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JCCV Tigerish after the fall of Lion

June 14, 2011 – 11:42 am29 Comments

Tommy Hafey, former Richmond (Tigers) Football Club coach, immortalised the words, “There’s nothing more tigerish than a wounded tiger!” But what’s to be done about a dead Lion?  In the wake of the Lion FM debacle,  the JCCV has today issued the following media release. It’s sure to be of interest to many of our readers:

On Friday 10 June 2011, ACMA notified MJR Inc. that it would not be renewing the temporary community broadcasting licence for “Lion FM” with the result that “Lion FM” was required to cease broadcasting at midnight on Monday 13 June 2011.

ACMA have also announced that they do not intend to issue any further community broadcasting licences in Melbourne.

JCCV President, John Searle said “the loss of the licence is very unfortunate; indeed it is devastating news for our community for whom the benefits of the licence were enormous. It provided not only a means of communication within our community but also a wonderful window through which information could flow to the wider community”.

Searle went on to say that “the JCCV is aware that at least two other groups had been formed (in addition to “Lion FM”), each with a view to either applying for the community broadcasting licence or being involved in community broadcasting. It would appear that the “fight for the licence” might have been a contributing factor in the ACMA decision, as clearly, ACMA did not see a unified community”.

Searle went on to say that “the JCCV is of the firm view that any attempt to regain a community broadcasting licence will be futile unless it can be demonstrated to ACMA that there is indeed one cohesive, representative body seeking the licence on behalf of the entire Jewish community.

To this end the JCCV has decided to facilitate discussions between all interested parties with a view to forming such a representative body and then initiating an attempt to regain the community broadcasting licence.”

The first meeting to consider an initiative to regain the licence has been called by the JCCV and will be held at 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm, 16 June, 2011 at Beth Weizmann Community Centre, 306 Hawthorn Rd, South Caulfield. All interested people are encouraged to attend.

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