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Mesirah Accusations Persist

March 12, 2013 – 5:07 pm132 Comments

Tzedek has confirmed the following incident, which occurred last Wednesday (6 March):

The wife of a senior Chabad Emissary to Sydney and a spiritual leader of the Yeshiva Centre in Sydney,  referred publicly to myself and my family as “Massers” (in Hebrew: collaborators with the secular authorities – in clear reference to their work in combating child sexual abuse). The statement was made in the presence of others during an unprovoked attack by the rebbetzin on my young brother-in-law, 24-year old Dovy Rapoport.

This incident confirms what so many of us have known for a long time; that this type of attitude is fairly prevalent among many within the ultra-Orthodox community. It also demonstrates, yet again, the ongoing harassment and intimidation many victims and their families are subjected to, including by those in leadership positions.

Tzedek would like to acknowledge and thank the Rebbetzin in question for sharing with the public views that are generally kept behind closed doors, and for highlighting the importance of our work and just how far we still have to go.

Enough is enough – we will no longer remain silent.

Manny Waks

Founder & President of Tzedek, an Australian-based advocacy group for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse within the Jewish community.

For legal reasons, this letter has been edited to remove the name of the rebbetzin in question. The identity of the rebbetzin is alleged here.

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