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A Letter from the Principal of Yavneh

October 18, 2010 – 10:25 pm53 Comments

14 October 2010
6 Cheshvan 5771

Dear Parents,

As we enter into a new Jewish year, and as we approach the end of another school one, it is important for us to re-evaluate our values as a community. As a college dedicated to upholding the ethos of Torah Ve’avodah, a decision has been made that addresses what has become a burning issue in our community.

In this week’s parasha, Sarai after many barren years gives her maidservant Hagar to Avraham so that he may have a child. Sarai becomes jealous of Hagar and proceeds to deal harshly with her, ultimately ending in Hagar’s exile from Avraham’s household. Sarai has not learnt the significance of Derech Eretz and the importance of treating all people with the respect they deserve.

Kashrut is a cornerstone of Modern-Orthodox life, but so too is Derech Eretz. Often in our striving for Halachic integrity, we lose sight of what Judaism is really about. Therefore, as a college, a decision has been made to endorse kosher establishments that are not currently under Kosher Australia supervision. Community politics have blurred the issue and to avoid any more confusion we have decided to take a stand.

As of 2011, the college will endorse the “Kosher V’Yosher” hechsher, by featuring sushi from Soho Sushi in our tuckshop, on the days it is kosher, and will permit students to bring other such products onto the campus. The senior management hopes this initiative will help to make Kashrut more accessible to those in our community.

Kol tuv,

Roy Steinman
College Principal

The above letter was sent out to Yavneh parents with the principal’s letter head and signature. Nevertheless, it is a clever hoax from the Year 12 students.

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