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Mondoweiss Madness

April 15, 2013 – 5:09 pm9 Comments
Screenshot from Mondoweiss as captured by the blog Elder of Ziyon

Screenshot from Mondoweiss as captured by the blog Elder of Ziyon

By David Schulberg
As we well know, there is a huge battle taking place on the internet for the hearts and minds of people who care about what happens in the Middle East. With the potential to sway our foreign policy, as we have seen with the recent UN vote on non-member status of a Palestinian state, this internet battleground can be very important to Israel’s position in the world.

The 2012 Country Ratings Poll, conducted annually for the BBC among 24,090 people around the world, and published on 10 May 2012 asked respondents to rate whether the influence of a number of different countries is ‘mostly positive’ or ‘mostly negative. Israel, already one of the world’s most negatively viewed countries, saw its reputation last year sink even lower.  In particular, Israel lost ground among traditional allies and emerging powers like Australia, where negative rating rose 7 points to 65% compared to the previous year. This may be viewed as showing how out of step public perceptions in Australia are from ‘official’ pro-Israel government policy.

One website, Mondoweiss, is a typical microcosm of generally rabid anti-Zionists, who argue fervently for the dismantling of Israel as a Jewish state and the establishment of some idealised model of a non-religious democratic single state where Jews, Christians and Muslims mingle together in perfect harmony.  My article will essentially consider the mission of Mondoweiss and how that translates into practice.

Here is the professed raison d’être for Mondoweiss as expressed in the site’s Comments Policy :

One of the goals of this site is to promote critical discussion and debate on US foreign policy and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We want Mondoweiss to be a place that everyone feels comfortable visiting, to read and comment, regardless of political perspective. People might not always like what we post, but everyone should feel invited and encouraged to join the discussion, share their opinions, and engage in debate. (Emphasis added).

Mondoweiss, with its voluble array of anti-Israel contributors largely resident in the US, concentrates on the US context, but interestingly Australia receives quite a lot of attention.  I discuss here some of the Australian topics covered to illustrate how Mondoweiss strives to push its relentless anti-Israel agenda.

The BDS campaign is without a doubt one of the most prominent issues. Annie Robbins, one of the main authors, writing from her San Francisco location, feeds on information that she gathers from the socialist left collective that operates in Australia. Vashti Kenway, a leader of Students for Palestine, has helped her to provide a local perspective. Kim Bullimore, Anthony Lowenstein and Samah Sabawi have assisted, pushing the BDS as a vital legitimate pro-Palestinian tactic.

A small entourage of like-minded individuals pop up regularly with comments to corroborate the strident views of pro-BDSers, echoing the same sentiments. Here are a couple of examples:

Many ‘ordinary’ and normally apolitical people will be dismayed and furious to discover how much influence Israel has in Australian domestic politics.

Zionist Council of Victoria (ZCV) is a very nasty right wing pro-settler organisation.

Sometimes a brave opponent of the glut of one-sided viewpoints climbs aboard to try to counter the incessant stream of propaganda.  They are frequently dismissed as mere ‘hasbara’ mouthpieces, mocked and derided.  Their efforts seem futile against a torrent of anti-Israel vitriol, prejudiced by the site’s moderators, who manipulate what does get through. One might imagine that if a large number of supporters of Israel came on board at the same time, they could potentially give the pro-Palestinian vanguard much more to deal with. Involvement in such a biased forum is a good place to test your views and on occasions expose the hypocrisy of those who try obsessively to delegitimize Israel.

After one brave soul announced how co-operation was to continue between Ben-Gurion University and the University of Johannesburg on their joint water and biotechnology research projects, major contributor Annie Robbins responded:

untemporarily perhaps. we’re growing. if we weren’t israel wouldn’t be splashing it’s apartheid anti democracy all over the msm thru their draconian fascists anti freedom of speech knesset legislation. worried? israel on the run, lovin’ it. (sic)

When Philip Mendes accused the BDS of racially-based ethnic stereotyping of all Israeli Jews, Robbins suggested he was bloviating. When she has nothing particularly erudite to say one of her favourite comments is “yawn”.  Sometimes she adopts a haughty attitude when she is challenged, choosing to avoid responding to questions that might corner her.

One regular blogger Shingo claimed:

The Victorian government is resorting to some desperate measure to try and stifle protest, but it won’t work.

I countered by saying, “Shingo, how do you get to be such an expert! This insinuation is pure left-wing gutter sniping propaganda as well as being completely false. There are laws in Australia that have existed so that the country runs with a semblance of order, which the socialist left alliance misfits don’t appreciate because they tend to be anarchists.”

I suggested that Shingo’s insinuation was wrong that the police charging the BDS protesters of “breaching bail conditions” was merely pretence to arrest them, as I had witnessed the events personally. I said, “The protestors could stand in any public forum in the state of Victoria and present their case for Palestine. Just please no bullying, no intimidation and no teasing the cops. The intemperate behaviour demonstrated at the frequent BDS rallies certainly won’t help persuade the Australian government to vote for a Palestinian state in September.”

Shingo said in defence of the rights of pro-Palestinian protestors:

They are legally allowed to yes, but O’Brien is asking the ACCC to investigate all groups that endorse BDS, including those that weren’t even present or represented when the arrests were made. (O’Brien was Victorian Consumer Affairs Minister at the time)

And further

I’m sure the fact that Julia’s uhum, “partner” is an Isreli lobbyists won’t influence her descision right? Thatnks for demiostraitng that even Ozzy Zionists are half wits. (sic)

And another blogger chimed in

LOL. Not so surprising, I guess, that the usually suspects are rooting for, and excusing, the jackboots against the people. I guess the color of the shirt – – black, brown, red, white — doesn’t matter, as long as the boot keeps crushing that human head, forever.

I responded that the law of the land would decide whether there was an issue for the ACCC, reminding them how they were such sticklers for ‘international law’ and should abide by due legal process.

Kathleen, another writer at Mondoweiss, remarked:

Way over the top. Sounds illegal. But when did “illegal” stop the lobby

Kim Bullimore, a local pro-Palestinian activist, after the furore over the NSW Greens support for BDS, complained about Bob Brown’s announcement that the Greens nationally did not support BDS, accusing him of ‘racist colonialism’.

Opponents of the blatantly biased Mondoweiss dialogue eventually disappear, probably believing it to be more worthwhile to withdraw from discussion groups at Mondoweiss rather than be continually insulted and abused.  Before I was excommunicated from Mondoweiss after a period of time under the alias ‘davidsc’, I tussled single-handedly with a bunch of protagonists on the topic ‘Victoria (Australia) threatens further crackdown on boycott activists’. Having witnessed first-hand the way that the demonstrators outside Max Brenner chocolate shops had heckled the police, I faced a barrage of criticism and antagonism. It was all too difficult in the end to have a discussion standing alone before a flood of derogatory language:

Umm, I know you’re from Victoria David, but you can’t keep blaming the weather for your idiocy.

The Palestinians Papers, leaked by Al-Jazeera and exposed by the Guardian newspaper in January 2011, suggested the Palestinians were ready to make big concessions, despite public claims to the contrary.  After I posted at MondoweissTypical Palestinians tactics – say one thing and do another. Arafat was a champion at that kind of tomfoolery” I got the response:

As for Arafat, do you think that crap is going to wash here? Try it with your limp brained school buddies or the other ignoramuses you hang out with.

My ban from Mondoweiss followed after Mikomikeyz had commented

I would think this would be a great blog for a Zionist. This blog was started with 4 aims, and I would think that nothing would be more healthy than non-provincial perspective. I am reminded of WWII films taken from the Japanese point of view. This IS a progressive blog, no?

This comment had remained without a response for many months, so I took up the mantle saying, “Dead silence reigns – so I guess the answer is NO.” This raised the ire of Robbins to such a level:

not really. the site does ban both sides of the spectrum. the site makes no pretenses of being anything but what it is. why don’t you be more specific wrt what you perceive as unclear or unanswered

as i mentioned earlier if you are one of those people that enjoy community moderation go to dkos. they have endless threads there about what is or isn’t ok. here, people are just banned and nobody seems to notice their absence that much as far as i can tell. the hasbrats are a dime a dozen. ban one another replaces him the same day. the israel project sees to that. and then there are those ‘special trolls’. the ones that come at you from the left and push the envelope w/anti semitic crap. of course we never know whether they are ‘real’ or here to set up the site. but they go either way.

Mikomikeyz came to my defence

I think David was answering my rhetorical question, “This IS a progressive blog, no?”, Annie.

which led to these blunt revelations from Robbins

yes, it covers issues from a progressive pt of view. but i don’t think it is moderated ‘progressively’. but i will tell you one thing, it isn’t run in a zionist fashion. no one gets detained and held w/no charges for unknown periods of time. there are no gag orders iow if someone does asks where someone went they do not get banned for it. it’s not as if we treat it like the zionist gov treats the freedom theatre. so we’re a damn sight better than those policies we abhor. at least we do not pretend to be a democracy. i wonder how the 18 year old daughter of the mayor of bethlehem is doing today? what is she eating in prison held w/no charges. did she sleep well? is someone torturing her today, or questioning her? we’re sure as heck more progressive than that. and look on the bright side. no endless comment section filled w/CRAP about what is or is not anti semitic..unlike other blogs we know. what brings you here tonight miko? long time no see.
This ends Part I of this Two-part article. Part II will be published within the next week.

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  • Philip Mendes says:

    Good article David. I like the bit about “bloviating”. Must have missed that response. But seriously what you are documenting is the increasing tendency of pro-Palestinian lobbyists to abuse anybody they don’t agree with in order to avoid having to actually debate and defend their views. And these are often the same people who accuse the political Right of trying to suppress freedom of speech. It is laughable.

  • TheSadducee says:


    Agreed – but there is a nasty tendency in our own community to silence dissenting voices through similar tactics. Have a look at some of the comments/behaviours exhibited in the threads in this site.

  • Philip Mendes says:

    I have experienced varied attacks from extremists from both the Greater Palestine and Greater Israel positions over the last 30 years. I have to say that the pro-Palestinian fundamentalists have become more frequent and more aggressive in recent years. They are the ones that write letters to universities trying to shut up people they don’t agree with, they are the ones that stalk individuals over the internet, and they are the ones that seem to get most emotive and personal as evidenced in the Overland Affair. Some of them sadly are Jewish – have a look at the recent articles loaded on the AJDS website. You can draw your own conclusions.

  • TheSadducee says:


    You don’t even make the Masada2000 list so you are obviously not too big of a fish for the Greater Israel folks :)

    Incidentally, all of the examples you provide are also demonstrable in our community generally speaking.

    The point from this article is that people like to congregate in like-minded groups and have their beliefs reinforced (whether they are right or wrong objectively speaking). I don’t think a lot of these types can be constructively engaged with because they are emotively engaged rather than intellectually. Some aren’t – try to find out which and engage with them.

  • David Schulberg says:

    Philip, many people in fact because of their fear of being attacked on the internet, operated under an alias so their identity is not directly revealed.

  • David Schulberg says:

    Sadducee, I would be interested to know with what groups you believe one could constructively engage in this topic space.

  • TheSadducee says:


    I’m not even sure that you could identify groups rather than individuals. In this situation it would be a case-by-case basis of assessment – as I don’t read that site, I couldn’t tell you any specifics.

    As I suggested above, I think that peer-thought solidarity prevents the majority of participants from objectively examining issues, especially if they are emotive.

    I think you would have to read the responses of individuals within a blog and work out which ones you think you could discuss an issue with objectively and constructively. Ignore the rest unless they do provide something useful to discuss.

    I try to read opinions from all sides in a fair way – it is hard because I have my own beliefs/presuppositions/conceptions and sometimes I fail miserably, but I do try. Sometimes my point of view changes, sometimes not. People whose views will not change under any circumstance eg. fanatics are to be avoided – you list several instances in your article.

  • Michael Winter says:

    David Schulberg is a plagiarizer. I wrote an article titled “Our Respective Journeys into the Valley of Reality”, and he claimed authorship. He is a thief of words.

  • Michael Winter says:

    Disregard above comment regarding plagiarism. My apologies to David.

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