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New President Hopes to Grow UJEB

February 2, 2012 – 8:51 pm7 Comments

New presidents tend to bring fresh expectations

Articles about Jewish education, particularly those concerning making Jewish education more affordable, always resonate with the majority of our readers. Hence we are publishing this press release we received today from The United Jewish Education Board:

As of 2012, the UJEB board has endorsed the appointment of Yossi Goldfarb as President of the organisation.
Yossi has been involved in the Melbourne Jewish Community for over twenty years in both professional and volunteer capacities. Yossi is married to Sarah Hyman and has three boys. His school-aged children attend Caulfield Junior College and the UJEB Hebrew Centre Program.

Supported by the UJEB Board, Yossi is looking forward to seeing continued growth and increased success that UJEB has enjoyed for many years. With Yossi’s leadership, UJEB will continue to be developed as the Jewish community organisation that represents, delivers services and advocates for the community of people associated with government and non-Jewish independent schools.

In recent years, the composition of the UJEB board has changed to include members whose children are also part of UJEB’s programs. This perspective will naturally lead to the development of new and exciting initiatives. Through dynamic and creative programming, we will continue to service the growing number of more than 1,200 students who are part of the UJEB community.

Daniel Jenshel, who is now the Immediate Past President, had been the President of UJEB since August 2009. The UJEB Board along with the Management and all those involved in UJEB would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank Daniel Jenshel for the commitment and dedication he has displayed as UJEB President. During his Presidency, UJEB has enjoyed increased community support, increased attendance and enrolments across all programs and most importantly, continued and ongoing improvement in the range and quality of education provided.

Comments from Yossi Goldfarb:
“As a UJEB parent myself with a history of involvement in our community, I am honoured to have the opportunity to lead the organisation. UJEB’s role in the community is more critical today than it ever has been at any point in our 120 year history. With 1,200 Jewish children attending our RE classes, Hebrew Centres, The Pratt Foundation Jewish Students Network and our camps it is critical that we not only give our children a quality Jewish educational experience, but that we also include the entire family in that endeavor.

In 2012 and in the coming years we are anticipating significant growth not only in the number of children and their families enrolled in our programs, but also in the range and reach of our activities. Our outgoing president, Daniel Jenshel, performed a wonderful job during his time at the organisation’s helm, and UJEB is really fortunate to benefit from the excellent springboard he provided.

During my term, I look forward to welcoming more people to UJEB and growing our family from all corners of our diverse community. I not only see UJEB as an organisation that delivers quality education to our 1,200 children, but also as an inclusive and representative voice for the hundreds, if not thousands of families with children enrolled in government and independent schools.”

For further comment, Yossi can be contacted via email at president AT ujeb.org.au

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  • letters in the age says:

    Eds: Comment removed. Provides link to an unrelated (and dare we say, anti-Semitic) article.

  • Robert Weil says:

    Letters in the Age, what on earth do the rantings of Julia Irwin and her tiresome drivel about the so-called “Zionist-lobby” have to do with the excellent work by UJEB in the area of educating Jewish children?

  • Letters in the age says:

    error: this article was misplaced on this thread typing error Galus.

    ignore it!


  • Reality Check says:

    Yes, but what’s that got to do with President Obama. He isn’t what you would call a new president, this is an election year after all. I certainly hope he is re-elected. Much better and far more intelligent than those red-neck, bible bashing d–kheads who are running for the Republician candidate.

  • letters in the age says:

    …….than those red-neck, bible bashing d–kheads who are running for the Republician candidate…….

    thats the “elite” your denigrating there sirs!

    No…Its a GREAT strategy to put THEM in, so some lobby groups can use them as a puppet reality check!

    Its like what labour does and puts people in like Paul Howes.( (strategy wise not denigrating his character at all)

    have a great weekend Galus!

  • Reality Check says:

    letters to the age, if you read anything, even the rags you receive in your letter box for free, you would know it’s Labor.

  • letters in the age says:

    …….if you read anything, even the rags you receive in your letter box for free, you would know it’s Labor…..

    Excuse me, please explain that sentence..? Vague comment

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