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Australian in line for al-Qaeda Top Job

May 3, 2011 – 9:26 pm73 Comments

Al-Qaeda, a highly complicated organisation, as demonstrated by this org. chart

By Anthony Frosh

An Australian has been named as one of the potential replacements for the recently deceased al-Qaeda chairperson, Osama bin Laden.  Fiona Byrne, current mayor of Marrickville, is apparently on the short list to be nominated as the board’s preferred candidate for the job.

While none of the board members were willing to go on record, unnamed sources close to some senior al-Qaeda board members have said that Byrne is held in high regard.

Not only is the board highly impressed with her values, as demonstrated by her support for a boycott against Israel, but her experience managing Marrickville city council, as well her dabbling in foreign policy, is seen by some to make her an excellent fit for the next chairperson of the world’s leading international terrorist organization.

Counting against Byrne is that she is a woman.  Experts are not sure if al-Qaeda is ready to have a woman chairperson, but for a candidate of Byrne’s quality, they may be willing to make a precedent.

The story comes as more Australians are being appointed to run leading global organizations than ever before. In the past decade, Australians have headed the World Bank Group (Sir James Wolfensohn), the International Crisis Group (Gareth Evans), and McDonalds Corporation (Charlie Bell).

Byrne has refused to comment at this stage, other than to say that she is “one hundred percent focussed on running Marrickville city council, but if the opportunity came along to run an organization with the global reach of al-Qaeda [she’d] be mad not to consider it.”

Incredibly enough, it was hinted at prior to bin Laden’s demise, as early as August last year, in the Australian Jewish News that an Australian Greens politician could be selected for this prestigious role.

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