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Liberals and Greens in Cahoots? What the F@^k?

August 18, 2010 – 12:54 pm33 Comments

By Anthony Frosh

When I saw the full page advert in the Australian Jewish News (August 13 2010) that shouts “Why are Tony Abbott and the Liberals backing the Greens Party?” I thought, Wow, Todd Sampson from the The Gruen Nation would have a field day.  Never has an advert had a more confused and illogical message.

Presumably this scare-mongering advert was paid for by the Australian Labor Party (ALP), although all it says is that it was authorised by B.Cohen (who we must assume is former Hawke government minister, Barry Cohen).

The first things I notice is that they’ve got Tony Abbott’s photo shaded in green.  What are they trying to tell us? Don’t vote for Abbot, he’s too green? This is the man with no apparent environmental policy whatsoever.

Then the advert slams the Liberal Party for not putting the Greens last, but instead preferencing the Greens ahead of the Labor party. This despite the fact that it is the ALP (and not the Liberals) that has a preference deal with the Greens (and the advert even admits this!)  The advert then tries to justify the ALP’s deal with the Greens by saying it is ok to do a deal with senate preferences, but not in the lower house.

The reality is that whereas people can easily ignore the how-to-vote card and select their own preferences in the lower house, it is in the senate where most people vote above the line and thus defer their preferences entirely to the selections of their first chosen party.  Thus, if one were to accept the advert’s scare-mongering that the Greens are terribly anti-Israel, a preference deal in the senate is in fact far worse than giving deferential treatment on a lower house how-to-vote card.

Making the advert even more bizarre and absurdly hypocritical is that on many ALP candidates’ how-to-vote card, they’ve put the Greens second.  This includes the how-to-vote card of Michael Danby, arguably the ALP’s most staunch supporter of Israel.  I guess that’s all ok though, since Danby, while unlikely to lose his seat at all, is far less likely to lose his seat to the Greens than to the Liberals.

Finally,  not only is the message of the advert confused, illogical, and hypocritical,  but it is poorly targeted.  The ultimate aim of the advert is to convince Liberal Party-voting Jews who live in seats that the ALP could lose to the Greens (Melbourne, Sydney, and Grayndler) to put the Greens last. The problem is that there aren’t that many Jews who live in these seats.  And of the Jews who do live in these areas, not many would read the Australian Jewish News, nor be Liberal voters.

So insulting did I find this advert to my intelligence, that I dropped Labor down a few more notches on my below-the-line senate ballot.  But let’s hear what you think about this advert.

Anthony Frosh is not affiliated with any political party.  This election, he put the Carers Alliance first on his senate ballot.

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  • Austin says:

    And hence why statements like “a vote for the greens is a vote for labor” are simplistic to understand, but useless.

  • Sol Salbe says:

    Good logical analysis. Your point about an insult to the intelligence is spot on

    Ironically Barry Cohen was Minister for the Environment but is now obsessed with the Greens.

    For all the stupidity of the ALP sponsored ad, I would still urge people to place their Labor candidate ahead of the Liberals. My two-party preferred vote used to rest with Mr Danby, now I have another Labor MP with a Jewish father in Nicola Roxon,

  • Larry Stillman says:

    Amen ve selah. Coupled with the AJN’s editorial and reporting line, the whole matter is a disgrace.

    I’d like to get some feedback on another matter. A leaflet warning of the establishment of Shariah law and the Islamification of Australia has been dropped in my letter box with a stop shariah sign (if you can imagine one of those red circles through a line with it). Of course, there is no name on the leaflet (thought there is an email address). I think I know what has inspired the line taken in the leaflet but I will leave it at that for the moment.

    I wonder if anyone else in the Caulfield/St Kilda area has received one of these? Are they being seen anywhere else? Or is it just targeting Melbourne Ports and a particular part of Melb. Ports in particular?

  • denis mulheron says:

    what do jews care through their donations to both parties liberal and labor do what the jews tell them, how else can you explain how are criminal illegal state like israle gets away with murder and stealing arab land forging passports ect

  • frosh says:

    Why is it that anti-Semites so often have a total inability to punctuate?

  • ariel says:

    Sol – why are you voting for someone just because they have a Jewish father?
    shouldn’t we vote on policy and proven apptitude?

    The consideration I had to make when I voted is the following:
    Do I wan’t a bumbling PM who would be surrounded by intelligent, stable, competent teammates, or an intelligent, stable PM who means well, but is surrounded by complete nincompoops?

  • Matt says:

    Shalom Frosh, I think the electorate/’s mentioned is being targeted by ALP affiliate Unionist’s whom seem to use any form of opposite discrimination in this case it is anti muslim apparently wooing the Jewish community, in a very heartless manner. ‘I’ll bet London to a brick’ there are anti semetic letter boxing of pamphlets similiar and anonynous as these in seats where muslim minorities are more than 2%, such is the nature of the beast & beast it is.

    These unofficial and offensive eletion pamphlets should be collected and handed to the AEC to ascertain who produced them and should an offence be seen then the Fedreal Police should investigate.

    Cheers Matt…

  • Vanessa says:

    Dear Anthony, Thank you for mentioning Carers Alliance in your article. Disability, mental illness and old age is oblivious to politics, race and religion. Carers Alliance will represent Australians with disabilities and their carers regardless of where they come from and what they believe in.

  • Larry Stillman says:

    To clarify, I am not associating these leaflets with any mainstream political party.

    I also don’t believe that they are a police manner. They are more of a dickhead matter.

  • Sam says:

    If even you admit how stupid that ALP sponsored ad is, and it is also cynical and an insult to an intelligent reader, why vote for candidate from that party. After all, could you trust any of them?
    As far as Nicola Roxon goes, I would vote for her only if she could show that her mother is Jewish, the father doesn’t count. (you know the halachah!)

  • Sol Salbe says:


    I actually put forward a principled political position: One votes Labor ahead of the Liberal, not a preference for candidates with Jewish fathers. It is no secret that my first preference goes to another party. Even if my own daughter (who also has a Jewish father!) were to stand for the Liberal Party I would have still voted for the endorsed Labor candidate ahead of her. It is merely a fortuitous coincidence that for the past 15 years or so my TWO-PARTY preferred vote ended up with candidates of Jewish origin.

    Behind these principles are considerations like Industrial Relations, and to a lesser extent foreign policy. One needs to remember that despite the simialrity between the two major parties on this score, Danby and Roxon both belong to a party which opposed the Iraq War.

    Sam, I may be secular (and an atheist) but, as we say in Israel, the synagogue I don’t go to is an Orthodox one. I am not aware of the Halachahic status of the mother of any candidate in these elections, so I cannot comment on this subject. I was commenting on a cultural-ethnic background of the candidates, which I repeat, has never influenced my vote.

  • Well done on the senate vote!!!!! See the above URL for why.

  • ariel says:

    I was very surprised and disappointed to see my local Liberal candidate’s how to vote card in my mailbox.
    It told me I should put the Greens and Secular before Labor!

    Luckily, I had already voted according to my own research on the candidates…

  • Syd Walker says:

    If I may offer a comment as an interested non-Jewish Australian…

    I think this may be the last Oz election at which virulent Zionists such as Michael Danby don’t get systematically targeted for their stridently pro-Israel views.

    Such a campaign would doubtless lead to accusations of ‘anti-Semitism’. But that slur is losing its power. To be effective, the growing global BDS campaign clearly requires democratic action against Zionist fanatics.

    Mr Danby, in my opinion, fully crossed the line when he began hassling independent media such as New Matilda and Crikey. How dare he try to censor the views of Australians, to the advantage of a foreign nation, while accepting payment as a representative of the Australian people!

    The anti-Zionist movement has played parliamentary softball until now, while Zionists have rarely pulled punches to pursue their partisan agenda. It’s time that both sides started playing by the same rules. If Zionist politics continues to interfer with Australia’s way of life and foreign policy, expect a reaction in the form of a more politically determined anti-Zionist movement.

  • ariel says:

    Thanks Guy Rundle!

    Just be aware, that if you’re anti-Zionist, then you’re also anti self determination for:
    East Timorese, Balkan tribes, Kosovars, Flemish, Tibetans, etc.

    Seems only Jews have no rights, hey?

  • Sol Salbe says:

    Ariel (2.29). One can be anti-Zionist and still support self determination for the national grouping of Hebrew speaking Israelis.

    Ariel (2.35)מה ענין שמיטה להר סיני?

  • frosh says:

    In Syd Walker, we finally have a full-blown anti-Semite with the ability to punctuate. Well done!

    Syd, why don’t you try running for parliament with your ‘the Jews are behind 9-11’ policy platform?

  • Akiva says:

    No sane and intelligent – perhaps sentient is a better word – reads the AJN and expects anything but risible and predicatble banality.

  • ariel says:

    Sol, you’ve cleverly twisted it all!

    I’m referring to self-determination for JEWS.

    There are plenty of non-Jewish Hebrew speaking Israelis.
    They can find self-determination elsewhere. Say, in a future Palestinian state, where they won’t have to salute the Blue and White Magen David and sing about the Jews’ longing for freedom in Zion.

  • Rod says:

    What can you expect from the Labor Party and it’s “head”. Lies, lies, and more lies.

  • Syd Walker says:


    While rejecting your (intentionally?) innaccurate labels, I’ll take the opportunity to counter-compliment you on your punctuation.

    It’s much the best part of your essay, in fact. Do you have a doctorate in grammar?

  • Larry Stillman says:

    To people of any decency on both sides, avoid responding or dealing with Syd Walker at all costs. His views are toxic and racist.

  • Syd Walker says:


    It seems that my involvement in this discussion is sufficiently unwelcome to occasion demands that I be sent to Coventry.

    No probs. I don;t want to foist my views on people who don’t engage in civilized dialogue.

    Please do refrain from calling me a racist. It’s a GROSS distortion of the truth. An apology would be in order, but I doubt somehow you are the apologizing kind.

    As for toxic… poison is rather subjective. It depends if you’re an aphid or a strawberry. Among other things, I support universal values, social justice and a significant narrowing of economic inequality, an end to war and the bloated war industry, civil liberties, free speech and a sustainable way of life. If that’s a toxic mix for you, maybe you should reconsider your own prejudices?

    Don’t be a party to the systematic demolition of this nation’s standard of living, sovereignty and international competitiveness for the sake of some unproven pie in the sky GREEN theory riddled with inconsistency, corruption and self interest.

    This is the tipping point! Do we come to our senses or follow the path to destruction as has NZ and other European basketcase countries who have inflicted untold damage to their economies and WAY OF LIFE!

    Carbon Tax will destroy Australia!

    We will be forced into dramatic rationalisation. This is the first step of government control and the first step to totalitarianism perpetrated by TREACHEROUS FABIAN SOCIALISTS LABOR & GREENS- both intent on the destruction of capitalism.

    How will pensioners and working families afford $3.00 per liter for petrol or $10,000 per year for utilities? Answer is, they won’t. people will be forced to sell up and live under total control of the state!!!


  • Sol Salbe says:


    NOW you post it, less than 18 hours before the polls open? I could have really used it as an example of the climate change denying Liberal supporters. It would have a real mechayeh seeing it reprinted everywhere. But them’s the breaks.

    Seeing it is far too late for ours maybe you can offer it to the Tea Party in the US to use in November?

    PS You forgot the unproven theory of evolution!

    [I am assuming our esteemed moderators have checked the bona fides of this message which looks much like a send up of what the Liberal Party of Australia stands for.]

  • Sam says:

    I know for a fact that all the labels given to you were INTENTIONAL and you expect an apology as well! Go and harrass a different web site if you just can’t help yourself.

  • Looks encouraging for Libs. Looks like many Australians are getting the message to reject encroaching statism and incompetence!

  • :They all said it would bea cliffhanger and to date Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard have gone neck and neck in their respective campaigns. Tonight’s election results have shown that although the Liberal Party did not surge to the finish line unchallenged, the Australian people have shown their dissatisfaction with the Labor Party’s policies over the past three years.

    Labor has lost it’s majority to govern and if Abbott can persuade Independents to pass on their preferences we will have a new Liberal Government, but right now it is too close to call – we need those preferences to rid Australia of the socialist stench of Labor.

    Tony Abbott needs to set about giving Australia back to the Australian people, putting Australian people first. In the past three years the greatest crime committed by Labor has been the sharp rise in homelessness; families resorting to living in their cars having lost their homes to the banks coinciding with overflowing migrant detention centres and illegal migrants being accommodated in motels instead of being deported as soon as they arrive. Tony Abbott wants to redress this and he needs to set about doing this as soon as he takes office. Close Christmas Island, empty the detention centres like Villawood and send the illegals back from whence they came. Tow the people smuggling boats back towards Indonesia and refuse to process any more applications for asylum until Australian law fixes the imbalance and dictates strongly to those trying to come here illegally that Australia decides who settles here – not hand-wringing lefties. Kevin Rudd and his carbon emissions campaign which he attempted to force onto the Australian people, his super-profit resources tax on the mining companies which has effectively killed off Labor’s hopes of maintaining their hold in the traditionally Labor-strongholds of rural Queensland’s mining towns. The swing against Labor in these areas has been the biggest eye-opener in the election results so far.

    Overall the message sent to Labor has been loud and clear – you messed up and now you can get lost!”

    From http://www.culturedviews.com

  • The election has so far turned in a result that looks like a hung parliament. Neither of the 2 major parties got the 76 seats. As of this writing, it’s Coalition 72, ALP 70, Other Independents on 5 and 3 undecided. Of the 3 undecided, it’s looking like 2 will go to the ALP and 1 to the Libs. We won’t know who will form government and how now because both leaders have to negotiate and persuade the 5 other independents to form a government.

    Of the 5, one is Green. 3 are ex-National Party guys. These guys might do one of two things: they might stick to their general side of politics and help Tony Abbot form his government, or they could thumb their noses at their old party just to spite them and form a government with Julia Gillard. My hunch tells me that the latter is less likely, so it may actually be Tony Abbott who is going to be the next Prime Minister of Australia. I keep praying it will be so. We’ll see in the morning if anything new develops.

  • George Washington says:

    Wow, Shoshana, you seem to have been watching all 4 TV channels at once!

  • Dean says:

    Why is it that anyone opposed to the illegal building of Israeli
    settlements in Palestine is deemed anti-semitic? Not only does
    this position defy logic, it is also uses the racism card to deflect
    any blame for human rights violations inflicted by the Israeli state.

    Does this mean that criticism of China’s claims over Tibet is also
    motivated by racism? Should all human rights abuses be overlooked
    in order to avoid such I’ll founded criticisms? The answer of course
    is no, and it’s not until the ‘name calling’ stops that we will be able
    to hold an intelligent discussion on human rights issues.

    As a Greens voter I was appalled to receive a letter from Michael Danby
    urging not direct my preferences to the “far left Anti Israel Greens Political
    Party”. Using taxpayer funded correspondence to drive a Pro-Israel campaign
    Is surely an abuse of Danby’s position and a complete insult to those of us who
    do indeed have progressive Jewish friends.

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