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Is it OK to Celebrate Halloween?

November 1, 2012 – 9:02 pm5 Comments

The Meshuggina Monsters, known as the Plácido Domingos of the Jewish Halloween genre

If Facebook is any guide, it seems a lot more people in Australia (and even in Israel) are celebrating Halloween this year compared to previous years.  This initially made us wonder if people, including those in our Facebook circles, were becoming more Americanised of late.

Of course, for others, there is another question that is largely irrespective of nationality.  And that is whether Jews, who might refrain from celebrating other non-Jewish festivals such a Christmas, should be celebrating Halloween at all. Unable to find a more entertaining answer, below is a response from a rather eccentric personality, to say the least (and then there’s the fellow sitting on the left!).

Hilarity aside, have you noticed Halloween’s increased popularity in Australia? Perhaps you enjoy celebrating Halloween? Or perhaps you think Halloween is not kosher? Whatever it is, we’re keen to hear your opinion!

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