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Win tickets to the Jewish International Film Festival

October 9, 2012 – 7:46 pm8 Comments

Scene from “God’s Neighbours”. Original title: המשגיחים.

Galus Australis has five double passes to give away for the Jewish International Film Festival, which is showing in Melbourne and Sydney this November.

To enter, you’ll need to read the following presser so you can tell us which film you’d like to win tickets to. Then see below for competition details.

Jewish International Film Festival … Not so Kosher

Under the guidance of a new Director, the Festival is set for the most electrifying season in its 23-year history when it screens in Sydney and Melbourne this November.

Drawing on his extensive exhibition and distribution experience, Festival Director, Eddie Tamir has assembled a brilliant line-up of 34 features and documentaries from 14 countries, which will challenge, inform and entertain audiences from within and beyond the Jewish community.

Said, Tamir, “I’m delighted to build upon the Festival’s proud history by screening films that celebrate the global Jewish experience in all its diversity and rich ethnicity. From drama, to comedy, real-life adventure to key historical events, our Festival has something to cater for all cinematic tastes.”

Incorporating 24 Australian premieres, the 2012 programme will showcase critically acclaimed movies such as The Law in These Parts (Grand Jury Prize Winner at 2012 Sundance Film Festival) and Yossi, (Winner of Best Narrative Feature at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival), alongside mainstream crowd-pleasers, including the romantic comedy Dorfman, starring Elliot Gould, and The Truth: Would I Lie to You? -– the third instalment in the wildly successful franchise on the misadventures of Jewish garment workers in Paris.

Launching the event in both Sydney and Melbourne will be the Israeli 2012 box office hit, The World is Funny, from famed director Shemi Zarhin.  Nominated for a staggering 15 Ophir Awards (Israeli Oscars) across all major categories, this multi-layered, ultimately upbeat melodrama, offers a tightly woven collection of short stories told with affection by a filmmaker of great insight.

Documentaries will also feature prominently and the Festival has a fascinating array, from the Israeli/German co-production, Hitler’s Children to the joyous Hava Nagila, which leads the audience on a quest to discover the meaning of this great Jewish standard.  Other standouts include It Is No Dream an insightful documentary that tells the story of Theodor Herzl, acknowledged as the father of the modern state of Israel and Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story, which chronicles the life of this enigmatic soldier, and older brother of Benjamin Netanyahu, who was killed leading the 1976 raid on Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport.

Additional Festival highlights include:

Dead Europe  (Director:  Tony Kravitz)
When Isaac (Ewen Leslie) embarks on journey to his late father’s ancestral home in Greece to return his ashes, he discovers a sickening and insidious secret buried within his family’s past that involves a young Jewish boy, causing Isaac’s world to unravel, as he realises that he can’t escape the ghosts of the past.  Based on the book of the same name by acclaimed author Christos Tsiolkas.

God’s Neighbours  (Director: Meni Yaesh)
Winner of the SACD Prize at 2012 Cannes Critics’ Week, this action drama follows a vigilante squad of young Jewish fundamentalists.  Gang leader Avi (Roy Assaf) and his friends, live in a suburb close to Jaffa, where they willfully use fists and baseball bats to enforce their Breslev code on the more relaxed Jews, as well as Arabs who dare disrupt the Sabbath peace. When new girl, Miri (Rotem Ziesman-Cohen), unwittingly comes to blows with the gang, Avi reluctantly falls in love with her, and finds himself torn between his feelings for Miri and dedication to his cause.

One Day After Peace  (Directors: Erez Laufer, Miri Laufer)
This award-winning documentary captures a mother’s quest for peace.  Robi Damelin lost her son to a Palestinian sniper’s bullet while he was manning a military checkpoint in the West Bank. After unsuccessful attempts at launching a dialogue with the sniper and his parents, Robi returns to her birthplace, South Africa, to see how, after decades of Apartheid, a nation torn apart by violence and misery found a way to forgive and begin to heal.

Roman Polanski – A Film Memoir (Director: Laurent Bouzereau)
Filmmaker Laurent Bouzereau chronicles the notorious existence of cinematic auteur, Roman Polanski; a life that plays out far more unrealistically than fiction.  This thorough documentary hits all the monumental moments that have made Polanski both ‘The Man and the Myth’.

Sharqiya  (Director: Ami Livne)
Neither family nor work colleagues appreciate Kamel Nadjer (Ednan Abu Wadi) – the young Bedouin security guard at the Be’er Sheba central bus station. So when the desert shack that he shares with his relatives faces demolition, Kamel decides to take action, by first staging a bombing in the bus station, then preventing it.  Reinvented as a hero, he will save his village and win the admiration he so desires.

The Flat  (Director:  Arnon Goldfinger)
Upon the death of his grandmother, filmmaker Arnon Goldfinger undertakes a treasure hunt in the Tel Aviv flat she shared with his grandfather following their flight from Germany in the 1930s. Uncovering years of correspondence with an aristocratic German family who are so high up in the Nazi regime it seems almost impossible, he embarks upon an odyssey to reveal the truth about his family’s history.

The One that Got Away  (Director:  Lindsay Pollock)
15 year-old Thomas Beck escaped a Nazi prison in 1944, facing countless life and death situations with only luck, wit and charisma as his weapons. Not one to wallow in the past, he nonetheless bitterly regretted leaving fellow-internee, Edith Grieman, with whom he had fallen in love. Sixty years later, the ever-youthful Thomas learns that Edith not only survived, but has been living only streets away from him in Melbourne, Australia. The two take up correspondence, but after so long apart and incredibly divergent stories, will they change one another’s lives again?  UK-based Director, Lindsay Pollock, will attend Festival screenings.

Would You Have Sex With an Arab?  (Director: Yolande Zauberman)
A nocturnal journey through the bars of Tel Aviv and the streets of Jerusalem asks one of two questions of the people the filmmakers meet: “Would you have sex with an Arab?” or “Would you have sex with an Israeli Jew?” Equal parts funny, shocking, enlightening and mesmerising, Would you have Sex with an Arab? could be considered a visual ‘Gallup Poll’ of the everyday citizenry of Israel. Their responses are frank, their hearts open and their similarities stark.

Jewish International Film Festival
will screen as follows:

SYDNEY:            1 – 18 November – Event Cinemas, Bondi Junction
MELBOURNE:    7 – 25 November – Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick

Visit the official Festival website for more information on other films showing, scheduling, venues etc.

Galus Australis JIFF Competition Details:

  1. The competition will be run on the Galus Australis Facebook page.
  2. To enter and be eligible to win, you will need to be a subscriber (i.e. ‘Like’) of the Galus Australis Facebook page.  Not a member already? No problem, you can join now by ‘liking’ our page.  Not on Facebook? You can have a friend or family member enter for you.
  3. Galus Australis will update their Facebook status as each draw goes live, and then to enter, simply nominate the JIFF film you would like to win tickets to (excludes opening/closing night).
  4. There will be five separate draws across, with one winner from each. You can enter in each draw, but each person is only eligible to win once across the whole competition.
  5. Winners will be selected by random draw.
  6. Winners will receive a double pass to the film they nominated, to be used in either Melbourne of Sydney.
  7. The first draw will open on Tuesday evening 9th October, and the final draw will close on Friday afternoon 26th October.

Expected draw dates will be Oct 9-12; 12-16; 16-19; 19-22; 22-26. Head to our Facebook page for more details.

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  • KashrusEmes says:

    “To enter, you’ll need to read the following presser”
    Is this an Aussie abbreviation for “press release”? My dictionary says “presser” means “one who presses”!

  • frosh says:

    @KashrusEmes Yes, it is.

  • Mazeltov to Jacqui Saunders , who was selected by random.org as the winner or our first double pass to the JIFF!
    Our 2nd draw has now opened.
    To enter, simply go to https://www.facebook.com/galusaustralis
    All you need to do is “Like” our page (if you haven’t already), and then tell us in the Draw#2 thread which JIFF film you’d most like to see.
    Winners can redeem at either Melbourne or Sydney JIFF.

  • Mazel Tov to “Reflexojustin Green” , who was selected by random.org as the winner or our 2nd double pass to the JIFF!

    Draw #3 is live! Go to https://www.facebook.com/galusaustralis

    To enter, all you need to do is “Like” our page (if you haven’t already), and then tell us below which film you’d most like to see at JIFF.

  • Mazel Tov to Naava Lederman, who was selected by random.org as the winner or our 3rd double pass to the JIFF!

    Draw #4 is now live! Go to https://www.facebook.com/galusaustralis

    To enter, all you need to do is “Like” our page (if you haven’t already), and then tell us below which film you’d most like to see at JIFF.

  • frosh says:

    The beautiful trailer for this year’s festival. Created by Clayton Jacobson featuring a song from the film ‘El Gusto’ which is screening at JIFF.

  • letters in the age says:

    Must see Film!!

    Dead Europe

    Tsiolkas is a genius

  • Mazel Tov to Mandi, who was selected by random.org as the winner or our 3rd double pass to the JIFF!

    Our fifth and final draw is open now, and is only open to those who have entered all 4 previous draws (we’re hoping to reward someone’s persistance)

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