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Menachem Khoen and Kevin Rudd – a Tale of Unfair Dismissal

June 21, 2011 – 8:16 pm138 Comments

Kevin Rudd, making his final speech as PM

On the anniversary of Kevin Rudd being dumped by his party, and following several articles published on this website and elsewhere critical of  Lion FM boss Menachem Khoen, Ralph Zwier sees things from Khoen’s perspective.

Here is a precis of a familiar story that took place a year ago:

You’re not happy with an incumbent. There’s no scheduled election coming up soon, and you can’t use the normal party processes to unseat the incumbent. You mount a destabilising campaign against the incumbent. The incumbent is now on the defensive at every decision. The incumbent becomes embroiled in a mess partly of his own making, but largely created by the destabilising campaign. You go to the media, saying that the situation now warrants extraordinary measures to deal with the instability. The media adds its own measure of ‘destabilising potion’ by relentlessly reporting on the instability. Finally you – the original instigator of the process – enter the arena portraying yourself as the “knight in shining armour”, the hero who has reluctantly been approached to rescue the public from an extremely unpopular and dysfunctional incumbent.

Sound familiar? This is the Kevin Rudd story of a year ago. This is also the Menachem Khoen story of Lion FM today.

Last Thursday (16/6) night a “public” meeting was called to deal with the ongoing future of Jewish radio. The meeting was chaired by JCCV president John Searle and attended by a selection of people almost all of whom were involved either in supporting Khoen’s MJR, or supplanting MJR’s right to hold the licence.

The pro-Khoen group has been plagued by accusations of mismanagement that culminated in a complaint to ACMA last April about MJR’s record keeping, and MJR’s stated pro-Zionist policy. The ACMA complaint has effectively destabilised and even paralysed the radio station. Ironically those who spoke most passionately about the need for unity were the very people who initiated the complaint to the ACMA. This was not really a “unity” meeting. No olive branches were offered. This was a confrontational meeting between warring factions.

When Menachem Khoen reminded Thursday night’s assembly of their role in the destabilisation — and yes, he did defy the chair numerous times — the destabilisers closed their ears, some of them even saying to me that Menachem was delusional. Well, whatever differences I have with Menachem Khoen, on one matter I agree with him: The people who were calling loudest for unity on Thursday night were the original destabilisers.

John Searle’s explanation to the attendees that the JCCV would support only one organisation’s bid for a broadcasting licence turned the meeting into a kind of tasteless competition: who would win the JCCV’s imprimatur for legitimacy?

The political gambit is very familiar.

But there’s a big difference between Labor Party party politics and internal Jewish community politics. In the former, the protagonists are fully aware of the game they’re playing. Even the public is vaguely aware of the game. But in our parochial JCCV politics the destabilisers and the Jewish media have gone into complete denial over the role they played.

Until the parties start trading olive branches instead of insults the future of Jewish Radio remains bleak.

Ralph Zwier was a broadcaster on Lion FM and worked on a subcommittee within Lion FM dealing with the complaint made to the ACMA.

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  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Oh Ralph…can you SERIOUSLY believe what you have written above?
    It is really important to have one’s facts correct before one comments on something.
    Though I am certain your intentiosn were good, what you have written above is just not what occured. You might do well to read Eli’s site.
    G-d bless,

  • Does that equate John Searle to Julia Gillard?

  • Eli says:

    I believe Jackie is referring to her own comments on my site not my views.

  • Malki Rose says:

    You are right Ralph,
    An olive branch needs to be put forward and factions need to be working together.
    Yesterday Menachem invited me to attend a meeting about the future of Lion FM, which would be wonderful and I was and remain optimistic that he is taking steps to move forward with building, or perhaps rebuilding a Jewish radio station of immense value.

    But last week the Lion FM facebook page advertised an earlier ‘Lion FM Meeting’ to be held at the same time and at a different space. So it is unclear why the board have now scheduled a second meeting at the same time as this one. It seems that either one hand does not know what the other is doing.

    The JBC has been established to support and encourage Jewish Broadcasting in the community and was holding this meeting (apparently with the support of Lion board members) so that ALL interested parties can discuss a way forward together where everyone supports each other.

    Why would they go and make another meeting at the same time somewhere else instead of being part of the communal one being held by a non-partisan organisation?

    If this is on purpose, then that would be intentionally divisive and really no olive branch at all.

    How can anyone hope to remedy anything if we can’t even get all parties in the one room for a constructive discussion without the meeting being sabotaged?

    I hope that the second meeting was only scheduled because they genuinely had no knowledge of the first one, and that they find a way to join forces and be under one roof for this meeting.

  • Eli says:

    Malki I don’t believe that the board was in support of the meeting but I stand to be corrected. See my response to “insider” here http://galusaustralis.com/2011/02/4188/something-is-rotten-in-the-lions-den/#comment-36994

  • Malki Rose says:

    Eli, you do not hear the point.

    Obviously those who love the Lion are divided in how they would like to go about things. (They should be working together on this, not at cross purposes. How will it succeed without its own internal factions seeing eye to eye.)

    But at any rate, scheduling a new meeting for the same time as the other is a very divisive, competitive and destructive move and is a rather loud “f**k you” statement to the JBC (who is trying to HELP LionFM) and to this whole process.

    Unless the two meetings become one and all parties communicate with each other and work together, there is no way this process is going to move forward.

  • Eli says:

    Malki I think we agree albeit in a roundabout way.

  • Joe in Australia says:

    My grandfather A”H had a radio. He had to take the batteries to the mill once a week to have them charged, because there was as yet no electrical power in his village.

    It’s important to keep in mind that this argument isn’t really about the “radio station” as such. It’s about keeping archaic technology alive at a time when most people communicate using Internet services like Youtube and Twitter. I like to imagine Menachem Knoen and the other LionFM enthusiasts at work in their overalls, carefully aligning the aerials on the roof, polishing the vacuum tubes and dipping the copper plates in acid. There’s something beautiful about their patient devotion to this, even though few people today would know how to use a “radio set” to receive a “broadcast”. Good for them!

  • Ralph Zwier says:

    For Joe: I have often wondered about the place that radio holds in an internet world. The Lion FM experience demonstrates that some of the subcommunities within the Melbourne Jewish community found a ‘comfortable home’ on Lion FM. The Israeli, Southaf, Russian subcommunities found Lion FM to be a community shaping tool. Facebook, Twitter, and the Jerusalem Post website cannot achieve the same for new immigrants to Melbourne that Lion can. I am saddened that the new contenders for the throne, the would-be Gillards don’t understand what Lion FM catered for. If they get the licence, it will indeed become the sameol sameol technology as Joe rightly points out.

  • Ronit Fraid says:

    I agree with Ralph…that the multifacetted voice of Melbourne’s Jewish community – which was well represented at Lion FM will fall quiet and disappear under the leadership of the “old guard” Jewish leadership. Why was it considered important to create a new organisation? …why didn’t the Paul Gardners and others in our community who care so much about Jewish radio come and make their contribution at Lion? Why did those who were unhappy with Lion’s administration complain to ACMA instead of working from within to effect the necessary changes?

    The bottom line I think is that the two groups vying for support currently are philosophically and fundamentally at odds with each other and the sooner people ‘fess up to that, the sooner those differences can be addressed…if not resolved.

    Oh, and for those who think radio is an outdated media…tell that to the millions of daily listeners, in their cars and in their homes who enjoy a whole world of entertainment, education and sense of community with the flick of a switch. The little time I was honoured to have at the microphone of Lion FM was magical indeed.

  • Malki Rose says:

    I think both of you are missing something here.
    Who on earth do you think it is that is trying to “take over” Lion FM?
    Who on earth are these “two groups” that you believe are at odds with one another?

    As far as I understand it, there is one group of individuals seeking a separate license. They are not affiliated with the JCCV or the “old guard” (whoever you think that may be).
    They are a small team of private individuals.

    The JCCV is not applying for a license, and to the best of my knowledge does not, nor has it ever, had a desire to apply for a radio license.

    The JCCV is merely a community umbrella organisation. John Searle and Sam Tatarka’s involvement, as part of community leadership, was to help to mediate the situation for the benefit of all parties and for the community.

    The JBC is an organisation which has been established to support Jewish media and broadcasting in our community and is not applying for a license.

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Apologies for not having been clear, Eli is correct. I meant MY views on Eli’s site and not Eli’s view on Eli’s site. Lol

    As for Joe’s comment – “I like to imagine Menachem Khoen and the other LionFM enthusiasts at work in their overalls, carefully aligning the aerials on the roof, polishing the vacuum tubes and dipping the copper plates in acid. There’s something beautiful about their patient devotion to this, even though few people today would know how to use a “radio set” to receive a “broadcast”. Good for them!”

    Joe, though I LOVED the gentle and olde world images your words created, the reality is that Khoen and his posse were NOT the ones to take care of all the technical requirements. He just took credit for them. It was Robert Bontscheck, Amit Rehak, Dave Hayblum and others who tirelessly worked behind and on the scene to keep things afloat and keep the big cat on air. There were months when Amit went into the city daily and up the tower to upload shows at his own expense to the tune of hundreds, at all hours of the night and day to keep the station broadcasting. Why? Because Khoen refused to allow us to get remote access. How many people know this? How many people know that Amit after working for months and months was promised he would be made our despeately needed station manager? Only after he had done all the painstaking work to set things up, waas teh postition given to Khoen’s friend.
    Would that Khoen had got off his bottie and done something HIMSELF, rather than delegating the work to others with bogus promises of compensation, empty commitments to comply with the many ACMA requiremetns he had neglected to fulfil, for WAY TOO LONG, there would have been far fewer people who got burned out.
    When are people going to open their eyes and READ the evidence, remove the cotton from their ears and HEAR the evidence and THEN ask themselves, should this small broadcasting ignorant, unskilled and inexperienced few be allowed to head so precious a commodity as a community radio station?
    Steve Fennel performed a miracle when he found the bandwidth and fought to get a license to start with. But when Steve approached Khoen, one can only presume it was because Steve was then insufficiently familair with the Jewish community and had sought a man whom he THOUGHT would help get the lion off the ground.
    Would that we could turn back time and have Steve approach the others in the community who would have gladly funded the station but learned of its creation too late, AFTER Lipshitz and Khoen put things into place with water tight legalities that gave them total control over everything except for the demands of ACMA. When there was discussion with these people, due to the way they were dealt with at meetings we arranged and due to their knowledge of Khoen and Lipshitz, they chose NOT to give money since they felt it would end up “going down the toilet” whilst Khoen and Lipshitz kept such a stranglehold. These honourable community members (also with radio expereince), stepped away with offers to return were Lipshitz and Khoen to stand down.
    Though we cannot undo what has been done, we CAN look towards the future and if those in charge have failed spectacularly in the past, then why not allow others to save the Lion; others who ARE media savvy, who ARE experienced in radio, who ARE technically competent and who HAVE displayed sound track records of taking community stations to success.
    History does NOT have to repeat but for this to occur, support needs to be given to those who are pure of intent and are working to keep a Jewish station on air, that represents the ENTIRE Jewish community and is not simply a mouth piece for one man who makes unilateral decisions and repeatedly ignores the many who implore him to play ball nicely.
    Why do we raise evidence of the exec’s abysmal behaviour? Because some have absilutely NO idea what really went on. As we have nothing to hide, we will have been open the whole way along and if Kheon had nothing to hide, then he too, shoudl be comfortably to have all recordings heard and all his dealings known. Had he nothing to hide, then why was he terrified of AMCA learning of his failure to adhere to their regulations?
    There is NO room whatsoever for personal aggrandisement or for individual agendas and before I get accused of wanting to have tings run my way, after having been at Southern FM for many years, I am now joining WMFA here near castlemaine because I have moved from the Bagel belt. I have no motives other than wanting the Lion kept not merely alive but healthy and happy and that truth prevail.
    The JCCV too, merely seek to protect the Jewish community,its assets and to prevent public humiliation. We ONLY approached them for assistance when Khoen ignored all out attempts at civil discussion, to allow membership to be opened up, to allow voting rights, to allow us to fund raise for ourselves etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. I will never forget Lipshitz screaming in my face as tears ran down my cheeks, “we will NOT have mediation. Mediation is only for when there’s a breakdown in communication.” Lol
    The stuff of sit coms……..
    Good shabboos

  • Morry says:

    Sadly, Malki and others, somebody saw fit to record the meeting of the MJR executive at which the botched effort to take it over was launched, with the participation of the MJR president, leading to his subsequent resignation. Not only was it recorded, but it was posted on the internet … I have a copy on my computer. When that effort failed, reports of Lion FM not functioning well, augmented by AJN articles, did indeed begin circulating as Ralph suggests (at a time when Lion, with the help of a professional radio consultant, was fast turning into a station to be universally envied), and those articles are also available as a matter of record. That was all closely followed by a JCCV suggestion that the licence be transferred to JCCV care till ‘the “problems” were resolved’. Given that John Searle was involved in the orignal take-over effort, it really doesn’t take an Einstein to see this as a second attempt.

    Much of this is borne out by Paul Gardener himself, in his introductory release for the JBC, where he states that the JBC was started 3 months ago …. just before, and already before, the take-over attempts began.

    Then, lastly, there is the letter to ACMA, back in October last year, which reads as an indictment of MJR. I have never had anyone explain to me why this shouldn’t be seen as an effort to discredit MJR to the point where the licence would be revoked and offered to an alternative group. The letter was certainly harsh, and spoke of “censorship” where there was none. There was a, not unrealistic, demand that presenters adher to the station’s principles.

  • Gisli says:

    Ask not who is like Julia Gillard.

    More useful to inquire who
    ignores track record and
    acts from personal ambition and
    masks motivation with sweetened words?

    This week’s special: “who is like Korach?”

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    I know you well and would like to think that your intentions are sincere and with no personal motives so I am once again responding as if you speak entirely from lack of information. You became involved in Lion at a point when MUCH water had already gone under the bridge and what you have said is clearly influenced by your seeming ignorance of many different issues though, now that I come to think of it, I HAVE tried to explain our motives to you in the past. I am thus compelled to think I did a really rubbish job! Lol
    Do I deny that I would like control of the Lion, wrested from Khoen’s hands and given to others for safekeeping? No. That for me would be the best thing since the creation of not merely sliced bread but ANY bread at all. Were he to be out of teh way, countless others woudl return to work there, we would get the much needed finance and yes, to quite a degree, the Lion coudl live G-d willing, happily ever after. Khen neither deserves the right to such influence over something that belongs to the many, nor has he the capacity to do a good job. Good grief, just how much proof do you need? Any and I repeat ANY good that has come from Lion FM has been entirely due to the volunteers like yourself and so many others who have worked IN SPITE of Khoen and NOT because of him.
    The letter was sent to ACMA only and I repeat ONLY after ALL OTHER requests for him to behave in a civil, responsible, manner, required to head a community radio station, failed.
    The letter to ACMA came months and months after we had begged for discussion and his cooperation in fulfilling his duties. It came months after we wrote clear letters to the exec signed by Amit Rehak, Robert Bontscheck, Dave Hayblum, Eva Migdal, Tali Kelman, myself and two other, stating teh clear needs of teh station and our requests for them to behave in a constitutional manner.
    We explained that their behaviour was jeopardising the Lion’s chances of having the license made permanent but nothing we said was believed, was acted upon and though ONCE Lipshutz offered to meet with ONE of us and interesting only ONE to talk, he failed to respond to our acceptance the next day and instead, not unlike now, THEY called a meeting, determined the entire agenda of that meeting and instead of genuinely seeking open and honest discourse on the issues at hand, utilised our attendance to attempt to increase their control over us by yelling at us that we had to leave Lion FM unless we agreed to all their demands. Khoen words were “if you don’t like it, go!” We were refused mediation at that meeting as on every other occasion we requested it.
    We were told we would have to sign contracts preventing us from discussing anything about the Lion and in addition, preventing us from doing ANY work or hold any meetings or do any recordings other than at the Glenhuntly Rd beauty salon they were at the time, hoping to make into a studio.
    You can albeit innocently think that our having contacted ACMA directly was an attempt to lose the license but does that make any sense Morry? I have repeatedly said that we wanted ACMA to see that there had been systems that’d been working before Khoen blocked so many of us from working, that we had people in the Jewish community who WERE knowledgeable,capable and keen to run the station in accordance with ACMA’s guidelines and that though our work was repeatedly blocked we, on behalf of the 60 plus volunteers who had been coming to meetings and training we had held, hoped to find a way to forge onwards.
    All of the exec’s failures to comply with ACMA were going to be learned very soon anyway. It was thus far better to openly and honestly demonstrate our intentions, than have the license irrevocably removed and lose ANY chance of the lion’s survival. If ACMA removed the license from Lion for noncompliance and unethical conduct, they would have given it to any one of the huge number of groups who’d have grabbed the chance to have their own radio station. We hoped that ACMA would see that the Jewish community DID value the license and that there WERE people ready to do it justice but that this could not transpire under its current governance.
    It was a situation in which we are forced to choose from the lesser of two evils. We were FORCED to take this action when Khoen flatly refused all earlier attempts to remedy the situation.
    People like yourself Morry who are very au fait with all matters political, are only too willing to acknowledge the insanity of Israel’s being blamed for attempting to defend themselves and their land. All too little is made of the attacks on her and the unwillingness of Israel’s enemies to cooperate, to work towards peace and to act as promised. When Israel out of desperation, takes action to protect herself, she is scrutinised by the world and accused of monstrosity. Israel would never HAVE to take action if the surrounding nations were mentschlich.
    Do I REALLY have to state the connection that even blind, deaf, dumb and for —-‘s sake, DEAD Freddie could make?
    Shabbat shalom.

  • Fustrated says:

    Jackie Rozenfeld – I understand that you and another 10 to 15 people had a problem with the way the station was run. Truth is a VAST majority of the Jewish community enjoyed the broadcast of Lion FM. You and your group have now taken that away from the Jewish community with your written complaint to ACMA. Why did you need to punish the whole community because you were unhappy with the way you were treated. You could have bowed out and said – I don’t want to be a part of it, but instead no, you had to make an official complaint. If all the people who wrote that letter to ACMA are so proud of their actions, why don’t they come out and say – yes, my name was on the letter. I would think that there are many people who are very angry with your actions and I think you rather brazen to come here any proudly announce that were part of the destruction of Lion FM. It is the same people over and over and over who are making the noise over all the evil that happened at Lion FM, the same people whose name were on the letter to ACMA. You have robbed us with your selfishness.

  • Malki Rose says:

    you are obviously upset and are painting everything in veils of pain.
    The JBC was established in its early form several months back purely because it wanted to make sure that Lion did NOT lose its license. But you are set on viewing it as if the JBC are out to destroy them. I think you’ve already decided that everyone is a villain.

    Please re-read my comment about the JBC’s purposes and if you are intent on viewing this without any kind of optimism then I suppose nothing anyone says will make any difference.

    Those who get pleasure out of casting blame on others, especially those who try and help to make things better, are generally not very happy people and hopefully will stay home and yell at the television or something. Those who want to improve things will come to meetings and make good things happen.

    I wonder how many of those commenting on any of the LionFM related threads intend on coming to either meeting, or bothering to procure facts from active parties, or actively involving themselves in these hopeful efforts to revitalise Jewish broadcasting.

  • Morry says:

    Jackie, we have been friends for a long time, and I don’t have a shred of doubt that every word you say is absolutely true, and I have not, nor do I, challenge any of it … but it reflects the first 6 months of Lion, and ignores the second 6 entirely. Mistakes were made, and personalities can’t be helped. Menachem? Menachem learnt to butt out. So did Yossi. I’m quite sure that the French weren’t too thrilled with how their democracy began … and I know that some on the board that I’ve spoken to acknowledge that serious mistakes were made. What’s important about mistakes, though, is what you learn from them.

    In the second 6 months MJR brought in an expert consultant, who ran courses for presnters and technicians alike, and help set up a well-oiled, well-equipped pair of studios. The heavily subsidised couses produced a crop of some 50 presenters well-versed in the latest legal and technical requirements of radio presenting, and also in the do and don’ts of good presenting. As opposed to those first 6 months, it was pure pleasure to work from these Lion studios, with the well-trained technical volunteers churning out quality audio from very fine equipment. Together with a wide variety of programs, in multiple languages, it produced a following of thousands.

    As I see it, Jewish Radio is looking at losing this second crop of certified, experienced presenters, as most that I have spoken to have voiced a reluctance to return … not because of Jewish politics, but mostly that old “been there done that” syndrome. Perhaps some will return, and some of Jackie’s group, and undoubtedly there will be a new crop of willing volunteers.

    My major concern is that those who dug so deeply into their pockets the first time around, won’t. JBC has a very different vision and thrust to MJR. The JCCV, which seems to have been instrumental in the attacks on MJR, can hardly keep its own finacial head above water, let alone find the $500,000 or so required to bring a Jewish radio station to the current level of Lion FM.

    I think anyone who denies that Lion FM of a month ago was a class act, simply doesn’t know. The rest, the accusations and counter-accusations, are history, and best left alone as this community tries to move on.

  • Dr Paul Gardner says:

    Malki said, referring to Lion-FM’s calling of a meeting at 7 pm this Sunday:

    “I hope that the second meeting was only scheduled because they genuinely had no knowledge of the first one, and that they find a way to join forces and be under one roof for this meeting.”

    Menachem Khoen knew about the JBC meeting because I sent him an invitation. We spoke on the phone a couple of days later and he said he probably wouldn’t be attending the JBC meeting.

    That of course is his choice, and he is of course free to call a meeting of his supporters whenever he likes.

    As to Malki’s call for interested people to join forces and be under the one roof, that is already happening to some extent. Several people from Lion-FM, along with people from a rivel group previously planning to submit a licence application, have already met together with me during the week and will be attending JBC’s meeting on Sunday night.

    Dr Paul Gardner AM
    Interim Chairman
    Jewish Broadcasting for the Community

  • Morry says:

    Malki, I am not upset, nor in pain. My thinking has rarely been subject to emotion, only reason, and my sense of right and wrong. I have no doubt that everybody has, and had, very good intentions, whether in MJR, JBC, JCCV, or the dissident group that keeps cropping up. Nor do I doubt that the nett result was not what people expected, else they may have done things differently. I don’t know if the bickering and backstabbing had any effect on losing that licence (I suspect the effect was minimal at best, with technical considerations being formost), but the mere fact that it existed troubles me enormously.

    If approaching Menachem Khoen was a mistake, it’s a choice that must be lived with, as much as all the other choices that were made.

    Much of this discussion is probably moot … stable door, barn, horse. The chances of now acquiring any license before digital radio becomes commonplace in 6-10years, is pretty slim. Rephrase that, very slim. I do think it would be a great idea to take out 3-4 Jewish digital radio licences now, and avoid a lot of bickering over a single one, much later down the track (that’s learning from experience). We probably have the highest per capita number of qualified presenters of any community, why not utilise them?

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Dear Frustrated,
    I can relate to how you feel because that is how I feel when people who hide behind pseudonyms ask inane outrageous questions or are you once again, SS?
    I am not sure what of my statement above was not clear but to recap….
    It was NOT a matter of 10-15 people who were doing almost all the work, but was a matter of 60 + people.
    It was not a matter of selfishly removing the radio station from those who loved it, AS DID WE, but working to SAVE LION FM long term for the entire community.
    It was not a matter that we did not like how things were run and so spat the dummy, it was a matter that if left unaddressed, Khoen was causing the lion’s demise.
    What is it exactly that you fail to understand? Khoen and his tiny group REFUSED TO BEHAVE IN ACCORDANCE WITH ACMA’S GUIDELINES. THAT is WHAT causes the loss of a license.
    How do you disregard the fact that everything that ACMA heard, was TRUE? Why do you not hold Khoen repsponsible for his failure to do as promised when he signed under ACMA’s jurisdiction?
    If you chose to ignore the fact that so many worked tirelessly to save the Lion, gezunte heit. We all worked to do what was right for the community and not to get the approval of a person such as yourself.
    It seems that those who hide, do so for a reason. Interesting that all of the core volunteers at the time use their real names but not those who constantly aim for acrimony and not work towards harmony.
    Why, when the JbC calls for a meeting to seek resolution and unity, do Khoen et al deliberately set up a meeting at the same time, in order to BLOCK people working together. It is honestly a long time since I have seen so childish a movoever.
    This very act, SAYS EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS SAYING! And it was exactly the tactic used by Khoen and Lipshitz when we tried to hold a united meeting right near the start.
    They seek to divide and conquer. If your aim is equally as factious, then I sincerely wish you a complete healing.
    The facts, recordings and all evidence has been available all along as we were ALWAYS transparent with our dealings.
    At the risk of boring into a stupor, both myself and Galus readers….
    In fact, Lion would have been shut down sooner had we not put into place, quality control to prevent the libellous language and swearing that was being used on air.
    Your comments damn yourself and no other.
    Though it be customary erev shabbos, to wish one another “shabbat shalom” at the end of a communication, for me to do so now would appear indecently insincere. Nevertheless, my wish is that you and ALL JEWS have peace within and without, both on shabbos and at all times.
    G-d bless.

  • Morry says:

    Malki wrote:
    “The JBC is an organisation which has been established to support Jewish media and broadcasting in our community and is not applying for a license”.

    Frankly, I’m confused. This community has no radio, no licence, and no prospects for a very long time. What exactly is JBC supporting? And how much money will it be putting in to whatever it is supporting?

  • Malki Rose says:

    As has already been stated,
    the JBC was established well BEFORE Lion lost the license. The intention was for JBC to support, develop and promote it in any way it could.

    Despite the loss of license, the JBC’s goals remain the same, only more so! The new challenge in Jewish broadcasting is to get the community back the license.

    There are also other broadcasting and media sources in the Jewish community who require support and promotion, such as Channel 31’s ‘The Shtick’.

    I am not sure what you are confused about. It sounds like you are more cynical than confused.

    Your money question is disingenuous because after first doubting JBC’s intentions you are trying to suggest that the measure of JBC’s earnestness is financial capital.

    There are thousands of support organisations all over the world who offer referral services, amongst many other support services and resources, promotion and mediation and nobody calls their validity into question on the basis of “yeah but when will they give us money”.

    There are enough damaging stereotypes of ‘Jews’ in the online media this week, please don’t add to them.

    “this community has no radio, no license and no prospects for a very long time”
    What an optimistic and constructive approach you have taken on all this.

    Others, including those who will be attending the JBC meeting on sunday, see things differently and thank goodness for that.

    My advice to others with Apocalyptic views of Jewish broadcasting who might be considering coming to the JBC meeting.. -don’t. They wont be your kind of people.

  • Eli says:

    Can any one guess what the most used word on Gallus is?

  • Louisa says:

    Having read the comments here and elsewhere about this situation, comparisons have been made with Israel’s right to defend itself.

    Interestingly, the Knesset does NOT write letters to the UN, complaining about Bibi and the defence minister, telling them that they are breaching UN guidelines, in order to SAVE Israel, so they will be there to fix things when the UN acts on their complaint..

    Yet all the dissidents at LION FM wrote and signed a letter to ACMA, pointing out how they see the LION is breaching ACMA’S guidelines, in order to save(?) the LION.

    This is pure, unadulterated sabotage. What’s the underlying motive, other than a political grandstand under the guise of intransigence within a personality clash.

    I also notice how much these dissidents continue to rationalise this poor judgement and disruptive behaviour, and attack anyone and everyone who disagrees with what they’re doing.

    What is wrong with you people? How is what you’re doing, in the Jewish community’s best interests?

  • Louisa says:

    an addendum to the comparison with Israel:-

    which aspect of Israel do the dissidents of LION compare themselves?
    The general population? I would say that is equivalent to the Jewish community,in this instance

    The Knesset? the parliament of the people elected by the people to represent them.

    The volunteers—walked in off the street, NOT elected, and agreeing to abide by the station’s constitution.

    Israel has a constitution, by which the governing of this state, is set up.

    The radio station licence is owned by the people who paid for it. The constitution is written by the board of management.

    This radio station is an incorporated enterprise, NOT a democratic state forged by the people of the people.

    No logical analogy can be drawn.

  • Morry says:

    Actually Malki, it was Channel 31′s ‘The Shtick’ that I had in mind when I broached the financial question, as I understand that is exactly the help the program needs. Funny that. What were you thinking of offering them, if not what they need?

    I think it very nice for a group to have been established under the auspices of the JCCV three months ago to help Lion, but I can’t point to a single thing that they did for Lion in that three months. Of course, there was the magnanimous offer by the JCCV to hold Lion’s licence till Lion sorted its problems, after a botched attempt at a clumsy takeover involving John Searle. The recording of that meeting is probably still available on the net … I have it on my computer, and haven’t been so disgusted in a very long time.

    Lion was turned into the successful station it ultimately became with the help of a professional consultant. So my simple question has to be, what does JBC have to offer that can even compare with this kind of professional service? Why would I approach it, rather than an expert in the field? And if the service JBC offers is to put me in touch with an expert, why do I need the middle man?

    I have no objection to setting up a group to help, whatever that means, but, in my view we seem to be succumbibng to the Jewish disease … if there’s a problem, let’s form a committee.

  • Ruth Rosenberg says:

    Dear Ralph,
    I don’t know anything about what happened at Lion FM. I only know that I got so much out of listening to your show with Ronit, and listening to Morry’s show with Gabi, and hearing Israeli music, and Robin Aron’s kids show with kids’ Jewish songs. One of my biggest thrills was hearing Melanie Phillips on Lion FM.
    I honestly think that all our freedoms as Jews will soon come to an end, and I am not the only person to compare these times with the 1930s (Martin Gilbert said it too).
    If we are just shifting chairs around on the Titanic, what is this infighting all about? I had no time to be involved at Lion FM, but I was desperate for there to be hourly news items from Israel, or even articles from the Jewish News about Israel to be read out on a regular basis. In today’s media war against Israel’s legitimacy (and let’s face it — all Jews are affected by this indirectly), it’s so important to get Israel’s perspective out there.
    If infighting has taken Lion off the air, it is an indictment of our Jewish leadership. It reminds me of when I worked at Australia Israel Publications (now AIJAC) in 1988 and Isi Leibler objected to our existence as he thought he should be the only person speaking for the Jewish community.
    I love radio. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I like listening in my car, and in my kitchen. I’m 51 years old, and there are plenty of people my age and older still interested – anyone heard of baby boomers?
    Good luck on getting back on the air.

  • Dr Paul Gardner says:


    I’d like to put on record my perceptions of the history of JBC. I stress ‘perceptions’, because my involvement as interim chairman is quite recent, about a month ago.

    I am aware that a group of people have been engaged in talking about forming JBC for (I am told)about three months. As an organisation, however, it was founded at a meeting I chaired on June 9. At no stage was I being directed by the JCCV. Our intention is affiliate with JCCV, as one of the 50+ independent organisations affiliated. We are not an arm of the JCCV. The JCCV is not represented on the JBC board.

    At the rather interesting meeting held last Thursday week, hosted by JCCV, John Searle stated quite explicitly that JCCV was not going to run a radio station.

    At the end of that meeting John asked me to convene a follow-up meeting to continue discuission of the Lion-FM issue, and provided a letter of endorsement for our efforts.

    I should emphasise that JBC is not a singl-issue organisation. Our long-term aim is to support various forms of broadcasting, and the scope is beyond Victoria. The Lion-FM issue is simply the first issue that we are looking at.

    Whether JBC succeeds in its aim will depend on our ability to build a diverse group of people, with technical expertise, managerial competence, broadcasting know-how, financial resources. Our aim is to form an organisation that will reflect the broad range of interests, backgrounds, and talents of the Jewish community. This will no doubt take considerable time and effort.

    Your posting implies that JBC is going to be a waste of time, reflected in your phrase “cut out the middle-man”. You see no need for a broader organisation than MJR.

    Morry, you are perfectly entitled to hold to that belief. I can’t prove at the moment whether your belief is well-founded or not, as JBC is far too new to have any runs on the board.

    All I can say is that at the moment, there are some people who don’t share your view, and we will be working together to try to build up JBC. If you change your mind, you’re always welcome to join us as a member of JBC.

    (Dr) Paul Gardner AM
    Interim Chairman
    Jewish Broadcasting for the Community

    ps The first public meeting of JBC will be held tomorrow, Sunday 26th June at Beth Weizmann, 7.30 pm. It’s open to anyone interested in promoting Jewish broadcasting.

  • yossi says:

    hi all
    i want to ask you all who elect jhon searle as the head of the jewish community ?.i do not remember any elction took place.
    who said that the JCCV reprisent all the jewish community?
    there are several of jewish organization that couldn’t be a member at the JCCV.(should i say rejected)in the past one year most of the jewish community suport Lion FM.while the “leaders”of the community not.so meybe the “leaders”of the community does not represent the comunity?

  • Louisa says:

    Let’s hope the JBC is not going to operate at the expense of LION, or indeed, try to continue in the support of sabotaging LION.

    It would have been good manners and common courtesy not to hold their meeting at exactly the same time as the other one.

    My belief is that it is finding as much support as possible for a rival faction.

    I’m not blaming the Chair for this, because as you say, you’ve only been there a month and your role is to represent the members.

    The members, on the other hand, have taken it upon themselves to browbeat the community into accepting them as the entire Jewish community’s representatives.


  • yossi says:

    mr gardner
    i do believe that you have good intention to help and to create unity within the community but can you ask yourself if this is the way to do it?you invited all the community to the meeting. how does it solve the despute between the groups of poeple that are trying to get the liecence?if your intention was to mediate. you should invite represetative of each group and try to find a way for them to work together.i do not believe that an open meeting will solve it.i think it will be a repeatition of the last meeting.

  • Louisa says:

    BTW a comparison has been drawn between a person’s experience at Southern FM and LION FM. If this person thoroughly read ACMA guidelines, there would be much lees confusion and dogmatic arguments.

    Community radio can set up in various ways. Southern FM raises money through memberships and sponsorships, and has decided to give it’s members full voting rights within corporate laws.

    This NOT the only way a community organisation is obliged to run.

    If a corporation chooses to run with small, even family or nepotistic mangement, ACMA provides for this. It can also choose limited membership and choose not to give members voting rights, while requiring volunteers to become members.

    In this case, the fundraising, itself is an issue, and that is possibly why heads were butted in those type of conversations.

    Merely having experience in one other similar organisation, does NOT make one an expert.

    I recommend that everyone reads the ACMA guidelines in their entirety, and not just individuals’ favoured extracts.

    Then attend the meeting of your choice (as they are BOTH being held concurrently), fully armed with the facts and not the emotional grandstanding of a handful of disgruntled, know it all ex-volunteers.

  • Dr Paul Gardner says:


    Thank you, I’d like to believe I have good intentions, too.

    For the record, I did invite Menachem Khoen by email a week ago to the JBC meeting; we had a brief telephone conversation and he said he probably would not be attending.

    The invitation to the JBC meeting went out to our email distribution list and was not as widely distributed as the previous meeting hosted by JCCV. However, it was mentioned in the Jewish News article and I also have just made a brief mention of it in the Galus Australia website. At this stage in our development as a very new organisation, we are open to anyone interested in the issue.

    I agree with your point that if mediation is required between organisations in dispute, small groups are better than open meetings. Fortunately, at the moment, JBC is not in dispute with anybody

    As to bringing together the rival groups, JBC has already made a start on that. I met during the week with seven other people; the group included people with current ot former connections to Lion-FM/MJR, some with connections to a rival group that was seeking a licence, and a couple of JBC board members. We reached agreement about the value of having a united organisation. Conveying this message to a wider audience will be part of the agenda for tomorrow night’s JBC meeting.

    I accept that others may not share the view that this is the way to proceed. JBC’s approach to this is that we are fortunate to live in a free country where people can hold their own views and decide for themselves with whom they wish to associate.

    JBC’s door is open to anyone in the Jewish community who shares our belief that there is value in building a broad, diverse organisation; diverse in the range of media to be encompassed, diverse geographically, and diverse in the range of opinions, interests, ideologies…. to be aired.

    I would hope that the JBC meeting tomorrow night will not be a repetition of the JCCV-hosted meeting ten days before. It will certainly be my task as chairman to try to ensure that it proceeds smoothly in a civil manner. That’s my hope, anyway. The focus has to be on finding practical paths to follow.

    (Dr) Paul Gardner AM
    Interim Chairman
    Jewish Broadcasting for the Community

  • Dr Paul Gardner says:

    In response to Louisa’s 8.52 pm comments:

    Louisa said:
    Let’s hope the JBC is not going to operate at the expense of LION, or indeed, try to continue in the support of sabotaging LION.

    I would respond:
    The JBC interim board is not engaged in sabotaging Lion-FM. We want to see the restoration of a radio licence, if possible, and the many good people who present valuable programs should be encouraged to once again make their contributions to Jewish broadcasting.

    And she continued:
    It would have been good manners and common courtesy not to hold their meeting at exactly the same time as the other one.

    Well, of course. Are you aware of the time sequence here? JBC’s invitation to tomorrow night’s meeting went out two days after the “interesting” meeting hosted by JCCV last Thursday week. Menachem Khoen was on our invitation list. We spoke on the phone a couple of days later; he said he probably wasn’t going to attend the JBC meeting. Lion-FM’s meeting invitation was sent out to its members about two days after that. Whose manners are you questioning here?

    Louisa: My belief is that it is finding as much support as possible for a rival faction.

    Paul: Well, I’m only the chairman, but that is not on my agenda. None of the members of my current interim board are members of a rival faction. We do agree, however, that we need a different approach to establishing a station that fully reflects the diversity in the community. I have had an informal meeting that has brought together members of a rival faction and current and former members of Lion-FM and MJR.

    Louisa: I’m not blaming the Chair for this, because as you say, you’ve only been there a month and your role is to represent the members.

    Paul: Thanks for not blaming me for anything. As JBC is very new, it can hardly claim to represent the views of its members, as we are only just beginning the task of attracting members. All I think we can claim to represent is an idea, or perhaps better, a collection of ideas.

    Louisa: The members, on the other hand, have taken it upon themselves to browbeat the community into accepting them as the entire Jewish community’s representatives.

    Paul You really shoot yourself in the foot with this sort of scattergun accusation. I challenge you to name anyone on the JBC’s interim board — I’d guess you don’t even know who they are — who has written or said anything that can be construed as brow-beating.

    And for a new organisation that has not yet even affiliated with the JCCV (and is certainly not directed by the JCCV) we are not claiming to be the entire Jewish community’s representatives. All I can claim, as a former member of the JCCV executive when I held the Anti-Defamation portfolio during my chairmanship of the ADC, and as a former member without portfolio of the executive of the Zionist Council of Victoria, that I think I have a fairly good understanding of, and a commitment to, a Jewish community that is very diverse and respects and supports that diversity. From my two meetings with my fellow members of the interim board, some of whom I had not previously met, I would say that they share that view.

    (Dr) Paul Gardner AM
    Interim chairman
    Jewish Broadcasting for the Community

  • Yossy says:

    I don’t live in Melbourne, but I do visit fairly frequently. Over the past year I loved tuning in the radio as I drove around Melbourne, listening to Lion and chalishing that Australian Jewry could reach beyond its own community borders through the medium of radio. I loved listening to Ronit and Ralph and also to Morry (who broadcasts in the same brilliant articulate way that he writes).

    Nobody outside of those involved with this discussion really cares how or why this amazing accomplishment was railroaded by the internal bickering. But many probably do care and lament that the opportunity is now lost.

    For a smart people and community of well resourced members, sometimes we Jewish people are not too deserved of the respect that others hold for us. Melbourne as the largest Jewish community in the region should be a flagship model community. Heck, it can’t do anything right, from a communal appeal, to a Rabbinic structure, to a unified representation, to a cross-communal media.

    And what’s with the judgementalism? Depending on which shule you go to, or which school you send your kids to, or what type of Kippah you wear (or don’t) everyone wants to brand you. That’s Melbourne Jewish community life; a place where people ask what work you do and try and find out how rich you are before they care to know what your name is. A place where everybody worries more about what everybody else is doing and less of what they are doing themselves.

    Perhaps the real question is not why Melbourne lost Lion FM, but whether or not the Melbourne Jewish community actually deserves to have a radio station?

    It may sting a little, but until such time as Melbourne can muster a little communal unity amongst its ranks, it would appear that the answer is no. This whole incident is symptomatic of everything that is not right about our otherwise impressive life as Australian Jews. It reflects poorly on the capabilities and competencies of Jewish communal structures everywhere.

    Next time I visit Melboune I’ll bring the ipod again. As I drive around listening to podcasts I’ll once again probably conclude that I’m really glad that I didn’t take that chance to move to Melbourne.

  • Pinni Flescher says:

    Dr. Paul Gardner,

    At the first public meeting, you mentioned which people were on your ‘interim’ committee at JBC. How ironic is it that these are the same people who coincidentially signed the letter to the ACMA complaining about LION FM – the same letter that was responsible for the downfall of LION FM?

    Are these interim committee members of JBC who signed this letter proud of their actions? If they are proud of themselves, why don’t they come forward and admit to the signing of this letter, instead of either hiding or denying their actions?

    You have continuously mentioned that your group JBC only want unity in the Jewish Community, yet your group was directly responsible for LION FM coming off air.

    You have also said, as did John Searle, that JBC and JCCV do not intend to apply directly for a radio broadcasting license. What will happen when LION FM reapplies for a license (and please G-d succeeds in its application). Will JBC members (and interim committee members) attempt to sabotage LION FM once again?

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    The JCCV and the JCB have offered nothing constructive to Lion since their inception. Without their involvement, the present Lion management was able to set up a state of the art studio, professionally train over 50 people in the skills needed for radio presentation and, created dozens of professionally trained radio technicians as well. There are no divisions or fights among volunteers, with or among the Lion board members, and there is no discrimination as Lion is inclusive and diverse. Lion has clear legal guidelines and a constitution, as well as a sensible and reasonable volunteer agreement. There are 29 shows (approx.) on the grid representing just about every single faction and group within our Jewish community. New talent is being showcased every single day. Over the past year Lion has raised literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities, promoted and marketed many businesses successfully, educated and enlightened the community at large (including the non-Jews) about all types of Jewish issues, both secular and religious. In short, Lion is a smashing success story and lacks nothing at this point except for a license. We have no need for your input except to join us as volunteers and offer your hard work instead of creating unnecessary ‘committees’ or ‘umbrellas’ hence creating divisiveness.

  • Steven says:

    Let’s all take a deep breath….the saddest part about all of this bikcering is that The Swing Doctor is no longer on air.

    Those boys were funny and articulate and gave a great round-up of all things Jewish in the cricketing and sporting world.

    Whenever/whoever sets up the next Jewish community radio station, make sure you get them back.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    I would like to hear or read a single thing any member of JCCV and/or JBC and their cohorts actually like about Lion FM (and I am not referring to or including John Searle’s condescending phony platitudes about all the volunteers’ hard work etc, at the last meeting). So far all they seem to do is dwell on its supposed problems and failings as they define them, ie: lack of diversity, not being representative of the community, as if these issues are the only thing that matter to them (are they?). Not once have I read or heard any of them say anything positive about any one of the 29 shows. There must surely be something they like about at least one single show, no? Listening to the JCCV/JBC critics of Lion FM one gets the idea that they really do not approve of anything about Lion FM, as if they believe it is all a total failure and, that everything has been done wrong and, needs to be, at the very least overseen by their strong more competent hand or completely replaced by them. Do they truly feel that way? If so, what is this extremely biased and unfair view based on? It does not seem to be based on reality. It cannot be that they are so blinded by their own agenda, that they are so invested in their opposition of Lion FM that they cannot manage to even muster up the slightest (and well deserved) recognition of all the many wonderful things Lion FM has done right and accomplished, can it?

  • Animal Habits says:

    No matter who it is who initiates a discussion about lion fm on this Galus page, the result is assured.

    The people who wanted to establish and maintain a radio service, versus those who for some reason oppose it – for the sake of opposing its existence

    Meybe they saw fault in the methods of the drivers of the station, perhaps it was a program or style of program that did not appeal, maybe it was “not jewish enough” for some and “too jewish” for others.

    To satisfy everyone’s personal likes and dislikes, another 10 radio stations would be needed, the eve then they would all attempt to take each other to the wall, and the same nill result would eventuate.

    The word “compromise” would be used in a rebuild attempt – however another word “Consensus” could also be applied. Consensus would however be impossible due to the extremely diverse opinions held by the vocal minority on what direction a “jewish” radio station should take, both in theory and practise.

    The fact is that together the jewish community as a whole let it happen, let the radio station collapse via bickering and argument that made its way to the authority that licenced the radio station in the first place.

    The ACMA is likely to have taken the most reasonable decision, that of removing the frequency from anyone’s possible grasp into the future so that Lion FM and any successors or reformed versions of the same group ma have decided to have a crack – and wasted evem more ACMA time.

    Well, the result of the vocal minority in complaining to the ACMA in an attempt to force it (the ACMA) to fix up the affairs of the station operators, certainly provided a spectacular result for the complainants, no more bickering about a licenced radio station resulted by simply taking away the licence ! Simple.

    If the arguments were handled more reasonably by all parties to the disputed management practices, and if they were kept in-house, the outward impression would have been “business as usual”. no fuss, simple to renew for 12 more months.

    However the community being as it is, this was NEVER going to happen, and the whole thing shut down.

    Oh well,

    Now there’s nothing

    And still, everyone is fighting over it !

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Animal Habits,
    The license renewal was denied NOT because of the fighting at all! It had to do with the frequency issues, technicalities, and the like. The ACMA department is the section of ACMA that denied the license. This section deals only with technical issues and is totally separate and apart from the department of ACMA that deals with all the other legal/social issues.

    And it is false to say we have nothing, we are continuing on the internet and with G-d’s help will very soon be back on air too.
    Keep listening.

  • Louisa says:

    Dr Paul Gardner, you say “All I think we can claim to represent is an idea, or perhaps better, a collection of ideas.” and you also say you invited Menachem Khoen to your meeting.

    Well, why would you invite him to a meeting with the people who, behind his back, officially complained to ACMA about him to discuss “ideas”?

    It wouldn’t be to convince him that their position of “the moral high ground” against him is justified, and that he should conform to their demands?

    I really don’t blame him for not wanting to walk into an ambush.

    I don’t apologise for describing this group as brow beating because everything that I have read directly from them in the way of blogs and comments, does exactly that, and furthermore, they have even indulged in some cyber-bullying eg using words like “reputation” to describe a person as a counter argument.

    That does NOT wash well with me. Moreover, if they really are sincere about abiding by anti-discrimination laws, perhaps they need to look at the laws covering harrassment and bullying.

    One of these people, who knows NOTHING about me, has decided that because I disagree with her, I have no experience in the media, so how could I understand the issues. Interesting….

    Brow beating? A very decided affirmative YES.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Just read some of these comments from Jackie Rozenfeld from this very blog above:

    “Do I deny that I would like control of the Lion, wrested from Khoen’s hands and given to others for safekeeping? No. That for me would be the best thing since the creation of not merely sliced bread but ANY bread at all….”

    “Khen neither deserves the right to such influence over something that belongs to the many, nor has he the capacity to do a good job…”

    “Any and I repeat ANY good that has come from Lion FM has been entirely due to the volunteers like yourself and so many others who have worked IN SPITE of Khoen and NOT because of him…”

    Above quotes coming from a woman who screams from the rooftops that she wants unity! Ha! Comments coming from a woman who bitterly complains she is a poor victim of bullying! Ha! ha! Ha! It would be truly laughable if it weren’t so sad.

    And then she tells this whopper,” …I will never forget Lipshitz screaming in my face as tears ran down my cheeks, ‘we will NOT have mediation. Mediation is only for when there’s a breakdown in communication’….”
    This is a total and complete and utter LIE! I was at the meeting with Michael Lipshutz. All he asked her to do was to sign the volunteer agreement, and Jackie, along with the others refused. Lipshutz told them that the board policy was that no one was allowed to volunteer without signing it, a policy still in place today. Jackie made her own choice not sign. No one ever bullied her. In fact, from the above comments, I would say that everyone can see it is actually Jackie who is the bully.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    By the way, Jackie is not only NOT a member, volunteer, or otherwise associated with Lion FM in any way, she is now ineligible of becoming so due to the fact she no longer resides in Melbourne. So one wonders, what is her interest now? Why is she on the warpath against Menachem Khoen? What in the world does she want?

  • Louisa says:

    Yes, I did read all of those comments earlier, and yes it is evident that Jackie and her mates have a pack mentality on the attack.

    I can speculate as to what is going on, and my theory is, that once they took a stand, which in fact, had more holes than a strainer, they had to fight like nothing on earth, to not lose face.

    The hole they have dug for themselves is so deep now, they appear to have experienced a “China Syndrome”.

    They are so invested in their egos, they’d rather attack the people they originally attacked, from more fronts till they can vindicate themselves.

    This is just my theory, but it’s the only sensible conclusion that I can draw.

    As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s more important for them to be right than right minded.

  • Ilana Leeds says:

    I could not agree more with both Shosh and Louisa on the pack mentality of some. In fact I am considering weeding out some of my FB friends because this was posted on FaceBook around three hours ago. Now I never publish phone numbers on my FB and I sincerely wonder what yours truly hopes to achieve by this rather personally dangerous action and is she going to round a posse up and take on Menachem Khoen.
    She is asking for trouble for her self by posting this and certainly the mods here, I would hope you do xxx out some of the numbers. I think for her own good she should be told to calm down, take a chill pill, because she is putting herself in danger. Especially with 231 friends (????).

    If anyone would like to know the truth about what is going on in Lion FM, there is an abundance of evidence ready for the asking or else, feel free to call me on
    0418526146 and I wil gladly point you to soureces and answer any questions you may have. The truth MUST and shall prevail.

    Anyway there is plenty of information out there and we do not need a personal (and I take it very emotional and biased account) of events surrounding Lion FM.

  • Ilana Leeds says:


    @Yossy I think you are being unduly harsh on the Melbourne Jewish Community. I have reproduced your comments below with a response.

    You said:

    Perhaps the real question is not why Melbourne lost Lion FM, but whether or not the Melbourne Jewish community actually deserves to have a radio station?

    Deserve to have a radio station??? Come on, it is not a reward for good behaviour of the little munchkins in all sectors of the Jewish community. It is a community service and as such the organisers want it to be legitimate representative of the community. With the diverse range of communities within the wider community it can be quite difficult to get a station that is and must be from my perspective anyway, PRO Israel and PRO Jewish and I think that goes without saying. I for one, get often physically sick at all the unwarranted Israel and Jew bashings that go on in the media and the best ones at it, UNFORTUNATELY, are our fellow Jews.

    You said:

    It may sting a little, but until such time as Melbourne can muster a little communal unity amongst its ranks, it would appear that the answer is no. This whole incident is symptomatic of everything that is not right about our otherwise impressive life as Australian Jews. It reflects poorly on the capabilities and competencies of Jewish communal structures everywhere.

    You have ignored the fact that what a lot of people want, Menachem Khoen included obviously, is a radio station that is professional and representative of and supportive of all community interests, despite differences within the community. Is that so hard to understand?

    You said:

    Next time I visit Melboune I’ll bring the ipod again. As I drive around listening to podcasts I’ll once again probably conclude that I’m really glad that I didn’t take that chance to move to Melbourne.

    Oh com’mon. Can’t you hack the heat and the furious debate? I guess that is why the Melbourne Jewish community do have a radio station and will have it registered eventually because people do care and do get off their butts! What is happening in Perth, Adelaide or Sydney?? Not much I guess and that is why many things start and end in Melbourne town and the ‘Ghetto’ streets are rockin to the sound of LION. Incidently I was shocked and dismayed by the front page of the Jewish News the other week with a gravestone on it and a question mark on the future of the Melbourne Jewish Community. That is so self defeating and I for one would be very happy to see the AJN under new more positive leadership. I was shocked and thus I feel that someone as abusive and negative as the present editor should be kept away from the Radio station. Quite disgusted that such a message should be put out there. Hope is what drives us on and if we lose hope then what have we got? Despair and depression and the inability to move forward. Go forward, forge links and build. NOT DESTROY!

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    I commend Galus Australis for posting this article and my comments too. In the past I have leveled charges against this website for being biased, and now we must recognise that this is an attempt at providing some much needed balance.

    On the issue of Lion FM reportage, the AJN has obviously been doing the bidding of John Kraus, Sam Tatarka, John Searle, and the JCCV/JBC crowd. In essence it has been a serving as a mouthpiece for the Lion FM opposition. This week’s article was just a bit more balanced but, still not friendly or even really fair to Lion.

    As one someone told me they overheard John Searle say to Zeddy Lawrence at the last meeting, “I gave you a good scoop about the radio didn’t I?” Wink, Wink.

  • Eli says:

    whichever camp your in ..it’s 2 sides of the same coin..show your support

  • Ralph Zwier says:

    The Sunday night meeting of JBC is in fact being held at the request of John Searle, not at the request of Paul Gardner! Paul says it himself.
    Dr Paul Gardner writes:

    At the rather interesting meeting held last Thursday week, hosted by JCCV, John Searle stated quite explicitly that JCCV was not going to run a radio station. At the end of that meeting John asked me to convene a follow-up meeting to continue discussion of the Lion-FM issue, and provided a letter of endorsement for our efforts.

    These are most curious turns of phrase, and reveal which of the two parties is the dog, and which is the tail. I would have expected the sentence to read: ” ….At the end of that meeting I asked John Searle whether we might use the JCCV’s facilities for a follow up meeting”. Remember that JBC has no affiliation with JCCV, and JCCV claims to be a disinterested party. The facts that (a) the meeting was “hosted by the JCCV”, and (b) “John asked me to convene a follow-up” is simply at odds with the spin being put out there.

  • Yossy says:


    Your positive view is important, and yes a lot of people are sick to the core of Israel bashing. This is why the medium was so important and why its demise due to community politics is such a loss to everyone.

    I don’t agree about your comment re Perth, Adelaide, Sydney. All three communities punch above their weight, relative to their size and resource base. They are not without their problems, but (with the possible exception of some sectors of chabad in Sydney) don’t bring each other down by airing their grievances in the general public. Sydney brings millions of dollars of funding to its institutions and infrastructure through an appeal. Perth is replicating this model and its community is growing at an amazing rate. I recently had an eye opening discussion with the Rabbi of Adelaide. Even though they have been unable to retain Moriah, there are still Jewish people in Adelaide who want to be Jewish and its amazing to see what they do have there.

    Bottom line, I could handle as much heat and furious debate that you could care to throw at me, with a lot of thick skin. But who needs it? This issue, like so many others is not “lo bashamiem he”. When it is about personal differences of opinion and community politics, as opposed to outcomes and successful projects, then it is all completely unnecessary.

    Not every endeavor will succeed, but that’s no reason not to try. When you do try, and get cut down because of communal discord it is just a black mark on the community. Melbourne has failed on this score with a Jewish radio station, not because the idea was wrong, possibly not because the execution was wrong, but because a wider range of stakeholders could not agree on checks and balances within the structure applied.

    Perhaps there is another lesson as well. The best endeavors for community based infrastrucutre (be it health, educations, arts or any other form of social service) are best run under a commercial model and private sector governance. There are some notable exceptions, but at a community level Australian Jewry is just too damn diverse and fractured to be capable of placing its management under the altruistic model of community owned and operated structures. Lion FM is yet another example, and that is very sad.

  • Gabby says:

    Dear All,

    Morry and I have presented about 32 programmes on Lion. I did coem on early in the piece. My experience has been that a large bunch of very enthusiastic, hard working volunteers – most with very limited if any experience in running a radio station – threw their lot in together, attended courses and learned to run it well.

    In all situations, garbage and accusations can be found and thrown, but the upshot of the station is that it was widely listened to, enjoyed and filled a useful place.

    I am horrified at its discreditors. Instead of helping you have destroyed a good thing.

    If you don’t like the Zionist -Jewish agenda, apply to al Jazeera, Reuters, SBS ( which -on your taxpayer dollars – still corrects a website that attributes Jerusalem to Israel, but which on SBS is attributes to ‘The Holy Land’), ABC, the Swedish Aftonbladet or on any number of other media whosde lies we have tried to neutralize.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Once again, Lion FM was NOT cut down because of communal strife, as I wrote above. There is not shred of evidence to support that version of events, not from ACMA, not from anyone ‘in the know’. On the contrary, at the risk of repeating myself (because this rumour seems to persist so I feel compelled) the license was lost due to technical issues, not politics.

    Yossy, you sound like a defeatist. I wouldn’t want someone with your attitude on my team after losing a game. You may be ready to throw up your hands and walk away when the going gets tough, but many of us are prepared to fight another day. You may want to paint all of Melbourne with the same black brush, but I know this community to be diverse, vibrant, and alive with a myriad of worthy, well run and interesting organisations and projects. nothing is perfect but we basically get along very well here, so much so that we are the envy of Jewish communities around the world which are deeply mired in internecine battles and power struggles. You need to get out and more and travel and get some perspective.

    Is the glass half empty or half full? The Lion FM story is not a black mark on the community, in fact, I see it in quite an opposite light, as a badge of pride. Only a very small minority that is not at all representative of the community at large made lots of noise and divisiveness to make it appear that there was large spread communal strife. The reality is in stark contrast to this as the great (muted) majority enjoyed and support Lion and are behind our ongoing projects.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Lion FM Emergency meeting
    Sunday evening at 7 PM at the studio
    Lion FM: Past, Present and Future

  • Insider says:

    those who stand by mjr, read this well. it is the last remark I will post on this subject:

    All of those who still believe the MJR is a martyred Lion cub are those who either listened innocently to it on the radio without knowing of the abuse going on behind the scenes or who are still part of MJR and are both in denial and in a flap about losing it.

    Listening to Lion fm is really quite pleasant and warming to hear Jewish and Israeli content. But this does not mean that this content was not produced on the backs of mistreated people and a mistreated community.

    The comment that lion fm managed to get itself up and running all by itself without the help of the jbc or any of these other people is actually untrue. Lion began, functioned and continues to function and produce material using improper means, regardless of how good the content may be.

    if I knew that a beautiful shirt had been produced by a slave child, then i would no doubt expect to see and hear Ms silcove yelling applause for the foreman, the company investors and the board of directors. she’d probably also pose as the propoganda worker; the one who claims to be a shining example of how well the other workers are treated. This is just not the case.

    but as she says, Lion’s limited success on the backs of anyone is a badge of honour for her, much like some of silcove’s previous successes in hurting people which she discusses in her published novel which she used to attack rabbi’s and those who had supported her after her arrest.

    her motive in all this is clearly that Lion made her feel important and now that she has that sense of self, she will dig her nails in and hold onto it at any cost no matter who she steps on. I’ve been told she wears a wig, but by the sounds of things its decorative, because I thought religious people were supposed to be kind and considerate of each other.

    abusing those who protested MJR’s abuse of power and license, is the same as blaming the human rights lawyers and protesters who had the slave labour stopped with cries of “we loved that shirt, it was so beautiful and rare and precious and now because of your stupid morals we will have no frilly shirt”.

    those who think like this need to get their morals in order. MJR was being run very very very very badly and the board were abusing and taking advantage of many many many people in very ugly, immoral and illegal ways.

    Also this constant remark by not only silcove, but ‘gabby’ and others that all those who don’t like Lion’s pro israel message should sod off and work at al jazeera or the sbs… They are deceiving comments.. and silcove knows this, which is why she keeps saying it.

    so far.. every single person who has quit, walked away, been asked to leave or been threatened with legal action by the board HAVE ALL BEEN STRONG SUPPORTERS OF ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!! This is reallly very very simple and obviously that fact that silcove and gabby have said this, demonstrates that they actually have NO idea whats going on at a board level.

    Louisa needs to read lion’s constitution, every single version of it. the one that was used when mjr first formed down to the one in use now.

    you are misrepresenting the acma guidelines to readers and the terms of incorporated associations. you obviously have limited experience in radio and legal issues.

    silcove, ilana, louisa and flescher clearly have no real concept of anything that went on at lion fm.

    ilana just seems to agree with everything silcove says.

    and no louisa.. there is no pack. there is a large series of individuals, most of whom have nothing to do with each other socially and little in common with one another, all of whom were subject to the same ill treatment and witnessed the same mismanagement.

    and silcove must just be stupid because she doesn’t see that the JCCV are not anti-israel but vehemently PRO israel. and she keeps claiming that the JBC are in opposition to lion rather than reading all the stuff people keep posting about the jbc being an organisation which is trying to support the success of lion fm!! really you need to learn to read!

    mrs flescher, if you knew that something horrid was going on at an organisation with an angelic public face which everyone put their faith in (such as perhaps your daughters school????) , if you are even half decent I am sure that you would sign a letter to stop that behaviour, wouldn’t you?

    I would strongly urge the three of you (louisa, flesher and leeds) to have words with someone who has left the station… if you think its a left-wing thing, or a non-religious thing, or an anti israel thing… ask another right wing, pro israel, orthodox person who has left…. there are many of them… don’t just ask the people who are still there… because you already know what they are going to tell you. That lion is fantastic and that everyone who says otherwise is an evil member of some secret organised, scheming cohort.

    Finally, these are the facts we all agree on!!!

    Yes those who started it had wonderful intentions.
    Yes there is a great need for a pro Israel Jewish voice on Australian airwaves and the media in general
    Yes lion FM produced some good material
    Yes a handful of people were granted membership
    Yes they no longer have a community broadcasting license.

    these are the facts that everyone needs to understand!!

    No it was not utilising the license as per Acma guidelines
    No it was not encouraging involvement from the whole community
    No there was no open membership to the community for the entire year of its operation.
    No it did not treat the majority of its volunteers well
    No those who protested the mistreatment and mismanagement are not bad for complaining about this. They followed their consciences.
    No radio station should be run at the expense of the community it serves.

    No there is no evil monolithic club trying to take over lion fm. nobody wants it, it doesn’t work, those with an interest in radio either want to help fix it and make it better, there are some who want to trying and apply for their own license- as is their right and who are you to tell them they can’t – then there are those who are not involved with lion or new initiatives who just want to support community media (jbc), then there are those who just want to help support the whole jewish community (jccv) and lastly there are those who are just individual people who have walked away with a bad taste in their mouths and have no interest in being part of radio ever again.

    Don’t be stupid, if you want to ever have a chance of having a jewish radio station ever again… you are all going to need to get over your hysteria and paranoid delusions and figure out how to work with others in your community and take support and experience when it is offered and put it to good use instead of presuming that everyone who offers a helping hand is out to get you and destroy you.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Take this vile comment by Insider (above) off your website immediately. I never wrote a novel, nor was I ever arrested! This is so absolutely appalling mean slander not only against me but others. Yes, I wear a wig, and to besmirch a Jewish woman for that is nothing less than anti-Semitism. If Galus allows such a vile comment to stand unedited then it does not deserve to be online. I was banned from your website for saying much milder things so, I expect this comment will be edited, erased, and this poster at least warned, if you are fair.

  • Insider says:

    Both of those pieces of information are public domain and readily accesible to anyone with knowledge of google Ms silcove, so there is nothing slanderous about them, as they are perfectly falsifiable.
    maybe just do yourself a favour and where them as a badge of honour like you did in the Stonybrook Press.

    nobody is besmirching you for wearing a wig.
    the remark was that you wear a wig, but ordinarily a wig is mark of modesty. i have a great deal of respect for jewish women who wear wigs for this deeply religious reason. so there is absolutely no anti-semitism in that comment. in fact, the opposite. my comment defends the honour of modest jewish women who proudly wear wigs in earnest.

    it is perhaps you who is the anti-semite.

    you’ve written some pretty nasty stuff about lots of other people on this site, and you keep saying that people need to just get over it. would you care for a mirror?

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    And what evidence do you have that I was arrested at Stonybrook? None, because it is a vile lie! Al you can conjure up is an old article of me from uni at a student protest regarding cuts of education funding and you take this and make it into a huge slanderous lie. And what novel did I write? None. Wish I did write a novel.

    This post proves what a low immoral person you are, filled with hatred and venom.

    Me thinks you need to get back on your meds Insider.

  • Insider says:


  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    I do not want to sling mud and ask you to desist. I am interested in addressing issues.

    Go ahead and Google me, if you are that bored or have that empty a life, and knock yourself out.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    People who are left with no solid points to present or without a valid or logical argument that holds water resort to personal attacks.

  • Insider says:

    read my initial post again ms silcove. contrary to the way you view the world, most of it was not about you but about Lion fm. in fact there were a good 1000 words there of solid points. perhaps address them.. or even better.. go and do something productive rather than sook around on other people’s blogs all your life assassinating other peoples characters and being a vicious bully. Its pathetic and unbecoming of someone trying to convince the world she is a religious and moral woman.

    If you really are interested in “fixing issues” as you say, go back into lion fm’s studio and start fixing things, make things better for the board you claim to support, for the tech people who you constantly badger and nag, for your community.. instead of just focussing on boosting your show and your ego and starting fights with everyone you come into contact with.

    if you see yourself as a religious woman then you surely believe that god has given you the power to speak and do right and help others. then go and do it. but if this thing you do online of being a total bitch and abusing everyone is the best form of “help” you can muster, then you are really just a pathetic embarassment to your people.

    thats all the time I’ll give you. in future if you want to comment, you and Galus readers will just have to assume that I am standing there holding up a mirror for you.


  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Insider, or Mike Fennell, come out, come out wherever you are!!!

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Shoshanna, why do you continue to say that we are lying when IT IS ON RECORDING?
    At what point will you STOP lying or have you repeated the nonsense so often that you now believe it?
    Ask Yossi, Dave, Tali, Jessica, Eva and even Khoen and Lipshitz what went on at the meeting. I will see what can be done to upload a recording of that meeting such that if anyone wants to hear it for themselves, they can.
    Why is it that we offer documents, recordings, attendance records, full descriptions of the way in which Khoen’s unwillingness to fulfil ACMA requirements was what we were working to amend.
    1. It is nothing short of a tragedy that the license was removed.
    2. This could have been avoided unless the reason the license was revoked WAS due to bandwidth availability. I have trouble believing that as nothing changed between when the licence was granted and now. Why would the license have been given in the first place?
    3. we WORKED to keep Lion on air. Why can you not understand that you HAVE to comply with ACMA’s requirements or else lose the license?

    On another matter,Louisa and others like you who have joined in this discussion having NO first hand knowledge of the situation, NOT having worked yourself at or for Lion, contributing to the situation in NO way other than getting your 2 cents worth on line and seeming to find pleasure if suporting teh wods of SS when most would be too ahsmed to associate their names with such rantings.

    What are you going to say when you hear the recordings? How are you going to continue defending Shoshanna when her lies are fully exposed?

    I, along with countless others want Lion on air. In order to achieve that, it needs to be governed by RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, RULE ABIDING people.

    You will not accede to my requests as you have repeatedly demonstrated that you enjoy being in a melee despite being able to contribute nothing other than your own malevolent opinions formed on hearsay, but…BUT

    PLEASE keep out of the matter until you HAVE learned the facts.

    Who would be foolish enough to say they have recordings if that were not true. Even Morry bless him, who seems to be a total advocate of Khoen’s says

    “I don’t have a shred of doubt that every word you (Jackie)say is absolutely true, and I have not, nor do I, challenge any of it … but it reflects the first 6 months of Lion, and ignores the second 6 entirely. Mistakes were made, and personalities can’t be helped.

    So he who HAS continued to be on air, who has contributed so much with his wonderful show, who WAS at one of the earlier meetings we held at Eva’s because he was kind enough to bring his recording equipment and show us how to use it says that we are all telling the truth.

    The problems with what he says above is that the second 6 months were NOT sufficiently different to ensure Lion’s survival and it is very naive to think that having some lovely shows on its air waves will be enough to keep the license. we had a FULL grid of brilliant shows ready to go on air, none of which could because anyone with an ounce of media exprience will NOT sign a silencing contract. That is just the antithesis of community radio. What happened was that thsoe with radio experience other than Mookey and SS left and those who remained were the ones too ignorant of what was going on or too naive to see what lay ahead.

    If they NOW see the error of thier Pollyanna thinking, at least NOW let them stop impeding TRUE progress. Go to the meeting today being run by those who are qualified to oversee what clearly needs to be OVERSEEN and will protect its longevity!

    Interesting that only those who speak in favour of Khoen all have ulterior motives, either for power or to hear their voices on air.

    Khoen did NOT act constitutionally
    Khoen did NOT allow open membership
    Khoen did NOT allow in the requisite 13 to be on the exec
    Khoen did NOT allow anyone to broadcast unless HE gave permission
    Khoen did NOT allow membership because that means there will be voting. Khoen did NOT allow voting because he knew full well he would be voted out of his position and replaced by otehrs who WOULD provide REAL financing…not 30,000 but hundreds of thousands. Khoen did NOT want to lose control of his toy and preferred to see its destruction than relinquish control.

    Are you aware that countless people signed and paid for membership right at the start on forms that were headed “membership”? Are you aware that Khoen asked Amit to change these forms from “membership” to “subscription” when he realised if we were members then he would have to allow voting? Had Khoen really changed as Morry says, why did he not allow all of us to vote as we WERE ALREADY MEMBERS?
    Changing the wording on a page does NOT change reality. It is simply something out of Orwell’s 1984, like the creation of Newspeak.

    After legal consultation, we learned that were we to take the matter to court, more than likely, the court would find in favour of the fact that we WERE already members which would then allow us to vote and replace Kheon with a responsible and ethical vice president. We had no president with whom to content as none can stay with Khoen due to his behaviour. We could NOT rely on receiving a ruling as we were likely to only get the matter heard, too late to save Lion.

    Khoen’s behaviour DEMANDED that those of us who WERE seeking to keep the Lion on air, had to seek alternative means of doing so.
    Can you REALLY be so blind as to think that having some lovely shows being broadcasted was enough to keep a license? That is NOT how it works. PLEASE! Anyone who is radio ignorant and who has NOT heard first hand and has NOT read first hand what occurred, keep your opinions to yourself and not further muddy the already foetid waters.

    Anyone with any intelligence whatsoever, will realise that one cannot take a superficial glance at a situation and decide from that what should and should not be.

    Look at what is written and its tone. Look at the respectability of those who say things and what THEY have done to help.
    Why is ANYONE at all, tolerating what is patently mendacious?
    We have proof of everything they have said WE HAVE SAID.

    What part of that is hard for you to understand? What part of
    Khoen has changed? He continues to behave in a way that threatens the license. Do you know that Hatzollah was lamost called when in one of his many rage filled bouts of yelling, poeple feared he would have a heart attack?

    Sometimes when I read these mindless and truth vacuous diatribes, I get the feeling that I am in some kind of a surreal nightmare.I want to wake up. Why don’t YOU?

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Please Insider, if you are so confident that everything you say is true, both about me and Lion FM, then please give us your real full name and address so we can show your comments and your contact to our legal adviser to have a friendly talk with you.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Jackie, you are a disgrace to Melbourne, good riddens!
    Enjoy your miserable existence with the cows. And don’t forget to take your meds too.

  • Ilana Leeds says:

    Insider, whoever you are, I think you better stay inside, take your meds and have a nice warm tea with a hottie in your bed, put the potty under it and you under the doona. Leave the world alone. It is all too cruel for you. You are also hallucinating it seems and that suggests a problem when you have to make up stories to prove your point.

    I read your posts and I believe that you are about to pop a gasket.
    Not Khoen.
    You said:
    What part of that is hard for you to understand? What part of
    Khoen has changed? He continues to behave in a way that threatens the license. Do you know that Hatzollah was lamost called when in one of his many rage filled bouts of yelling, poeple feared he would have a heart attack?

    Maybe anyone would be ready to blow a gasket or over heat dealing with some of the issues here. Is it all so hard to come to an agreement that suits everyone? And we still have a radio station????

  • Ilana Leeds says:

    Oh and by the way got to read your article. Congratulations. I am jealous. I hope The Age paid you well so you can move into a better place.


    It is a well written article.

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Whilst I was writing my post ad nauseum…lol, I see Insider wrote one too only far better organized than mine so I apologise folks for the doubling up.
    Anyone who SEEKS truth, yes can google, yes can call NY and speak to the victims of SS’s verbally bloody crusades, can read Insider’s rational statements and THEN utilise their G-d given intelligence to see reality.
    After having accomplished that, in contrast to the things that are said by SS and her ersatz remora fish, you may wish to view something infinitely more relevant, not to mention praise worthy.


  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Thanks Ilana. It was the second time my dog has been in a major paper but only my first…lol. I have been telling people it was HER article and I was merely the ghost writer.

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    PS Amen re payment but it was unpaid.Lol
    Baruch Hashem though, I HAVE found another rental so thank you for your well wishes on that too.

  • Ilana Leeds says:


    Yes well I hope you get paid one day for writing and glad you found new accommodation. I want to know why people have to drag old stuff up about Shoshanna and embellish it with untruths?
    Another thing is that this is lashon Hara but then Midnight Mike or Insider or who ever he is is not religious and he is quite slanderous in his accusations about others. I do not even know the guy and he starts on me. Obviously one starts to draw conclusions. There are some very emotive posts here and everyone needs to calm down. There have to be chiefs and there have to be Indians.
    If Galus leaves this up I shall be very disappointed. Not necessary.

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    All we ever wanted were to be Indians under the direction of good chiefs.

  • Atoz says:

    I have been reading many of the comments regarding LION. As a matter of an early disclosure I never listened to the station, didn’t want to and nor did I really care whether it was granted a permanent licence or not. From what I gather from these comments the station deserved to be closed down by ACMA. The management of the station was simply dysfunctional and ACMA saved itself a lot of grief by using technical issues as the reason for the closure. Otherwise the courts would have been the next venue for the all those involved in LION.

    On another matter I think it is time that discussion on this topic is closed down. It is going nowhere and now simply a slanging match. It seems to get that way once Ilana Leeds and Soshanna Silcove start to comment. By the way I have no clue who these ladies are nor do I want to. Enough is enough

  • Ilana Leeds says:

    I think your comments are unfair and extremely biased. I have absolutely NO interest in a sledging match with anyone. I can say that I for one am not about creating vicious slanders about others. I think some people do need a reality check and to rein in their bitterness and work at peacefully resolving the issues at hand, not creating more vicious slanders by dredging up things from people’s past. I mean how dare they? People do tzuva and that is it. They make a new life. I do not go around judging and I can, I believe, work with most people unless they are determined not to work with me. You have to be pretty low to dredge up things from someone’s teenage years….
    Good bye and hope that you have a nice cuppa and realise how unfair you are being.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Insider, or perhaps John Kraus? Come out, come out whoever you are, and give our solicitors your real name and contact details so we can talk openly.

    Louisa is proved correct Jackie: she and her ilk are a pack of bullies ready to pounce on whomever disagrees with their narrative or bovine fecal matter, ready with more slander, mud to sling, lies to tell, all in an attempt to shut down all challenges to their fantastic stories of lore in which only they tread on the side of the angels fighting the ‘evil’ forces of Lion. Jackie and Insider seem really delusional and off their meds, don’t they? Oh and Jackie, if I wanted to verbally bloody you up I have heaps of ammunition all rooted in your abnormal and immoral behaviour known over the years by all, but out of chesed I am holding back.

  • Morry says:

    “Insider” put an awful lot of effort and words into saying “people who disagree with me are either stupid, evil, dishonest and/or ignorant”. This was a post that started out with “It is the last remark I will post …”, and, of course, it wasn’t.

    Insider may have been around in the first 6 months of Lion, but clearly not in the second, when roles were delegated, a professional consultant brought in, and MJR management totally removed from the daily workings of Lion. There simply wasn’t a single harsh word in that studio, rather gratitude and friendly interaction.

    So it seems that Insider speaks of a very harsh, authoritarian beginning … but when that letter was written, by people who had never experienced the new face of the studio, things were very very different, and that letter no longer held much relevance. “The shirt”, in Insiders parlance, was now being produced by very happy well-paid workers. Had Insiders been even listening to Lion they would have known that membership had been open to the entire Jewish community for months, with hundreds, possibly thousands of members.

    Of the rest of it … stuff it, let me just say that the people at ACMA have no concept of the Jewish Community. When they use the word “community” in their guidelines, they mean a radio community. If you’ve taken out a community licence to present bluegrass music, then ACMA expects you to open your station to the Bluegrass community … that doesn’t mean you have to include Trad Jazz musicians (ACMA actually gives a similar example to make their meaning abundantly clear).

    But that’s all in the past. There is no licence, and I don’t really get this need for justification and recrimination. But if you feel that way, Insider, then I would have to ask, why send that letter of complaint when that rocky beginning was over, when most of it was no longer relevant, when things were going so well? Had you really worked constructively from “the inside”, become a member like I did, your vision would have been incorporated in some way, and you would have helped make Lion even better. As it stands … baby/bathwater, and everyone loses.

  • Pinni Flescher says:


    There is no doubt in my mind, that you were one of the pathetic people who signed the letter that was sent to ACMA – the letter that brought LION FM down, as you are obviously so gutless that you need to use a ‘username’ and not your own real name. At least myself and others have the guts to put out proper names next to what we write, as we obviously believe in what it is that we write and are therefore prepared to stand by that and sign our names to it.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Do you have any idea how tempted I am to let it rip about Jackie Rozenfeld and to post a blog a about everything I know about her? Hashem help me!! I am barely controlling myself!
    ‘There is an Eye that Sees and an Ear that Hears and everything is written in a Book,”,Pirkei Avos.

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Is there any way that these forums can mandate that people use their own names?
    I am confused why SS aka Silver Becher etc etc repeatedly writes under pseudonyms yet demands full disclosure by others.
    I agree with all that is being said. You are correct. It IS nice when people write their real name.

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Please let it go on record that I apologise. I have been 100% wrong in my estimation of the sitution and I wish that I had had my eyes opened earlier. However, as they say, “better late than never!”
    Let the headlines now read

    “SS Gets Apology from a Jew- Jackie Rozenfeld”

    For some perverse reason, I completely failed to see that SS was acting out of chesed.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    So you win Jackie! You get the best Insult Award. That must make you very happy. Meanwhile, I am still on radio and you are eating your heart out over past grievances. Boo hoo!

  • Pinni Flescher says:

    Could the two of you please go and get a private room somewhere else – not here!

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Good point Pinni…lol Sorry.

  • Morry says:

    Just got back from walking dog … walking dog is inspirational.

    I believe that everybody had the interests of a Jewish station in their hearts. I understand the offhand abuses by MJR management that are spoken of, because I was there and suffered some myself. There were those who saw what was, and left. There were those like Gabby and myself, who saw what could be, and chose to stay and make a difference from within. I take no credit for what Lion became … that was almost entirely MJR and their determination to make Lion a great station, and the amazing consultant they hired.

    But ultimately there were a few people like myself and Gabby, who remembered, and a whole bunch of young, new blood, who only ever saw a well-managed studio, and a wonderful enterprise that they were part of. Lion was advertising daily for new members, and, at the point of shutting down, was training a new crop of technicians to ensure that the two very well-equipped studios ran even more efficiently and presented better quality programs. It was something to be very proud of.

    That is the reality, and I don’t think we need to warp it to fit whatever point we’re trying to make. Mistakes were made, but they are a thing of the past, and it’s high time to let them go. The station wouldn’t have gotten off the ground without the dedication of most of those who left, something to be very grateful for.

    I think what angers many (not me) is the perception that this group, which contributed so much, ultimately decided to take their ball and go home. What troubles me, though, is, should we get another license, even one this group who left also gets very excited about, is there another group, with a different vision, waiting in the wings to send another letter to ACMA before that license is locked in? That appears to be the Jewish curse since Abraham’s time.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Speaking of moderating, it is very interesting how I was banned and Ilana was put on moderation for saying things that were far, far more moderate than what Jackie Rozenfeld and Insider (AND OTHERS)are allowed to say without any moderation from the blog administrators. I think the compliment I gave before to them was premature.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Jackie ROzenfeld’s modus operandi is widely known: act sweet as sugar, make people believe you are the nicest person in the world, always playing the poor hurt victim who would never hurt a fly, acting totally vulnerable, and all the while telling lies and untruths and sneakily put the knife in your back and twist it. No moral foundation, no emotional stability, and not much productivity going on in her pathetic life. Burned your bridges in Melbourne, huh, Jackie? What you run away from out there with the cows? Can’t hack being with your fellow Jews?

  • Jackie Rozenfeld says:

    Actually, I left Melbourne because the house I rented there was sold and I could not afford a place with a garden where I could keep chickens, ducks, dogs and cats which I was fortunate enough to have in Wilgah St. I had always wanted to one day live in the country and as my baby had gone to Hawaii on shlichus, now seemed a good time to move.

    I had not wanted to move as I had planted grapefruit, lemon, cumquat trees, vast numbers of jasmine plants and a lilac bush. I loved that house and garden very much. I ahd also been in teh Jewish community since I returned to Aust.

    As for being with cows? G-d willing,that is yet to come. Having said that, where I am moving to, there are four horses on the property and floppy eared goats across the road.

    Want to know more? Ask my father Dr Ronnie Goldberg OAM or my only other relative, the lovely Dr Matt Gelman.


    if you’d like to see where I get my aberrant leanings.

    Sheesh, runninng all those campaigns for research into prostate cancer, all those decades of his being a macher in Rotary, arranging for bushfire assistance, all that JNF fundraising, the organ donor “Have a heart, give a part” campaign he launched, the purchase of medical equipment for rural areas, the desalination projects of Israel which he sought to asssit, all his community service etc etc …that can be seriously “unnatural”.Lol

    Forgive me for not being able to continue in here (providing I can keep my fat mouth shut and we all know how unsuccesful I have been in the past…lol)but I have to pack and move this week so G-d willing, you will have peace from me and I will get on with my move.

    And to those of you who will visit me in Maldon, you too can partake of my pathetic life. It’s lovely!

  • Louisa says:

    Jackie, you’ve finally demonstrated a nice side of your personality. You should focus on that because that will win admiration from myself and others.
    Eliminate the vitriol—it is unbecoming and has given me the impression that you are immature, with the mentality of a spoilt teenager and makes me believe that you suffer from arrested development.
    Insider needs to remove his/her head out of Insider’s backside and take English lessons in clear thinking.
    Read anything you like in laws and rules, but when you read legislative acts in their entirety, you see the truth, and how people abide or not abide by them.
    I KNOW what I have READ, and have no agenda and no reason to lie, so can it
    You have clearly demonstrated hysteria, brow beating and bullying, and I don’t care for it.
    My estimation of you is that in the employment of your MO, you clearly lack credibility.
    As for comparing yourself with slave labour, what don’t you understand about VOLUNTEER work?
    What don’t you understand about a COMMUNITY licence prohibits working for profit, or volunteers being paid?
    I’ve said it before—GET A GRIP!!!!!!

  • Louisa says:

    I just want to re-iterate that all the hot air, tantrum throwing, stamping of your feet and holding your breath till you turn purple, does NOT absolve you from going behind LION’s back with a written complaint to ACMA.

    That,whoever you are, is BETRAYAL and counter productive, mean spirited, and not in anyone’s best interests but YOUR OWN!

    If someone decided to find fault with me personally, and then complain behind my back to a policeman with trumped up charges, in the guise of wanting to fix me, I would spit in their face.

    Furthermore to hurl insults and malicious gossip about anyone who supported me is downright evil, no matter how you spin it.

    Your heads are so big, it’s a wonder you can fit through doorways.

    WOOPTY DOO—-you’ve had experience in radio!!!!Well butter my bread on both sides!

  • Alex Fein says:

    Dear moderators,
    There has been a lot of vitriol from both sides during this debate; however, the comments from Shoshana Silcove strike me as vicious to the point of deranged and of absolutely no value to any discussion of any topic, whatsoever.


    “Jackie, you are a disgrace to Melbourne, good riddens!
    Enjoy your miserable existence with the cows. And don’t forget to take your meds too.” SS


    “Do you have any idea how tempted I am to let it rip about Jackie Rozenfeld and to post a blog a about everything I know about her? Hashem help me!! I am barely controlling myself!”

    Juvenile idiocy:

    “Meanwhile, I am still on radio and you are eating your heart out over past grievances. Boo hoo!”

    You guys do such a great job with Galus and provide our community with a valuable forum. It saddens me that someone like Shoshana Silcove can hijack an otherwise fabulous arena for debate.

  • Louisa says:

    Geez, Alex, why don’t you include Insider and Jackie’s comments in your request? or are you one of those bullies with Tunnel vision?

    I’m disgusted and appalled by the vicious attacks of all 3 of you right now!

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Firstly, those comments you quoted are not at all vitriolic. Jackie is a disgrace to Melbourne and Lion is so much better off without her.

    And the comments made about me? They are not vitriolic to you? Insider accuses me of outrages things like having been arrested! That’s okay according to you, Alex? And all the horrid things Jackie said about me? That’s okay according to you too, right? And about Menachem Khoen? You don’t mind the vitriol she writes about him, do you? And did you ever see the horrid vitriol that came out of some others on this blog but, you seem okay with all that, never seemed to comment about that, right? Alex, you obviously have an agenda. I have a right to self defense.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    To the Destroyers (you know who you are): You don’t like me, I get it, so what? You think I give a hoot? You think I care about your twisted hateful opinions about the Lion board? Spend your time thinking up creative insults about me all you want, and while you do that you are letting me live rent free in your heads. Go ahead and let that little green monster eat you up inside if you choose to, I don’t care to try to help you since only Hashem can help you. Your rage and envy have caused you to lose all sense and reason. Meanwhile, I could personally care less about the whole bunch of you destroyers, unless you stand in our way. You destroyers know who you are and you are all an absolute disgrace and should be ashamed of yourselves but, apparently you have no shame. I will continue my work while you have no relevance to my life. I am working with positive constructive people and we are having a good impact on the lives of our fellow Jews of this city. And with Hashem’s help we will go from strength to strength. And you can wallow in your muck.

  • Louisa says:

    Yay Shoshanna:)! You go girl:) I don’t know you, but I like you and more power to you:)

  • Ilana Leeds says:


    Seconded. People do need to defend themselves. Some insults are best left unanswered, because by doing so and concentrating on the issues – it dis-empowers the person who is spreading slander. However in Shoshanna’s case there is a clear attempt at vicious slurs against her character and an attempt to say events happened that did not. Pathetic is all I can say. Jealous is right and I feel sorry for those who need to stoop to this level.
    What was laughable at the meeting was to be told by a person and she knows who she is that ‘You have a shocking reputation. Ans so does Shoshanna. You are vile women.’ I just looked at this person and thought to myself, she talks about ‘shocking reputations’. Believe me, I would rather have my shocking reputation that hers anyday of the week. At least I do not go around slandering people.

  • Thinking for Myself says:

    Shoshanna Silcove says:

    June 26, 2011 at 12:42 pm
    Take this vile comment by Insider (above) off your website immediately. I never wrote a novel, nor was I ever arrested! This is so absolutely appalling mean slander not only against me but others

    Shoshanna Silcove says:

    June 26, 2011 at 1:08 pm
    And what evidence do you have that I was arrested at Stonybrook? None, because it is a vile lie! Al you can conjure up is an old article of me from uni at a student protest regarding cuts of education funding and you take this and make it into a huge slanderous lie.

    Really Shoshanna (Debi Budoff)? It is ALL A LIE?


    Page 7.

    I have been following the thread in here and was curious to see if in fact Insider HAD been making things up so did a little searching of my own and what I found was…….

    “By the end of the evening, 10 protesters
    were arrested, including Father Bill
    Briscotti (a Roman Catholic priest
    from Wyandanch), and seven members
    of the university community: Mitchel
    Cohen, Kathy Klein, Lori Zaikowski,
    Dave Stein, Debbi Budoff, Jody
    Goldberg, and Susan Burns.”

    “All the protesters were arrested and
    taken to the 6th Precinct in Coram for
    fingerprinting and booking. They were
    charged with CriminaL Trespass, and
    must return to court on May 7th for
    arraignment. They were released in
    their own recognizance after stating
    that they had no money for bail “

    Those who support her in the future, will now have their own honesty brought into question.

  • Louisa says:

    WTF????? Who’s business is this anyway, and why is it so important to post ancient history and asign aliases to a person in order to push a very invalid point!
    and Dr Gardener has the nerve to say there is no brow beating.
    These nasty, vicious women in our community, who slander others, for the sake of their own egos are low lifes and only tarnish the standing of Jews, as a whole, in society at large.
    I have never met those guilty parties, and hope I NEVER do.
    They are pure garbage.
    Why would anyone want them to address the public, anywhwere—they should hang their heads in shame.
    All I can say is that they will eventually get their Karma.

  • Déjà vu says:

    After the inciting war rally at Lion FM studio last night, I gotta ask, have Menachem Khoen and Shoshanna Silcove hit the big time?


    Be warned though, it’s VERY catchy.

  • Louisa says:

    BTW, what have the people with the pseudonyms “Insider” and “Thinking For Myself” need to hide?
    Why don’t you out yourselves? Talk about a lack of credibility…
    You don’t even have the guts to stand by what you say—-hmmmmmmm
    Very weasel like behaviour.

  • Louisa says:

    Great video clip—very enjoyable. Ahhhh, the memories….
    and yet, another pseudonym, another gutless wonder….
    Sounds like you bullies didn’t get much of a look in. Ha ha :)

  • Louisa says:

    Here’s a link that is very relevant:-


  • Ilana Leeds says:

    If all you can drag up is in the dim distant past then all I can say is how pathetic. Of course, the pure angels of righteousness that are repeating and embellishing these slanders are of course so wonderful and have spotless pasts. In other words, their excrement is pure rose bush in bloom, is it not?
    I was accosted last night and told I had a terrible reputation and that I was sarcastic and sarcasm was the lowest form of wit. Well, I don’t mind having a terrible reputation of that caliber. There are worst things to be known for, a sharp tongue, a perchance for truth and without exaggeration and to judge others favorably, I can live with it.
    I will not go further but to say that sometimes I really could not care less whether people thought I was nice or sweet or whatever, but I do care about the important things in life and I will let that statement stand and now if you will excuse me from the fray I have some research on our next show to do and that is what is important. Moving on and working on the positive. I believe the radio will happen but we all have to pull our fingers out, get working and stop this bitching and fighting. By the same token I believe that will Hashem’s help we will have a Jewish radio station but the Abishter helps those who help themselves and we need to be focused and stop the gutter dredging and move on.

  • Louisa says:

    here’s another link that may illustrate that handful of faceless, gutless, critics:-

  • Daniel Levy says:

    Ilana, Louisa and Shoshana, would you three lovely ladies be okay with a radio program entitled “Jewish Atheists” on the Lion network?

  • Louisa says:

    What’s that got to do with the price of fish??……

    The concept itself is incongruous anyway, so what’s your point?

  • Daniel Levy says:

    How is the concept incongruous? There are a large number of Jews (as high as 50% in America!) who identify culturally as Jews, but do not believe in god. I am one of these such people, and feel a radio program covering this section of the community would be of great value.

    And, so, I am wondering if Lion, and the people involved in Lion, would be interested in supporting such a program?

  • Louisa says:

    Okay, let’s take this to its logical conclusion—-what about a program about Jewish construction workers, Jews for Jesus, Jewish tailors, Jewish fishmongers, Jewish lion tamers, Jewish circus clowns, and it could go on adinfinitum…..

    It’s the same as any radio station anywhere in the world. There must be a structure with program guidelines, in order to avoid anarchy.

    You can’t make every issue in the world into a program, BUT as an audience member, you do have the right to state your point of view within any program where your view would be relevant.


  • Daniel Levy says:

    The thing is that less than 20 out of the 168 hours of the week (144 hours counting shabbas) are filled with original programming by Lion FM. So I think Lion would be extremely thankful to have programs for any of those categories!

    Why isn’t a significant portion (as high as 50%) of the Jewish community allowed a radio show representing them?

  • Ilana Leeds says:


    That is an incredibly interesting concept, Daniel. LOL :-) Could you please define your ‘Jewish atheist’ please?
    As I understand it and the Oxford dictionary states:

    atheism = Disbelief in, or denial of, the existence of a god.

    so by default a person who denies that there is a G-d or a divine creator has to by the same token deny his or her Jewishness because
    and this is from the free dictionary

    Definition of JEW

    a : a member of the tribe of Judah
    b : israelite
    : a member of a nation existing in Palestine from the sixth century b.c. to the first century a.d.
    : a person belonging to a continuation through descent or conversion of the ancient Jewish people
    : one whose religion is Judaism

    and if we take the fourth aspect that one can not be Jewish or define oneself as Jewish and deny G-D as a creator of the Universe as we perceive it.
    However to go further
    It is interesting I suppose to note that a Jew is a person born to a halachically Jewish mother or converted al pi halacha and that if that person deviates by
    a. denying the Creator
    b. walking in other ways / taking on other paths of religious observance that are contrary to the shulchan Aruch or halacha
    c. or temporarily non observant, they are still a Jew whose neshama is caught in a web or somehow blinded to the truth.

    If such a show was to be on air it would have to be talk-back to engage those who were listening and to test the boundaries of what is atheism and is it relevant to Judaism? I would suggest not, But again, it would be interesting to test their beliefs in a world that just ‘happened to happen’. I believe very much in a divine Creator that is beyond the boundaries of our limited understanding. I think there is too much proof that there is a Creator beyond our comprehension and the fact is that what is revealed to us, is at a pace that is not ours to set but by a divine time piece. We see what we want to see and if our minds are controlled by too much ego and materialism and not G-D centered and connected, we can not yet as yet perceive or understand G-D and the holiness of this concept. So sadly there are Jews who have not yet connected to G-D and they are lost and confused but lacking in validity as a sector of the community.

  • Louisa says:

    Okay. I believe this is not the site to put forward your suggestion.

    You should visit LION FM’s website and suggest it there.

    This site is a news journal.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Oh it is so long ago, I forgot about that. It was a student protest, we went to the jail for an hour, and had a baloney sandwich, (I did not keep kosher at the time) and went home and our cases were thrown out the next day, no criminal charges cause we weren’t criminals. It was all so exciting, we thought we were big protesters like in the sixties. Ah, the follies of youth! Guess what, I got arrested another time protesting a nuke plant. So what? Gee, wow, that makes me a VERY VERY bad person. LOL! It brings back some fun memories , thanks for the trip down memory lane! :^)

  • Daniel Levy says:

    You guys still haven’t answered my question! Are you for or against such a program on Lion?

  • Louisa says:

    I am incredulous that people have such a sense of entitlement, that they whinge that someone or people have not created something FOR THEM!

    As far as I know, a very generous man funded a radio station to represent his point of view, that is also representative of thousands of others.

    If you are a person so committed to a view, that you wish to share with others of your beliefs, CREATE something of your own. You have free will—do it!

    STOP expecting others who have generously gifted a limited service, to now do something for you.

    It’s like attending a friend’s birthday party, and expecting that friend’s parents to bake a cake for you, and invite your friends and set up entertainment that you like.

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    CORRECTION: This got me reminiscing. If my memory serves me correctly: I was arrested once and and only once, it wasn’t as the article above says. I was not one of the protesters arrested that day contrary to that article’s report. My one and only arrest was at the Shoreham Nuclear power plant protest in Long Island, NY, and my memories are that we ate baloney, went home in two hours and, had no charges against us cause at the time our protest was popular. No one wanted that nuke plant, not the police either who were laughing and talking nicely to us the whole time. They gently put thin plastic ‘handcuffs’ on us that were more like paper clips. The police kept apologising for arresting us cause they didn’t want a nuke plant in their town cause it was gonna lower their property values. It was a pretty funny scene cause the police were telling us they agreed with us but had to do their job. We actually stopped that nuke plant from going online. The lefties on this site would find that to be a noble cause and would have supported our actions.

    Funny how time and maturity changes a person. These days I am a very strong proponent of nuclear power. And I won’t eat treife baloney either. But I am still a person who will stand up for my beliefs. ;^)

  • Daniel Levy says:

    Except, Louisa, Lion claims to represent the Jewish community.

    I’m not expecting for anybody to create it for me. I’m asking if you would support my bid to create such a program myself to air on Lion FM?

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Daniel is not asking this question for any reason other than to try to belittle and provoke. It is like the, ‘when did you stop beating your wife?’ question and should be dismissed. How old are you? Twelve?

  • Daniel Levy says:

    Excuse me? You’re comparing me to a domestic abuser?

    Is it so wrong to want the radio station which represents the entire community to represent the entire community?

    Especially when the audience which the program would cover is such a large portion of the community?

  • Shoshanna Silcove says:

    Is your reading comprehension so poor that you would mistake my comment for comparing you to a domestic abuser? Read it again, I think if you try hard you will glean its true meaning.

    You are entitled to your opinion Daniel, but the majority of the community do not see this station as wrong, but as a great positive initiative for our community. So you can be a negative whining naysayer and stew in your discontent and dissatisfaction if you want to while the rest of us will make our contributions and others of us will enjoy the fruits.

  • Louisa says:

    Daniel, you should know I don’t represent LION FM. I’ve just made a stand against all the bullying and disruption by LION FM’s dissenters.

    They are like mosquito bites.

    Furthermore LION FM is a community radio station for Jews. That definition is that it is a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation. It is mainly privately and community funded as opposed to a profit based corporation which is publicly listed for shareholders who can also be members.

    The community does not need to own it, in order to fall within the definition of a radio station.

    Maybe you need to study AUSTRALIAN Commercial Law. It’s not identical to USA law.

  • Louisa says:

    oops! I meant to say Community radio station

  • Daniel Levy says:

    Hahahaha thanks to Louisa, Shoshana and Ilana for perfectly demonstrating why Lion FM lost its license. :)

  • Louisa says:

    Wow! That’s an interesting response. LION FM’s licence was temporary for 12 months, for using a frequency that had to be changed, and because they didn’t have the correct equipment, the licence is suspended, not lost.

    Other than that, how do you attribute what we said to LION’s demise? You make absolutely NO sense!

    I guess you came out of La La Land to ask an inane, irrelevant disconnected question for some childish desire, but one I have trouble identifying.

    Never mind—-if you want a radio program, submit your suggestion to ALL the community radio stations in Australia, and insist on being represented.

  • Ilana Leeds says:


    Daniel, go through and read my post carefully. I think your post is inflammatory and I did not say that I was agin it, just that I wondered at the contradiction and I did say that if such a show went to air, it would need to be talk back so others could put up the opposing argument. I have no problem with a Jewish person defining themselves as an atheist if they so choose, I just think it is incongruous and that is totally different to be against it. I respect the fact that it might be a relevant expression of that person’s opinion about the world and they are entitled to it.
    You see unlike some others, I allow for the fact that others’ views may be diametrically opposed to mine and that does make them irrelevant or invalid. It just makes them different and they by the same token should respect that my views may well be, as they are, different too.
    I hold strong views that life experience has tested and taught me the truth of them and I adhere to them. End of story. You seem a little sensitive to the fact that others do not agree with you.
    I find it really amusing that atheists are always pronouncing the fact that they ‘do not believe in G-d’ (he who doth protest too much) as if to reassure themselves that there is not G-D or greater power that they are beholden to, as if they are constantly looking over their shoulder, because, you never know, but there might be a divine Power whose existence they have strenuously denied and the thought that they could be wrong, is horrifying. That is why they have to keep pronouncing themselves ‘Atheists’ to keep the faith in their own selves bolstered and relevant they hope. :-P :-D

  • Ilana Leeds says:


    sorry second paragraph should read:

    You see unlike some others, I allow for the fact that others’ views may be diametrically opposed to mine and that does NOT make them irrelevant or invalid.
    I sometimes type too fast trying to keep up with my thinking and lose words.

  • Louisa says:

    LOL :) I know what you mean

  • Louisa says:

    Daniel, do have trouble reading and comprehending English? Is that your problem? Have you been using Google translate?

  • Hello,

    There have been a lot of inappropriate comments on this thread. Due to enormous number of comments, we are not able to read and evaluate all of them.

    However, we would like to make clear the following:

    1) If there is a particular comment anyone would like removed, please email the editors (using your real name – emails from pseudonyms will be ignored) with the specific details of the comment. That comment will then be evaluated for removal.

    2) People found to have been hijacking this thread and conducting themselves inappropriately will be put in pre-moderation mode. Please do not use this forum to speculate on who these people are.

    3) Please desist from personal insults and discussing commenters’ private lives, past or present.

  • Pseudonym says:

    I liked listening to the music on lionFM but I can put music on an mp3 player. The music lionFM was playing was really old, which was good for the Israeli stuff, but for the non-jewish stuff it was sometimes painful. Then the kids “singing” ‘we want moshiach now’ was unbearable.

    I was embarrassed with the quality of most of the LionFM programs. The people that I knew that came on air sometimes were generally not people I considered among my more intelligent acquaintances. I heard many things that I was embarrassed for the general community to hear. I remember driving one night to shoshana silcove talking about Canada and a psychologist and I was just cringing the whole time thinking how embarrassed I would be if someone I worked with who wasn’t Jewish was listening and would bring it up with me.

    From others I heard that they recorded shows and went through lots of effort to be silenced. I don’t know how anyone thinks that not letting Jews that together represent large part of the Jewish community go on air is a good thing.

  • Zeddy Lawrence says:

    I don’t often weigh into these debates because they just end up as tit-for-tat exchanges and I would far rather discuss issues face to face and truly engage with the other person, instead of getting involved in some fruitless slagging match.

    But after being maligned by one of the posters I just wanted to say that the front page of the AJN the other week about the future of the Australian community was merely reflecting the tenor of Andrew Markus’s report into continuity. It certainly wasn’t negative. It was recognising the sad trends that exist with Australian Jewry and asking what can we do to halt or reverse them. We cannot and must not bury our heads in the sand and hope our problems go away. BDS in Marrickville is a sign of what can happen if we’re not on our guard at all times. Likewise we need to be wary of the current shechita debate.

    As for Shoshana’s comment about John saying something to the effect of “I’ve given you a scoop” (wink wink). Er … no. Firstly, he didn’t say that. And secondly, the comment he did make was simply referring to all the drama that took place at the Beth Weizmann meeting two weeks ago.

    Finally, as I hope Shoshanna will now testify after our dealing this week, just as I am sure Menachem would also testify, I am a perfectly reasonable and relaxed person to deal with. I am happy to engage in constructive discussions with all members of the community, so long as the atmosphere is civil and respectful. Further, neither I nor the paper have any axe to grind and we are more than happy for all parties to state their sides of the stories and we make a point of offering them that opportunity. If they choose to take that opportunity it is their business. For all the misperceptions of how we have handled the Lion story, I was delighted to be able to run Shoshanna’s letter this week and another letter last week, in praise of Lion and the management team.

    Thank you and Shabbat Shalom to all,


  • leedsiy says:


    @ Pseudonym
    I guess this is the reason you are too embarrassed to leave your name on your posts.

    “From others I heard that they recorded shows and went through lots of effort to be silenced.”

    Your meaning is distinctly unclear and, might I add, not the most intelligent comment I have ever read here. You did say that your friends were intelligent and I guess that means it makes up for your lack. But then it still doesn’t explain why they would go to a lot of effort recording shows in order to be silenced. Most people make radio shows to be heard, not silenced.
    Ask me how you could write this more coherently; I would be more than happy to advise. :-) My answer will vary, depending on whether you wish to be silenced or heard. :-D

    @ Zeddy I am so sorry you feel that I am maligning you, but my opinion about the suitability of your front page a fortnight back has not changed, despite the convoluted explanation you give with regard to Andrew Markus’s report on Jewish continuity. Was it really that negative? His conclusions must be quite contrary to what I have seen in the community, but then maybe I am living in an insular little corner of the community that is thriving and besides I read Hamodia, Aish.com, chabad.org and don’t view the community with the same jaded eyes of the more ‘world weary and wise’.
    I think you could have used a more positive image (gravestones con notate the idea of dead and gone) with the same Head line that would not have evoked quite such a grim picture. It seemed ironic and by the way if the Jewish Community was that far down the plug hole, there goes the role of the Australian Jewish News. No babies, no barmies nor batties to announce, no more engagements nor huppas and sadly just a run of death notices and without the other before it, they would have to run out too.
    I love some of the Yiddishe sayings like Trankt gut ve zein gut. One has to be positive in this world in order to survive. Realistically though, one cannot be delusional either and run around as though you have just swallowed a box full of Prozac. However one must not be a depressive maniac or is it maniac depressive? Swallowing Prozac at any stage in one’s life would be unhealthy and depression is also unhealthy. Images like that on the front page of a community paper are dangerous to the mental health of others. Surely there are creative talents on the paper who could have come up with something more thought provoking than a gravestone???? I rest my case and thus a shavoua tov to all and a gut hodesh!

  • Zeddy,

    While I agree you are most conciliatory to deal with on a personal level, the paper you edit is not very Jewish at all. Does it really represent the Jewish community? Certainly not the majority. The majority is not in favour of gay marriage as a basic human right, nor is it in favour of pandering to Muslim extremists. The Jewish News’s reason for existence is not to serve Jews, Judaism, or the Jewish community, but to make a profit, even at all of our’s expense, especially the frum. Unfortunately, it’s like having a neurotic relative, and we are stuck with your paper as a forum to reach large numbers of Australian Jews with our messages, regardless if it represents our way of life and views or not. Do not mistake our (the silent majority’s) reluctant participation in your paper as support of your editorials or perspective.

    Ironic you say you do not comment on blogs because of their diatribes when you are the editor of a paper that engages in diatribes, specifically against religious Jews, on a regular basis. Remember how the AJN besmirched Rabbi Engel from Adelaide, who by the way was found not guilty of all criminal charges. Why never any front page apology for that? Because he is Orthodox?

    Your projection of the death of the Australian Jewish community should cause you to take stock of the paper’s direction since the only faction of Jews in Australia that is growing and has a bright future is the Orthodox. Maybe you should stop biting the hand that can and will feed you?

    As far as the coverage of Lion FM is concerned, I am happy you printed my letter but, I understand there were quite a number of other letters on my side of the fence that were not published. Still, my letter does not compensate for the biased and one sided reportage of the past year. Come one Zeddy, surely you can do better than this!

  • Zeddy Lawrence says:

    Dear Shoshanna,

    As I said earlier, I really don’t feel these tit-for-tat online exchanges are beneficial or constructive, but as you have penned an open letter to me I feel I ought to respond.

    Firstly, regarding gay rights and other such issues: it is the responsibility of a community newspaper to represent as broad a cross section of views within that community as possible, not simply what you claim are the view of “the majority”. To do otherwise would be to go down the route of tyranny. On the specific issue of gay marriages, we are certainly not claiming Orthodoxy is wrong or should change its fundamental beliefs – one can’t impose 20th/21st century ideologies on an ancient religion. One can only expect it to be tolerant and respectful of differing viewpoints that may be held by others – just as we expect others to be respectful of Judaism. The fact is there are gay Jews and streams within the Jewish family that are more open to gay rights, and as a newspaper we recognise that.

    Secondly, while I cannot comment on the specifics of the Engel case as I was not at the newspaper at the time, let’s start by getting our facts straight. He was not found “not guilty of all criminal charges”. The case was dropped, if memory serves, because there was insufficient evidence. There is a fundamental difference between the two and we don’t want to mislead people. As to our coverage of the case being dropped, we reported that in a comprehensive fashion on page three of the paper and I wrote an editorial in which I called on all sides to set aside their past differences and work together for the good of the community. The closure of Massade in Adelaide this week bears testament to the need for all of us, particularly those within small communities to not get caught up in recriminations or the blame game but to rally together.

    Thirdly, while again I can only speak for my term as editor, the claim that we engage in diatribes against Orthodoxy is completely without foundation. Given that my brother is senior rabbi of The Great Synagogue in Sydney, I am particularly sensitive to Orthodox sensibilities. Further, we regularly consult with the Orthodox roof bodies when we run stories and enjoy very positive and fruitful relationships with leading members of the Orthodox rabbinate. On those rare occasions (I can actually only think of one and that was in Sydney) where we have inadvertently – and I stress inadvertently – upset the Orthodox community, those who brought the matter to my attention will confirm that I apologised unreservedly and stated as such in the paper. That does not mean we will not report alleged misconduct by leaders of the Orthodox community, but no more so than we would report alleged misconduct by leaders within the Progressive or secular streams of Australian Jewry.

    Fourthly, it is incorrect to claim we projected the death of AUstralian Jewry. We merely highlighted a very tragic trend as evidenced by the continuity report and urged the community not to let it reach that stage. Again, look at the closure of Massada College in Adelaide, look at the growing rates of intermarriage, look at the declining levels of affiliation … look also at the external threats, the BDS campaign, the public calls for shechita to be banned, the condemnation we’re beginning to hear of “genital mutilation”. As a community we face external threats, but we also face internal threats and we would be foolish to bury our heads in the sand and ignore them.

    Fifthly, “a number of other letters” … er no, sorry. One two weeks ago, one last week and one that arrived after the page had been laid out. The only reasons I would not publish letters is if: a) they were defamatory; b) they were based on complete falsehoods; c) they were anti-Semitic or anti-Zionist; d) they were equally disparaging about another religion or ethnicity; e) they were personally abusive; f) there wasn’t enough room that week; g) they arrived after the page had been laid out; i) they were just way too long, incoherent or written so badly that even my deftness as an editor couldn’t rescue them.

    Sixthly, I have explained the Lion FM situation so many times, but for those who refuse to listen or who haven’t heard it: on every occasion we reported a story about Lion, representatives of MJR were invited to put their side. Indeed, on more than one occasion, I personally chased up Menachem Khoen if I hadn’t heard from him to ensure he didn’t miss out on the opportunity to have his say. I also cautioned a number of MJR representatives that their failure to put their point of view would mean that only one side of the story would be told. Whether Menachem chose to respond to our calls for a comment, or when he did, whether he chose to actually address the issues at hand was entirely his decision, not mine. And when he did give us a comment, I always endeavoured to ensure that I could get as much of it in as space would permit – even, as was so often so sadly the case, if it made no attempt to respond to the claims being made.

    Finally, I’d just like to reiterate that I see very little worth in this kind of online exchange. All too often, they just descend into vitriolic slagging matches and forums for personal abuse which serve no constructive purpose. If anyone would like to discuss issues with me, I am a phone call away or am happy to engage in a real debate in front of real people.

    Kind regards,


  • Joe says:

    Zeddy – if you “don’t feel these on line tit -for- tat online exchanges are beneficial or constructive………” as you open with, and “reiterate that you see very little worth in this kind of online exchange……”, then why write the body of your post?
    You have taken the bait.
    Shoshana 1 Zeddy 0

  • leedsiy says:


    I won’t take the tack that this post is just for Shoshanna’s benefit and only she has the right of reply, but also feel that I am entitled to pen a response, despite it being said by some that I only write what Shoshanna tells me, which ignores the fact that I may have a brain and an opinion of my own despite what might be freely touted by some who feel they know me.
    Firstly Zeddy Lawrence could I draw your attention to this comment of yours.
    “On the specific issue of gay marriages, we are certainly not claiming Orthodoxy is wrong or should change its fundamental beliefs – one can’t impose 20th/21st century ideologies on an ancient religion.”
    Excuse me for being rude enough to question your description of Judaism as an ‘ancient’ religion. Yes it is, but you forget that halacha is solving modern day dilemmas for practicing Orthodox Jews and will continue to do so, well into the future. Judaism has a strong moral core centered around a belief system in a divine Creator that has continued to serve the needs and solve the dilemmas faced in a social, personal and communal setting for those who adhere to a strict observance of the code of Jewish Law or the Shulhan Aruch. In age Judaism is ancient, but in outlook, it is surprising contemporary and aware of issues faced even today.
    I would not call the 20th and 21st century outlook so modern. I am sure that what is touted as a ‘modern outlook’ was quite a common perspective on the world of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece and even in Ancient Egypt. They may not have had the technologies available today, but they were ‘tolerant and modern’. Their empires collapsed and Judaism has survived. I rest my case.

  • 8 Jul 2011
    The Australian Jewish News Melbourne edition

    Future of Jewish radio lies with Lion

    I WAS at the Lion FM studios on Sunday, June 28, to hear Menachem Khoen deliver a progress report of where Melbourne Jewish Radio (MJR) currently stood. The room was packed, with people pouring out of the doors. The meeting was upbeat, the support tangible. Past mistakes were acknowledged, and the plan for the future mapped out. The same strategy that made the studio such a roaring success, the hiring of expert consultants, would be used to heal the parent company, and set procedures in place that would satisfy the most stringent Australian Communications and Media Authority demands, all as part of the strategy to restore a voice to this community, and Lion FM to the airwaves.

    As I looked around, I realised the immense investment in, not just equipment, but also knowledge, talent structure, and time, that these few rooms represented, and I realised that MJR, with its complete working infrastructure, had the best, if not the only chance of restoring the Lion licence. The company is offering cut-rate membership, in the belief that widespread support from the community is a critical aspect of licence renewal, as well as a way of ensuring that Lion FM answers to community needs. I think it worthy of this support, and would love to be driving to Lion programs and music once more.

    Bentleigh, Vic

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