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The Jewish Community Security Debate

January 31, 2012 – 9:42 pm40 Comments

Previously, Galus Australis (and The Sensible Jew) ran some articles concerning the Community Security Group (CSG). Some, but not all, of these articles were quite critical of the CSG and as a result heated debate not only about the specifics of the criticism but also about whether it is appropriate to discuss the CSG in public at all. One of the editors wrote this article defending open discussion on community security.

Following this episode, we were contacted by some of the organisation’s senior members who were concerned that such coverage could jeopardise the community’s security, and indeed we willingly removed a comment that inadvertently disclosed some confidential operational matters. Furthermore, after meeting with these representatives, we explained that we had no anti-CSG agenda, and where there had been negative articles or commentary, we were merely publishing content that had been submitted to us.

We encouraged them to submit a positive article about the CSG. However, they were of the opinion that when it comes to security matters, any uncontrolled publicity is bad publicity, and that’s fair enough. We agreed that failing any extraordinary incidents, there was little to be gained from running further CSG focussed articles.

However, with the huge double page spread in The Age today, this is clearly a topic that will again have the community talking. The main question raised being, What is the ideal balance between perceived security needs and the cost of Jewish education and community infrastructure?

It’s certainly time to have a community debate, and the comments section of Galus seems like a good place to start.

Please refrain from disclosing any security-relevant operational matters.

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