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Hipster or Hasid? Can you spot the difference?

November 6, 2012 – 10:13 am3 Comments

A month or so ago, on a sunny Shabbos afternoon, we were walking through Caulfield Park, when we saw two fashionably dressed Chasidic men, aged anywhere between mid-twenties to mid-thirties, playing with their dog. They were in the south-eastern quadrant of the park, and were throwing a large stick that the dog would enthusiastically fetch. Nothing too unusual about that, you think. But then, as they tired of the game, they walked with their dog, toward the edge of the park, the Balaclava Rd side, unlocked an old small red hatch-back, and tried to usher their dog into the backseat.

Our curiosity piqued, and we subtly moved in for a closer look. It’s then that some tattoos on their arms, which had been partially obscured by their shirts as well as the distance they had been from us, became clearly visible.  Of course, we had just fallen for the old Hasid or Hipster trick.

According to the New York based website, Hasid or Hipster, “Two divergent cultures in Brooklyn’s melting pot seem to be converging on common modes of dress.” This seems to now be true not only for Brooklyn, but also iconic Australian locales such as St Kilda East or Ripponlea in Melbourne, and Bondi in Sydney. Both of these are areas with flourishing Chasidic and Hipster scenes.

Enjoy the video below, and don’t be shy to let us know how you scored!

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  • Moose says:

    I got all correct but one.

  • frosh says:

    Yes, the website “Hasid or Hipster” is much more challenging than the tv game show (although that’s very entertaining).

    Not making this up, but just yesterday evening, while walking to the Carlisle St shops I saw I guy step out of his building, and I thought “Look at this Hipster!” Then I noticed his Tsitsit. It amused me that it was the reverse situation from the anecdote above.

  • Dov says:

    “Our curiosity peaked…”
    That should be piqued, not peaked.
    Eds: Thanks, and good pick-up. Contact the editors if you’d like to volunteer as a regular proof-reader :-)

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