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Howard Sattler Suspended – But why was this Holocaust Denier on air in the First Place?

June 14, 2013 – 9:51 am54 Comments

Fairfax Media, owner of Perth radio station 6PR, that broadcasts Sattler

By Anthony Frosh
Howard Sattler’s questions to Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday, concerning the sexuality of her partner, were plainly reprehensible. And it does not matter what one’s feelings or inclinations are toward the Gillard Prime Ministership. Even Andrew Bolt, one of the PM’s most well known detractors from the conservative side of politics stated that it was “An utterly disgraceful interview,” and said, “The suspension should be lengthy.”

Personally, I find it incredible that Sattler was on the air in the first place.  And what was the Prime Minister (or her advisers) thinking in agreeing to be interviewed by him?

Sattler’s past behaviour indicates that he hates both Israel and the Jewish people, and if one Googles around, they’ll find that he has considerable support from anti-Semitic crackpots. That alone might not be sufficient enough complaint. However, Sattler has previously, if not outright denied, then at least questioned the actuality of the Shoah.

In 1990, he did an extremely softball interview with a Bostonian fraudster and Holocaust denier. As was reported in the JTA at the time, and I encourage readers to click on the link to read the full report, Sattler concluded the interview by announcing to his audience,

“The story we just covered relates to the so-called Holocaust, where we have been told that millions of Jews suffered in the concentration camps, the Nazi camps during World War II.”

Unfortunately, Sattler’s softball interview with a Holocaust denier, and his own support for that Holocaust denier, and his own reference to the Holocaust as the “so-called Holocaust” were not enough to get Sattler sacked or even suspended. It ought to have been.

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