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Letter to the Editor – Massacre in Itamar

March 13, 2011 – 1:06 pm96 Comments


When discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, people often speak about the differences between the right and the wrong, between the just and the unjust, and between the truth and the lies. I feel, that there is no justification for the murder of a innocent family of 5.

This is something that should not and cannot be ignored. The children were 11, 6 and the youngest was just 3 months old. I put it to anyone to read of the horror that occurred in the settlement of Itamar at 1am on Saturday morning, and not be instantly filled with disgust, shock and rage.

To those normally left-leaning larrikins, please put your political views aside for just a second and try to view this incident objectively. Have we evolved so much over the past half a million years that we have lost our hearts, our souls, and our abilities to care?

An article published on the guardian.co.uk website on Saturday afternoon felt it tactful to finish a report on this heinous attack by saying that “Itamar… is an intensely nationalist-religious… settlement deep inside the West Bank… they believe they have a divine right to the land irrespective of legal ownership”. How on earth can we consider this type of attitude to be acceptable? Should the political and religious views of a grieving community be brought into question at a time like this? Please excuse my language but, why the hell is that relevant at all?

A few years ago, shortly after the Adass Yisrael scandal, a visiting Adass rabbi from America was clipped by a vehicle on Hotham Street and was killed. The Age newspaper, in a short article on the event, ended by saying that “this particular religious Jewish sect first made headlines several months ago, after a scandal involving suspected molestation of children at a religious Jewish school in Ripponlea”.

Do people have no tact whatsoever? The nature of comments such as these astound me and makes me wonder whether the world cares more about the stories than about the people themselves

People need to wake up and smell the hummous! Stop being so damn concerned about idle gossip, sensationalized media pieces, and politics that you have no place being involved in!

As I sit here writing this, I wonder what my family will be talking about tomorrow at the dinner table. The heartless nature of a brutal massacre that should act as a wake up call to both Israelis and Palestinians; or rather the ridiculous rhetoric and BS that keeps coming out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth.

Kovi Rose,

Caulfield, Victoria.

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