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So you think you can Soapbox? Good, because I can’t!

July 25, 2011 – 11:08 pm17 Comments

By Anthony Frosh
A couple of weeks of ago, I received a call from one of the organisers of the upcoming event The Jewish Community: What’s in it for me? that is on this Sunday evening.  She asked me if I’d like to be on a panel for some Q&A style event. I agreed, albeit with a little bit of hesitation. A few days later, it became apparent that there was some kind of change in the format, and I had been bumped to a soapboxer. Now, I’ve got a fair idea about the sweet science of boxing, but soapboxing is not something I’ve had much experience in.

According to the email I received from the organisers, each soapboxer would have to get on their “soapbox for 3-4 minutes, to comment on our community, to suggest what we are getting right or wrong, and to perhaps offer up suggestions as to what needs to be changed.” After making an argument, the idea is that each soapboxer will conclude with a question to the Q&A panel.

Now, if there’s one thing that totally contradicts my self-image, it’s standing on a soapbox. I had strong thoughts about withdrawing. The problem was that if there’s one other things that totally contradicts my self-image, it’s being a “piker”. Oh dear, what a dilemma.

I thought about this soapbox business, but the reality is, I’ve got nothing! (“Nothing Jerry, nothing!”) Well, close to nothing. I can bore everyone with an explanation of the trade-off between rising house prices and rising school fees. Since we can’t do anything about rising house prices, we need to jettison the day-school system in favour of a much more muscular version of UJEB; one where the parents fund and run the system. As I said, boring.

That’s why I thought I’d call on the Galus community. I need you to write my soapbox shtick for me, or at least come up with some good ideas or questions to throw at the panel. And what’s more, I promise to give you full credit.

I need to let the organisers know what my question(s) to the panel is by Thursday, end of day.

For event details, click here.

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