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Howard Sattler Suspended – But why was this Holocaust Denier on air in the First Place?

June 14, 2013 – 9:51 am54 Comments

Fairfax Media, owner of Perth radio station 6PR, that broadcasts Sattler

By Anthony Frosh
Howard Sattler’s questions to Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday, concerning the sexuality of her partner, were plainly reprehensible. And it does not matter what one’s feelings or inclinations are toward the Gillard Prime Ministership. Even Andrew Bolt, one of the PM’s most well known detractors from the conservative side of politics stated that it was “An utterly disgraceful interview,” and said, “The suspension should be lengthy.”

Personally, I find it incredible that Sattler was on the air in the first place.  And what was the Prime Minister (or her advisers) thinking in agreeing to be interviewed by him?

Sattler’s past behaviour indicates that he hates both Israel and the Jewish people, and if one Googles around, they’ll find that he has considerable support from anti-Semitic crackpots. That alone might not be sufficient enough complaint. However, Sattler has previously, if not outright denied, then at least questioned the actuality of the Shoah.

In 1990, he did an extremely softball interview with a Bostonian fraudster and Holocaust denier. As was reported in the JTA at the time, and I encourage readers to click on the link to read the full report, Sattler concluded the interview by announcing to his audience,

“The story we just covered relates to the so-called Holocaust, where we have been told that millions of Jews suffered in the concentration camps, the Nazi camps during World War II.”

Unfortunately, Sattler’s softball interview with a Holocaust denier, and his own support for that Holocaust denier, and his own reference to the Holocaust as the “so-called Holocaust” were not enough to get Sattler sacked or even suspended. It ought to have been.

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  • Andrew says:

    I didn’t hear the interview, but did hear some of the caller reaction afterwards, mostly taking him to task for his arrogance. Howard had a bit of a bad day. Most people I know don’t think much of him. I think his comments were way out of line. I don’t recall him ever asking John Howard whether Jeanette was a lesbian.

    Last week when Howard Sattler interviewed a Palestinian doctor he prefaced his remarks by noting that after the interview all the Jews would call in. The interview itself was lacking in substance, but was balanced out by an AIJAC representative. At the end of the segment Howard said that he saw no hope for the Israeli Palestinian conflict because “both sides hate each other and want to kill each other”. I tried calling in to suggest that it is indeed possible to have a conflict where one side is right and the other wrong, and I don’t know any Israelis or Jews that want to kill Palestinians. I couldn’t get to air.

    Bottom line, Sattler has a bad track record, not just with the Jewish community, but with a number of communities. His redneck attitude is typical of many ignorant people who have grown up in the sheltered environment of Perth. Like the rest of the media, he is unable to focus political discussions on political issues, but instead transforms them into a form of entertainment.

    With a bit of luck he won’t be back on air. Given the amount of people he has upset and the tone of his talkback, I hope he fades into oblivion and has a very unpleasant retirement.

  • letters in the age says:

    The real question to be asked is how do these men get jobs in the media?

    Its time to have a clean out of idiots in our mainstream media.

    Its demeaning to our cultural psyche and tarnishes our reputation

    The dinosaur crowd had had its day.

    Furthermore,on the gender card,it reeks of utmost hypocricy when our Ms Gillard puts a factional player in the seat of Batman.

    Thats not merit based at all!

    This isn’t good for our democracy and further diminishes the office of the prime minister.

    In no fan of our p.m,but respect for the office has been trashed by all sides.


  • letters in the age says:

    Another reason to have young apparatchiks as advisers in that office me thinks.

    Over 30 year olds need apply next time with a bit of life experience.

    Professional politicians are the worst to be in politics!

  • letters in the age says:


    Another reason NOT to have apparatchiks in office

  • letters in the age says:

    Public discourse has been extremely unedifying in this election..

    Shes paying the price for being the first p.m.

    Lets hope we see smart and competent Jewish women in the front bench in the next ten years.

    Go Heebs!

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    [Eds: sexist content removed]

    2nd populist rednecks are the bread and butter of the media bizo, particularly the wireless.

    3rd Fairfax simply continew the simple tradition of having a go at the Heebs, anyway.

    4th I reckon I said enough for now.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    …my “conti-new” is meant to point that there is nothing new about the passion for the Heebs’ darts in the Australian red-neck folklore.
    Occasionally I venture into pubs just to sample the “local” spirits and let me tell yourse guys, we are on the menu big time not to mentio the associated adjectives. Not to worry, the Arabs are there too, but that’s a completely ANOTHER story, although with our happy hour blokes, the adjective are interchangable.
    So, this nebesh ( let’s translate it to :idiot” ) is only obliging to a massive mob of followers.

    To be followed……….

  • Jade says:

    Public discourse has been extremely unedifying in this election..

    Shes paying the price for being the first p.m.

    Lets hope we see smart and competent Jewish women in the front bench in the next ten years.

    Go Heebs!


    Shouldn’t religion be left out of politics? We are a secular nation.

  • Shirlee says:

    I can’t comment either way on the man himself,as I have never heard of him. However one needs to read the article and watch the video to see there is more to this than meets the eye.


  • Daniel says:

    In response to Andrew (June 14, 2013); not all of us from Perth are ignorant. The ignorant ones are mostly the old and those whose education was stunted by an education system lead by the Liberals.

    For those of us who aren’t this entire affair with Sattler leaves a bad taste in the mouth and you can rest assured that if I ever meet the guy in a bar he isn’t leaving without feeling like an idiot.

  • Philip Mendes says:

    Sattler is a disgrace, but only a particularly extreme and unsophisticated version of those journos and radio hosts who want to go all the way with the Mad Monk Tony Abbott. How unlucky can we be as a nation to have him as the likely Prime Minister elect.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    Hang on Daniel and Philip !
    Why turn and turn again, in other words twist, the case of a “any-political-party” moron’s performance into an extrapolated party argument ! Just like Shirlee, I also encountered 1st time this idiot, through this very incident. Yet, why would this be specifically an anti Labor ploy cum reflex political partisan behaviour of a fifth class radio big an vacuous mouth/head. True, I just made an unpublished “sexist” comment and, also true, I have switched from Labor electorally some 15 years ago when I noticed that John Howard was/is amazingly GOOD – brains, ethics, everything -, but to come out with Abbot being responsible for Sattler’s disgraceful performance is, at least academically, dear Philip, a bit over the top. Also true Sattler was expressing in the said moronic way a fairly overwhelming dislike lots of Australians have developed for the curent ( only for a short while now, though ) PM. Things being the way they are, this dedicated radio joke is not likely to turn the Labor tsunami in any other direction it is heading now. Gutter populism yes, but of the specific Liberal kind, let’ be serious, definitely NO.
    I am now somewhre in Romania – exctly at my place in the best corner of Bucharest -, but let me tell yourse, I am incredibly glad I am not hearing/seeing day in day out all the electoral stuff peddled now in my Beautiful Oz….You sould try it, it’s Romanian, or any other place – but Australia – heaven.

  • Shirlee says:

    @ Daniel
    “the ignorant ones are mostly the old and those whose education was stunted by an education system lead by the Liberals.”

    The first part of you comment offensive to the extreme. What age do you call old? I am guessing 40 to 50.

    The second part is not much better either

  • Shirlee says:

    @ Philip

    We could do a lot worse than Tony Abbott. Look how long we had to put up with the likes of Hawke and Keating and the worst of them all, dear Julia

    But hang on a minute… what about dear Kev?
    Mustn’t forget him, but then, how could we?

  • letters in the age says:

    Hi Otto…

    Try being witty next time so that sexist comment isnt removed??

    I agree with the erudite Mr Mendes,

    The dregs of the middle class inhabit the fourth estate with these fine exceptions=

    Mr George Megalogenis

    Ms Laura Tingle

    Waleed Aly

    Paul Kelly

    Mr Jericho

    The decay has started with the rest sadly

    Its a malaise now some would say..

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    Hi Lettres

    me “sexist”, no way. In fact I posted smthng quite witty and ANTI sexist saying that Jewish women should not……………………….
    The rest is denied history.
    If only our “Eds” would now how much ( and ways !!) women adore me………

  • letters in the age says:

    Its getting so nasty and dirty in politics

    After September we all need to take a long hot shower…..

    I’m switching off now!

    Shalom and peace be with you all


  • Reallity Check says:

    You saying you’re not a sexest reminds me of the line about some of my best friends are Jewish.
    Now what was Abbott’s reaction to the vile and contemptuous Menu at the Mal Brough dinner. Tacky, as I recall. Tacky? It was downright hatefully and deplorable. And if you believe that Joe Hockey, who attended the dinner, didn’t see it, I have a bridge in Sydney to sell to you. Then there’s Abbott’s friend Cory Benalty who is as bigoted as they come, and we had this Phillip Rothchild making a comparison between what was that vile menu said and jokes about Abbott and how he displays himself in his skimmy all revealing swimmers. What is wrong with these people. Julia Gillard never went around displaying the “big red box” as the menu said. What respect does this Rothchild bloke have for his mother, or wife or sisters or daughters?
    No, Abbott sows the seeds of sexism and xenophobia and let’s his bigots do the rest.
    And what was wrong with Hawke. The best years of growth and proper reform. Hawke was one of Israel’s best friends and put his neck out all the time for Israel and we Jews here have this guy Phillip Rothchild who writes to the Age comparing the vile insulting and sexest, in the extreme menu at the Mal Brough dinner to remarks Abbott and his skimpily and all revealing swimmers. He chooses to wear that rubbish Julia Gillard does nothing to show, as the menu stated to warrant the utterly offensive descriptions she received in that Menu. And don’t tell me that Hockey and others there didn’t see it. How would this Rothchild like it if his mother or daughter were described in such discusting terms?
    All that Abbott can do is peddle fear with no policies and no costings. If he ever becomes PM it will be the start of our darkest period.

  • Reallity Check says:

    Oops, I repeated some stuff because I though I deleted it, but I am not sorry, because it is worth repeating.
    It’s pretty clear where This Saddler’s sentiments lay, and that’s with the conservatives. Saddler, the racist anti-Semite and anti- Israel p..ck is aligned with with the right, those who want Abbott to win and some of these bloggers have much in common with him.

  • Reallity Check says:

    Quite right Anthony, Sattler should have been removed a long time ago. But now News Ltd’s Piers Akerman, a great supporter and friend of Abbott’s has come to Sattler’s defence. I am sure that Akerman knows of Sattler’s association with the anti-Semitic Holocaust denying anti-Israel community.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    Take it easy, “Reality”.
    Numba 1. being sexist is a subjective qualification. We blokes are all sexist by certain standards. Once “punished” by the local Eds. I shan’t indulge in what OTHERS entertain about ladies. Sufice to say that, when being branded above as such I dare say that what I said was, if anything NON sexist, again, by certain standards. ….Gosh, I hope I cleared that stuff !!!!!

    Numba 2.Let’s all agree that Australia is displaying some of the most non-funny deficit in therms of individual – all of them !!- polies when it comes to ANY kind of inspiration. Whether displayed on endless regurgitated “news” interview segmnts or a bit more expansive on shows such as Q&A (ABC), we are feeding 5 Star style non-entities, not worth feeding……..
    Show me one politician on any side worth listening to, one who would leave the audience with ANYthing worthwhile remembering, at all inspiring. Our political hot houses are festivals of stale comedy. Except for John Howard and exceeding with Paul Keeting an Australian PM’s performance on the Parl. floor is measured by the “smart” lines they produce. It is as being in a sumptuous pub during a massively deficitary hapyy hour. The coin’s reverse is the Senate where boredom dominates, again resting on vacuous brain let-downs.
    So, who are you really, Reality, voting for, smarter, more capable, more inspiring parasites on the public purse !!
    Would our current Finace Minister or Treasurer have the slightest about finance and treasury matters, would our current Health minister know how to take anyone’s blood pressure or even administer a disprin, how many languages does Bob Carr master and what military rank has Il Generalissimo Smith attained !! Gillard shall be abandoned from my list for obvious and embarassing intellectual reasons………..
    As about the Libs ( for whom I shall most definitely vote !!), you may switch any of the names and portofolios with the above Labor losers, it wont make any dif.
    12 month old update: our “best friend” Hawkee has delivered a bellow the belt king hit to all those for whom being a REAL friend of Israel mattered. Least we forget !

  • letters in the age says:

    Conservative middle class Australia has proudly voiced their bigotry for the world to see


    Jonh Stewarts Aussie gag now seems hilarious!

    Last comment

  • Philip Mendes says:

    Shirlee and Otto: the comparison is not between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott as people, the comparison is between their policies. The current ALP Government is far too conservative in many areas for my liking – the compulsory income management policy is a disgrace to give one example. But mostly they are just an inoffensive slightly right of centre government. In contrast, Abbott is an off the planet far right extremist. His mentor was B.A. Santamaria. Be careful what you wish for.

  • letters in the age says:

    Thats right Mr Mendes!

    I have read Santamarias biography…

    Its pretty interestng to say the least but it gives me an insight into Abbotts mindset


  • letters in the age says:

    Obama has lifted the bar in inspirational leadership

    Despite what you may think of his politics he was and still is inspiring

    Respect to the U.S.A for choosing him as president


  • Shirlee says:

    At least ‘letters in the age’ we aren’t of the far Left as you appear to be and rude to boot.Is it impossible for you to comment and be polite?

    Philip, I have no issue at all with Abbott apart from his lack of personality. I don’t see him as an extremist. Anyhow, I am not voting or him I am voting for a party. If I was voting for a person Julie Bishop would win hands down.

    To tell you the honest truth, ANYONE would be better than what we have at this point in time. My father must be turning in his grave to see what has become of the Left of politics.
    He was an elected member of government in the UK for 25 years as a Communist.

    Obama inspiring? You cannot be for real. Colonel Allan West..now there’s a man for you that is inspirational.

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    I used the apelative Abbott alongside Gillard in precisely the same symbolic manner as you. As about Santamaria, at stis juncture he is ast even the status of “relic” as far as fundamental party platform.
    To be honest I already regret using those terms “fundamental party platform” – kind of convoluted term for “ideology”. Neither Labor nor the Coalition have complicated their lives with such an anti populist burden. All we witness now are endless strings of “efficient” words coagulated in simplistic syntax and punctuated carefully by accents of emotional aggressiveness. These clowns in suits are out to win hoy poloi, not to excell in fine dialectics. To this extent I am 100% with you about Abbott, but, as I said, not a “mind” laden with “principles” of any kind. Just because Santamaria peddled for decades obtuse ideologies of the best brand of bronze, cast and blessed at the Holly See, it no longer holds that fellow perishoners would align these days to something so badly obsolete. Santamaria was obsessed with political anlyssis of systems – leftist, of course – which , in reality had absolutely NOTHING to do with the slightest possible incidence upon our Australian shores. He was mannic, the type, however, with some appeal to certain segments. He was and, most certainly, IS incredibly irrelevant, not a point of refference, as I see it. This is the standard statement that you give Abbott excessive intellectual credit. Rethorically, just as well, Abbott is constantly disapointing, unless he reads the stuff.
    Here stops, however, any analogy with Tony’s spititual afinity. One wishes that anyone within the Liberal Party could conceive the first phrase of a political/ideological programme. Same goes for Labor, anyway.

  • Otto Waldmann says:

    …typos: messy 2nd line. Read : ” Santamaria , at this juncture, hasn’t got even the status of “relic”….”

  • letters in the age says:


    Hi Otto et al,

    When lazy terms like left and right wing are used the argument is morally bankrupt and not worthy of a repy thus I dont respond!

    I see the lovely Waleed Aly has hit the nail on the head with his accurate observation in this timely programme.

    Shirlee ,you may like to listen carefully to what they have to say!




  • Shirlee says:

    @ letters in the age

    Is being rude to people your forte?

    I cannot be bothered with you

  • letters in the age says:

    I voted Greens in the senate last election!

    A swinging voter now and left politically homeless


    Ducks for cover..

  • letters in the age says:

    If I was a centrist I would be ok with you Shirlee…?

    That’s an old tactic for being absolutism

    Thats’ your perogative…its disappointing to say the least!


  • TheSadducee says:


    Do you think this “elite racism” doesn’t apply to Jews through the avenue of anti-Zionism?

  • letters in the age says:

    I dont think im rude at all..sorry if it seems to be that way

    My whole objective is to expose the self serving hysteria with some of the people on this blog and their reactionay response to various issues.

    My goal was achieved, I guess ,by eliciting such a reaction


  • letters in the age says:

    Hi Saducce,

    Not sure exactly what you are suggesting there??

    Do you mean the Uncle Tom variety?

    Only last week on John Faines show a Jewish man exhibited the self-righteous mantra of polite racism only to be called out by John as a racist..

    Its quite sad really.

    They all seem to have come out of the woodwork recently via talkback.

    They seem to be an older,aggressive mid to late 50’s demographic amongst the middle to upper middle classes.

    Its very weird..


  • TheSadducee says:


    What I was suggesting was that many social elites express anti-Judaic sentiments through their anti-Zionism (which is often a soft and acceptable form of prejudice).

    I was curious whether you believe that this is accurate or not? i.e. can anti-Zionism be a form of elite racism?

  • Reallity Check says:

    Because we are such a closed community with little contribution coming in from the wider community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, those within these closed circles of this limited debate, an argument is put forward which makes sense only to those who are within that circle. Someone then, who is totally convinced with the argument being sound and reasonable, goes public, like on Jon Faine’s programme, and expects the world to be synthetic to that insular view. How awful.

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    let’s say that I do not practice labeling on ideological stuff, mainly “left”, because I simply know that a REAL left would never allow as members those brandishing their lunatic version.

    As about lessons on how to approach racial slurs, my sources are quite diferent to what you are suggesting, not that certain academics from certain alternatives ethnic/faith groups would not be anxious to see that we join them in breaking bread – or pita – on what would SEEMINGLY be the same issue. And I DO take issue with that………

    vell, better now !!!

  • Philip Mendes says:

    Shirlee: I know all about your father’s background because you told me, and I’ve been researching many of his comrades for my forthcoming book. But I find it hard to believe that he or any Communist or ex-Communist wouldn’t regard Tony Abbott as a serious “running dog lackey of the capitalist ruling class”. As for Julie Bishop, you surely are kidding me.

  • letters in the age says:

    Briefly and I will get to the point!

    The community isn’t closed in my viewpoint,it’s varied and diverse!

    Infobesity….too much information regardless of their merit Otto without no indepth analysis…flow of information and our obsession with it ,has made us shallow.

    You are correct!

    I wait for people like Manny Waks to enter politics and another generation that are smarter,stronger and will equip the community quite well!!

    We have the most educated generation ever who always ask questions and contribute greatly.

    I’m very excited for the future as we all should be!

    The future is exciting and we should embrace it with gutso!

    Its going to be difficult to get ENIGMATIC leaders….

    That’s the challenge.

    The young elite are going to surprise us all!

    Wait and see…



  • letters in the age says:

    Anti-zionism as elite racism…?hmmm

    Within the Jewish context ,yes!

    Go to the many private schools around the country …its there amongst the !”white flight ” middle class parent.

  • letters in the age says:


    May you politely point out to me my rudeness and my far left bias…

    Just interested to see how you came to that conclusion??



  • Shirlee says:

    @ letters in the age

    If you can’t see your rudeness you have issues.Major issues. As for “far left bias” I don’t recall making comment on that and have no intention on reading back

    Philip I will reply to under private cover

  • Otto Waldmann says:


    I too congregate with the younger generation of the Jewish kind, right under my roof.
    Generally ,interest in Australian politics is affected by :

    – incredibly poor quality of current – and recent taditional standards in the larger political fora.
    – fierce competitive climate within the strict political structures ( parties)
    – relatively poor chances of proffessional advancements
    – fiercer competitives climate in the wild adversarial climate of our political scene
    – huge sacrifices in the private life with merciless intrusions into it by countless mechanisms ( media, social media, anti-corruption bodies, frequent unfairness in the approaches within etc. )
    – much better offers outside the political scene for the educated youth.

    My Son, a dedicated academic, has ONE former school mate non Jew (Syd, Grammar ) involved peripherally now in politics.
    I know oly one Jewish “kid” formerly involved in politics, now about to abandon it.
    The pathetic Jewish attempt in Wentworth last time is a good example. The Labor candidate was left out to dry after a non-contest in the nominations, anyways.
    The only Jew in NSW Parl. is gone, the two in Fed. Parl….who knows !!!Let’s face it, we do not have a communal tradition of political activism. The last bigger name that comes to mind is Syd Einfeld and I already regret that…….

  • letters in the age says:

    Yes Otto I understand..

    People will engage in politics outside the major party system in different avenues as they already do now!

    Think tanks,lobbying etc

    The two party system is broken!

    I dont blame them either after recent events!


    Civic engagement is important as it effects all of our lives!!

  • letters in the age says:


    Forget sattlers sexism it seems Miss Grace is a woman with her own sexist attitudes in this ridiculous interview about our p.m

    Repugnant and weird…wonder if shes anti-semitic as well??


  • letters in the age says:

    June 16th post….

    ….At least letters we are as of the far left as you..

    Shirlee, in a court of law you wpuld lose the argument…

    Have a nice day!


  • letters in the age says:

    Eds: Content removed. You’ve been warned several times in the past about not posting links and content that are irrelevant to the topic of the article. Either make an effort to find an article on the site (there are several hundred to choose from) applicable to the link you want to post about, or don’t post at all. We’d prefer to tell you this via email, but it doesn’t appear as if you have provided a legitimate email address.

  • letters in the age says:


    Not intentional!!

  • letters in the age says:

    If I am perceived for being of the far left….

    That would be a compliment when the coalition have become conservative extremists….


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