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Julia Gillard – A Jewish Plot

June 29, 2010 – 10:03 pm39 Comments

By Anthony Frosh

The great thing about Facebook is that you learn that you are only two degrees of separation from people for whom The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are not a fabrication, but a textbook.

On the very first day of Julia Gillard’s Prime Ministership, I happened to catch a rather intriguing thread on my Facebook feed. It included a conversation between two Palestinians, one of whom is a Facebook friend of a Facebook friend.  Part of the conversation was in Romanised Arabic, and the essence of it was that Julia Gillard was not to be trusted, and that her displacement of Rudd as PM was the work of the Jews.

That’s right.  The Elders of Zion were not happy with Kevin Rudd, so they simply had him replaced with Julia Gillard, who would now do their bidding.

I must admit that I found this conspiracy theory more amusing than alarming.  It is well known that in the Arab Middle East, conspiracies about Jews are rampant, and The Protocols are essentially considered a history book by a significant minority.  In some ways it was reassuring to know that Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t always throw material at the user that is consistent with their worldview.

However, there was nothing amusing about the front page of The Age today.  The headline blared out Gillard accused of soft line on Tel Aviv.  You’d think that the editors of The Age would be aware that the Israeli government is based in Jerusalem, and not Tel Aviv – that alone is an appalling error in a front-page headline.

It seems Gillard’s partner, Tim Mathieson, is “employed as a real estate salesman by the founder of the Australia Israel Forum, Melbourne property developer Albert Dadon.”  Just to be clear, he’s not employed by the Australia Israel Forum, he’s employed by the founder of that entity, to sell real estate as part of a completely different entity.

The Age trots out former career diplomat Ross Burns, who has long since been sharing his antipathy for Israel with anyone who will listen (essentially Fairfax and the public broadcasters).  Burns’ central thesis is that Gillard’s partner’s boss will be influencing (or perhaps controlling) Australia’s foreign policy.

So let me get this right: Gillard’s partner is employed to sell real estate. Nothing against being a real estate salesman (my own day job as a consumer researcher is no more important), but it’s a long way from being Prime Minister.  Nevertheless, in order to have her partner ‘get in good with the boss’ down at the real estate agency, Gillard will allow her partner’s boss to determine Australia’s foreign policy?  Hmmm.

As implausible as this sounds, we better check if any other federal parliamentarians have partners employed by, well I don’t know, Century 21 or L.J.Hooker.  Who knows what conspiracies might be uncovered!

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