• Sam says:

    Hi Daniel, good article and your new found appreciation of a yiddish literary luminary in Sholem Aleichem should spur you on to read a bit more of his work. I can recommend “Favorite Tales of Sholem Aleichem” which is 55 short stories from the old country.
    Your title seems slightly askew however, as it was a common greeting amongst Yiddish speakers to say “Sholem Aleichem” to your friend, to which the usual response is “Aleichem Sholem” Sort of means Hi, and thanks, and peace be with you too.
    Most of his work is dark and has a tragi-comedic undercurrent, with each aspect trying, but  never quite able to dominate the other. If you saw that great Coen Brothers movie “A Serious Man” you will in the prologue, spoken entirely in Yiddish get a delicious taste of the type of dark humour from an earlier time, that is a specialty of Aleichem. If you havent seen it yet, it is well worthwhile, but the prologue is appreciated much more by those who understand the language, although it is sub-titled. The rest of the movie is more than OK as well.

  • D says:

    I agree to the above recommendation of “Favorite Tales of Sholem Aleichem” . I got my copy from the supurb glenhuntly rd secondhand bookstore ‘Syber books’ which I recommend to all..
    You wont find any SA in any new bookstore in Melbourne but theres a good chance at Syber’s, along with a multitude of other gems of Jewish literature, including a great deal of Bashevis Singer…

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