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Hummer Lacks Humility

August 11, 2011 – 10:56 pm62 Comments

Dear Izzy,

I gave up my intention to write about this, but then the site of a stretched pink hummer outside Caulfield shul on a Sunday afternoon some weeks ago (nothing says kiddushin like a stretched pink hummer), and then a more recent sighting of a similar vehicle spurred me to write. A couple of months ago I was walking down Balaclava Rd when I saw one of the more offensive vehicles on the road. I speak of course of the Hummer super stretched limousine.  I thought to myself, we must have some self-styled ‘gangster-rapper’ visiting Melbourne who was hit by a sudden craving for bagels.  However, as I continued my walk, I discovered that the vehicle was part of the Lag b’Omer parade put on by Chabad, with its focal point at Yeshiva College.

I found this both objectionable and disappointing.  There is probably no other vehicle on the road today that more greatly symbolises excessive and unnecessary consumption of oil than the Hummer super stretched limo.

Firstly, in this period of environmental awareness, it is an embarrassment to the community that the Lag b’Omer parade uses the most fuel thirsty car on the road.  Excessive and unnecessary use of oil is all the more shameful when we consider where most of the oil comes from, and what it is used to fund. If we want to help the security of Israel, then we ought to be striving to reduce demand for oil.

Apart from excessive oil consumption, the stretched Hummer is also strongly associated with lavish and conspicuous spending, as well as the rather non-tznius lifestyles of the gangster-rappers.

Tznius/Tzniut (modesty) is also a concept that needs to applied to more than just the way we dress.

What kind of message does this send to our children when our religious leaders embrace products with this type of obvious symbolism?

As you are one of our community elders, I’d like to hear your opinion on the matter.

Concerned Jew,

East St Kilda.


Izzy: One thing’s for sure, I would never buy another American car. Many years ago, I owned a Dodge.  What a load of rubbish that was. At the time, I thought I was getting quite a good deal, but it ended up costing me a fortune in servicing and repairs. Eventually, my wife persuaded me to get rid of it. I bought a Ford to replace it. Let me tell you, when you drive a Ford, you feel like a king!  Well, I hope that has answered your question about vehicle choice.


As for being tznius, far vos, what for? I gave that away when I came to Australia. When I was younger, I liked nothing more than taking my shirt off on a sunny day at the beach, so that all the women could admire my physique.

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