US, they usually go straight from the chupah to the reception.

    (BTW, it’s “separate”, even if it’s a verb)

    [Eds: Thanks & Oops – we’ll fix the typo ASAP]

  • ariel says:

    interesting that 8 minutes is also the same time it takes to smoke a cigarette…

  • Ariel: but that would leave no time for the pre-cigarette sex!

  • ariel says:

    David, I recall when I did Gadna that they always gave us “hafsaka shel 7 dakkot”.
    I once asked a reservist friend why 7?
    He told me it was because many activities can be accomplished in 7-8 mins, such as smoking, going to the bathroom (gedolim), reading the main parts of a newspaper and yes, possibly sex, depending on the individuals involved.
    The secret of maximising your break time is to a couple of these activities simultaneously at each hafsaka

  • Milhouse says:

    Shocking, shocking!  I found this film absolutely plausible, except for one thing: where did they get the guitar?

  • tal says:

    they’re both called Blum? what are they, brother and sister?

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