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Anti-Israel Australian Jews now call for a Boycott of Iran and much of the Arab world

November 16, 2012 – 10:09 am49 Comments

No more Iranian dates for the protagonists?

A press release received this week that readers might find amusing:

A new boycott campaign against the Arab world and Iran that will require the cooperation of every supporter of Middle East freedom has been launched by a group of outspoken Australian Jews, it was announced today by its prominent founder Antony Loewenstein, the well-known writer and peace activist.

“It is high time we exposed the crimes against humanity committed by the modern pharoahs of the Muslim Middle East.  Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Col. Moammar Gaddafi of Libya, who both enslaved their long-suffering peoples with 30-year dictatorships that are unprecedented in modern history, have now been ousted but reactionary regimes have taken power in their stead.  Meanwhile Algeria,  Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan are being ruled by  fascist thugs and usurpers who are massacring their own people ,” Loewenstein stated.

Speaking to hundreds of Muslim Australians in front of the Syrian Embassy, Loewenstein excoriated the Arab and Iranian regimes for plundering their countries of their wealth and depriving their people of their basic human rights. He particularly upbraided Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain and Iran for their entrenched system of apartheid against their Copt, Shia,Sunni, Christian and Kurd populations.

He also denounced the thousands of civilians recently bludgeoned and shot to death by the Arab and Iranian security forces in the streets of Homs, Cairo, Alexandria, Beirut, Teheran, Idlip, Manama, Damascus, Amman, Jeddah, Gaza City, Taiz and Sanaa.

“It is simply incomprehensible that these bloodthirsty governments are committing genocide against their own people,” he emphasized.

As a consequence, his new organization — Jews for Boycotting Arab and Iranian Goods (JBAIG) — will be demanding that all UN Human Rights Council members immediately cease buying petroleum, petrochemicals, plastics, cotton yarn and garments, rugs, fertilisers, majhool dates, figs, and sheet metal from these countries. In addition, all Australian firms with investments and joint ventures in these tyrannies will be pressured to divest their assets from them. Of greater import is our campaign for the Commonwealth government to halt its arms and high technology shipments to the Nazi-like governments of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

“We are confident that the international community – and particularly the Australian public – are prepared to support our initiative until the vicious dictatorships of the Arab Middle East and Iran are overthrown and their civilian populations are finally endowed with classical democracy,” Loewenstein affirmed.

“The welfare of the beleaguered Arab and Iranian people must be our number one priority,” he stated.

JBAIG co-founder Vivienne Porzsolt, a retired social worker from Sydney and long a crusader for the seething Arab masses, pointed out that the illegitimate Muslim government leaders of the Middle East are being targeted by her followers with arrest warrants should they step foot on Australian soil or seek medical or refugee asylum here. Under the international law of universal jurisdiction, war criminals and their genocidal ilk are liable to arrest upon the deposition of a citizen’s complaint before the Attorney General.

She emphasized that her group’s actions were in complete fulfilment of the treasured Jewish tradition of seeking justice for suffering humanity.  Moreover, it has the complete approval of her mentor, former NSW Greens MLC Sylvia Hale, one of the world’s leading opponents of Islamist tyrants.

“It is imperative that we act quickly to bring Assad and Ahmadinejad to the gallows,” Porzsolt urged, “just as Gaddafi and Osama Bin Laden were so speedily dispatched. Assad the butcher is also massacring the 440,000 Palestinians living in Damascus and Aleppo. These greasy rats should be torn limb from limb,” she declared to tumultuous applause.

Casting aside her life-time enmity towards Israel, Porzsolt pleaded with the Jewish state to invade Syria and Iran and wipe out their respective feudal ruling classes. “Only such a humanitarian gesture can have the desired effect of strengthening the region-wide intifadas in these countries leading to the toppling of their authoritarian regimes and the implementation of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all the Geneva Conventions,” she posited.

“As for our myriad of friends among the general public, we sincerely hope they will be moved to embrace the boycott of Arab and Iranian goods to help liberate the oppressed Arab masses, ” Loewenstein and Porzsolt concluded.

This press release, sent in by Cy Geshticte, that we assume is intended as a satire, has been published in keeping with the spirit of Friday Funnies.


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  • sheron says:

    If only it were true (long sigh)

  • Mandi Katz says:

    So you now publish articles from unknown authors. Is that a good practice? I don’t think it is. Satire is political comment, even when it is funny…

  • frosh says:

    Hi Mandi,

    You make a valid point. It was probably a mistake to publish without a name, although that is somewhat of a convention of the art form (spoof articles), and a convention we have largely held to. For example, see here: http://galusaustralis.com/2011/03/4260/ajn-owner-acquires-galus-australis/

    However, I take your point about satire being political comment. The name of the sender has now been added to the article, although it may possibly not be the real name of the sender (again, often a feature of the art form).

    To be honest, this piece is not to my taste, or even to my sense of humour – and I can tell you that RSD really hates this piece too, agrees wholeheartedly with you, and would prefer that it hadn’t been published.

    That being said, whether we like something or not shouldn’t be the main criteria for publication. Speaking personally (i.e. not as an editor), I feel that the piece met the niche, in terms of being focussed on Australian Jews.

  • Mandi Katz says:

    thanks Frosh. I think it’s great that you publish things that offend people – including me :) – although if it’s satire, it should at least be funny, no?

    And I have no problem with anonymous comments.

    But I do think that anonymous pieces are problematic – unless there is a good reason.

  • schimmin says:

    yes indeed, oppression and killing civilians are damn funny, huh?

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    And why not lampoon some of those bent ideologically and bent on causing tzures !!??

    Protagonists in para-political parodies, the likes of Porzsolt and Lowenstein are , no doubt, most likely to surface publicly, siding with their palestinian pals and demonise Israel for not allowing them to exercise their “right” to freedom the Hamas way.

    The spoof is a good reflection on the absurdity of their activism, the incongruity of their discourse.

    Spot on little entertaining piece !!!

  • Paul Winter says:

    My thanks to Otto for directing me to this website.

    I too would like to make an observation or two about Mandi Katz’s comment.

    I find her point regarding the anonymity of the item to be pointless, mere nitpicking.

    I am gobsmacked that Mandi disregards the tragic situation in the Arab world, especially in Syria and the plight of Israelis in southern Israel, given that she made her comment when IDF action had intensified as a result of increased Hamas rocket fire.

    She also ignored the many groups named in the article, whose hearts’ left chamber bleeds for terrorists committing war crimes against Israel while remaining shtum about outrages in the umma.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    You are being unkind. If you would have treated Mandi Katz with just a bit of tolerance you would have, at once, realised that she is all over the shop.
    The stuff about “satire being political” or ” anonymous pieces are problematic” and her entire take on a well intended and swell written spoof reveals an enthusiasm
    un-accompanied by reliable analytical support.
    Otherwise the points you made were spot on.

  • Keen says:

    This piece (and others) from Ruth Pollard in The Age is so one sided that everyone should be complaining where-ever they can


  • philip mendes says:

    This piece is very very funny. Well done. By the way I am not aware that Porszolt is or was a social worker. Qualified social workers like myself – albeit a non-practising academic since 1995 – get very annoyed when people who don’t have university degrees in social work are described as social workers. Same as people without medical degrees who claim to be doctors. I am sure you get the point.

  • Harold Zwier says:

    Frosh and Rachel. I think that far from being funny, this bogus press release is defamatory of the people mentioned in it. I think it needs to be removed.

  • frosh says:

    Hi Harold,

    If you think this is really defamatory, I suggest you contact me via email (frosh AT galusaustralis.com) with the legal argument as to why you think it is defamatory. I think it is classed as fair satire, but I’m prepared for you to convince me otherwise.

  • Sam says:


    The primary fact about defining defamation is harming a persons reputation and reducing the respect in which the plaintiff is held.
    The article is clearly satire and appears to clearly enhance the reputations of Lowenstein and Porszolt, albiet from a very lowly base.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    At the risk of being sued by Harold, it seems to me that he betrays being what I would call Doubtful About Fair Texts (DAFT).

    Where and how on earth the satire above could be deemed …offensive!!

    Harold must describe clearly the definition of offense strictly in reference to the good humored, perfectly decent spoof [Eds: content removed as overly personal attack on another commenter].

  • Shirlee. says:

    For one moment here I thought our dear Antony had slipped even further over the edge.!

    When the names Vivienne and Sylvia came up, I thought “OMG this is just too much!”

    Then for Mandi Katz and Ralph Zwier to protest just made my day.

    Paul, Mandi Katz, FYI, is part of the ‘wonderful, beautiful’, [with a good deal of sarcasm], NIF. I think Ralph Zwier is too

    Otto dear, when I directed you here, I thought you might just behave yourself. I don’t think they are as longsuffering here as Henry is.

  • Mandi Katz says:

    Shirlee, I didn’t “protest” – Galus has the right to publish or not publish whatever it sees fit. I’m all for a broad range of views and if the editors think it’s fair comment, then that’s their choice. If I don’t like it, I don’t have to read it or can say so politely without demanding anything, which I did.

    If that made your day, maybe you need to get out a bit more.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    Mandi Katz

    there are degrees of “out” and places one frequents. If you don’t mind, you seem to be all over the place with your comments, whereas Shirlee can be solidly relied upon as a consistent, healthy suporter of Israel.

    I suggest you approach someone who is fairly fluent in Romanian and ask the meaning of :

    In Galatzi
    Nu-s doi ca Katz.

  • Shirlee. says:

    Thanks for your support Otto.

    At least I support Israel and am not involved in groups which seek to destroy her. She doesn’t know me and certainly has no idea what I am involved with in the Community.

    People like my father who proudly and openly proclaimed their Jewishness in the East End of London, in the face of Oswald Mosley and his Fascist Party, must be turning in their graves to see what people like Mandi and co are doing.

    He certainly would not have dreamed of supporting groups such as the NIF and its ‘grantees’

    I note there is a whole new expose about them too.

  • frosh says:

    I always just assumed Ralph and Harold were two separate people.

    And Otto,

    You seem to have a predilection for trying to exploit the names of those who have the courage (as you do) to comment under their real name, but also happen to disagree with you.

    This is very childish, and together with your general rudeness,as well as your barely decipherable and long-winded communication style (that sometimes appears as if it comes straight out of an early version of a web-based translation engine), it leaves many people wishing that they would see the Jaffa Gimmel pronounce:

    “Otto, that’s one palindrome you won’t be hearing for a while!”

  • Shirlee. says:

    In regards to “I always just assumed Ralph and Harold were two separate people. ”

    They are. They are brothers.

    Get used to Otto. He means very well, his heart is in the right place. He knows he can be VERY long winded at times, but then again that’s Otto!

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    Me puzzled. Name exploitation not applicable. Only 2 occasions associated name with comments relevant to issue at hand. 99% of all comments do not relate to names. I indulged in variation of styles.
    Longwinded phrases do require greater concentration. If one reads mine attentively one will identify:

    – flow of rationale easy to follow
    – logical structure
    – complex issues addresse succintly
    – covering complex issues
    – that you are badly mistaken.

    Better now !!??

    All that pedagogical advice and no indication at all of what web communication manual/cannons I should study/follow. Not fair !!

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    …and the use of palindromes !!!!
    That was well below the belt. Couldn’t sleep all night. I am sure it’s illegal and there must be a UN resolution against it.
    I am devastated and have no retort to it, unless a longwinded, childish, rude and undescipherable text will do. Otherwise how can anyone handle such ingenious, unbeatable massive blow !!!

    Froshy, play nice, can’t you be childish and rude too !!??

  • TheSadducee says:


    Isn’t there something that can be done about this guy? He’s clearly not even staying on topic anymore and is derailing just about every thread he goes on with his verbiage.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    The Sadducee

    Envy and jealousy that I have not paid any attention cum comments re high priestood level of your audacious absurdities.
    Happy now ??!!

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    there is a “h” missing in the priestood. Just in case someone wants to build a relevant case.

  • Mandi Katz says:

    The Sadducee – it does make it not very inviting to comment. Which is probably the tactic. I suggest totally ignoring and not engaging with the content might work… I found that worked well when my children were small and unpleasant.

  • Shirlee. says:


    Please behave. You know you are going over the top. You know that when Henry won’t publish some of your comments on J-Wire.

    I know you can write well and I also know you have a lot to contribute.

    Zol zein shtil… for those of you who don’t speak Yiddish, it means

    ‘SHUT UP’

  • TheSadducee says:


    I understand completely. I considered that I had derailed a few threads and lowered the general tone of discussion a while back and took a break to reconsider my participation and behaviours. If only everyone would do that from time to time!

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    I have no idea what you mean by “behave” and even less the meaning of “shut up”.
    This respectable site is seriously engaged in issues essential to the Jewish world. Most articles contain controvertial topics, as the attractive dynamics of such a “publication” demands. If the core issues would relate to cooking or gardening, then , such a profile would abound in “well behaved” contributors.
    As said, Jewish issues in today’s world emerge from a huge variety of “intellectual” sources. As the complexity of our varied community stands ( or moves ) conflicting stances are BOUND to surface.
    Your own passion for matters Jewish would be acutely alarmed, if not seriously irritated and provoked if ( and when )opinions you strongly disagree with are voiced.
    Modes of expression are as different as there are willing “contributors”. If I were a product of your sellect side of London I would have sounded more like you ( oy vey !!), but me the innocent and pure product of quite a different locco/mind set, so, I react ….my way.
    I make sure that I am not obnoxious, however chromatic my expression may be at times.As such I believe that it lends colour to the torrents of opinions cum occasional conflicting encounters, as indispensible as our distinct personalities are – as already (!!!) stated.


    my little bubele was NEVER unpleasant to me or anybody else, otherwise I got your message, i.e. you don’t seem to have much to say.

  • Shirlee. says:


    You know what I’m talking about. Read back.

  • Daniel Levy says:

    “I make sure that I am not obnoxious, however chromatic my expression may be at times.”

    I’m pretty sure everyone who read this sentence did a gigantic double-take and pissed themselves laughing. And you claim others to be suffering from the Dunning-Krueger effect.

    You employ the same shades of obfuscation and convolution with every piece of bilge that is ejected from your fingers. You are so perfectly monochromatic that a fatigued physicist might accidentally use you for a light source in a double-slit experiment. And to top it all off, you are as obnoxious as you are monochromatic.

    And dearie me, do you really think your writing isn’t obnoxious? Let’s leave aside the fact that nearly every single one of your comments is an attack on a minority. Your word choice is not clever, or inventive, and is instead clumsy and resembles the ‘prose’ of a middle schooler trying to impress his English teacher with a thesaurus – and badly mangling the language in the process). You are the worst kind of pseudo-intellectual.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    Daniel Levy

    For a very brief outrage you used the term “monochromatic” un-ncessarily excessively. Take it easy. Once was enough. Then you should go into much longer ravings and, after some ten paragraphs, do it again, but not after, what, a few other short episodes of very, but very entertaining hysterics.
    Also, let’s make it clear, I do NOT attack “minorities” but what is refferd in some religious texts as “that” multitude…..

    And WHERE is YOUR colours !!!! A few shades of red – the adorable “Fury Red”, or “Mad Pink” – and blue – cute “Anger Blue”, “Vicious Violet” a suitable combination of red and blue -, and you call that a pallet of convincing arguments !!! I am not happy and, look, unintentionally I used bad, horrible grammar. It should be ” ..where ARE your colours.
    But, look again, do not get into another fit. I’m only jokin’, I got your colours alright, as well as everything else you are regaling us with and I am grateful for your generosity of spirit, not to mention letting us into your little private world of uncontrolled delirium.

  • Shirlee. says:

    Oh dear Daniel

    You have no idea with whom you are dealing.

    Otto may be many things, but pseudo-intellectual NEVER

  • Daniel Levy says:

    “You have no idea with whom you are dealing.”

    Step back, we’ve got a BAMF over here. I’m shivering in my bootsies. Is this guy like a big deal in the NSW JComm? Because I would be so scared of someone who has some influence over a portion of a community of 60,000 people. Help.

    The only word to describe this man is pseudo-intellectual. I challenge you to verify these credentials to which you allude. Pray tell, shirlee, who -is- Otto Waldmann (other than a crazy person)?

  • Shirlee. says:

    No need to shiver in your “bootsies” Daniel.

    Sorry Otto old friend I have to say this.

    With Otto it’s a case of love him or hate him. He can be a royal pain in the you know where. He’s no crazy far from it, just a tad eccentric.

    As to him being a pseudo-intellectual…he is anything but. I presume you don’t live in Sydney. If you did and attended B of Deps meetings, you would know him. Likewise if you frequented J-Wire

    Good shabbos

  • Daniel Levy says:

    Yep, typical “big macher”. I couldn’t have guessed that if I tried…

  • Shirlee. says:

    No he isn’t a big macher. He is a highly intelligent man, who is fiercely and proudly Jewish and a tad eccentric

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    thanks Shirlee for your comments. I am humbled.

    Daniel Levy resorts to peevish, petulant retorts and cannot be blamed for that. All his contributions to the intended topics have been about revealing anything but the issue we should address and , instead, a lot about himself misfiring bilious addresses.

    Not really a case worth worrying about, but, ridiculing, a definite YES !!!

  • Daniel Levy says:

    The whole point of my replies to you were to get you to utter this paragraph:

    “Daniel Levy resorts to peevish, petulant retorts and cannot be blamed for that. All his contributions to the intended topics have been about revealing anything but the issue we should address and , instead, a lot about himself misfiring bilious addresses.”

    Go back and look at your replies to articles and you will find that you have described yourself:

    “Otto Waldmann resorts to peevish, petulant retorts and cannot be blamed for that. All his contributions to the intended topics have been about revealing anything but the issue we should address and , instead, a lot about himself misfiring bilious addresses.”

    Ladies and gentlemn, from the horse’s mouth himself. I am hereby done with this cretin :)

  • Ana Kaplan says:

    I am aghast, that, offensive comments , such as “cretin ” are allowed on a site that prides itself on civilised contributions.
    Daniel Levi, has been cosistently agressive and as Otto Waldmann correctly pointed out, extremely petulant.
    Waldmann, on the other hand, has proven, that, he can handle complex subjects competentely and also with a style that brings, truly , a breath of fresh air to the “common “table.
    I find him, witty and knowledgeable.
    Daniel Levi, however, seems to be bringing only tides of bad breath,invectives and lot of unwnted bile.

  • Shirlee. says:

    Thank you Ana .. You took the words right out of my mouth.
    I saw the comment from Daniel Levy earlier but was on my way out and couldn’t answer it. I’ve encountered him elsewhere.

    Otto is a dear acquaintance of mine and he can give as good as he gets, believe me!

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    Thanks Ana and Shirlee for your kind words to me.
    Yet, to show that there is no rancour, that noblesse oblige, I offer to hold Daniel Levy’s hand during his impending lobotomy.

    BUT NOT the soiled one, considering his passion for selfabuse.

  • Mel says:

    Please stick to the topic. The comments section is for comments on the article, not for your opinions on other posters.

    Blythe comments about lobotomies etc are not ok.

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    I thought abt yr advice and concluded that you do have a point. Lobotomy is not ok, too late in “that” case for any surgical intervention. I could have used that endearing and seemingly acceptable term “cretin” , but – 2nd thought – what if gentle souls, like Mel, would find it somehow offensive.

  • ariel says:

    I read this satirical piece last week and i’m still laughing! Halevai! Ps i can also tell which posters here have no sense of humour…

  • Paul Winter says:

    The exchange of comments and witticisms miss the point that a piece of satire made a number of valid points. That it lampooned a number of people, invented some scenarios and exaggerated some details is beside the point. The issues are: should any item be which annoys people be suppressed; are the points in the communication based on reality or are they merely malicious inventions. The item exposes individuals named to derision (not defamation), but it makes many valid and critical points by highlighting their double standards. Galus Australis is to be congratulated on publishing the satire and in doing so, letting some people expose both their lack of humour and their rigid sense of self-importance.

  • Levi (a refugee from the USSR) says:

    Mandi Katz is right – exposing loewenstein’s hypocrisy isn’t funny…it’s freaking sad. Thanks for pointing that out, Mandi.

  • David Schulberg says:

    Given Harold’s absurd defence of Leunig’s anti-semitic cartoons in The Age recently his comments here are absolutely extraordinary.

  • Shirlee says:

    Given that a Jew would resort to even reading the Age is absurd

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