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Our Own Leadership Change

June 28, 2013 – 7:36 am8 Comments
Bill Shorten was not at all involved in our leadership change.

Bill Shorten was not at all involved in our leadership change.

By Anthony Frosh
As our country undergoes something of a leadership crisis, we’re pleased to report that Galus Australis is having a much more orderly and amicable leadership change.

Now, we’ve made a point of not reporting on ourselves too much (we’ve left stories such as “Editor celebrates birthday” to a certain other publication) but it would be remiss not to announce I will be stepping down as editor of Galus Australis, effective from today.

It’s been a hectic four years, and while it’s been a great experience, the time is right for me to step back and let someone with fresh eyes, fresh ideas, and fresh enthusiasm takeover as editor. And that someone is Alex Fein. The success that Alex achieved with the Sensible Jew blog was a major impetus for the establishment of Galus Australis. Importantly, Alex has a commitment to the pluralistic values that are so integral to this publication.

I will still maintain some involvement with Galus, including assisting Alex as she finds her feet as editor, and of course writing articles.  Nevertheless, in exiting as editor, I’d like thank our readers and also our sponsors. I’d particularly like to thank our regular contributors. Lastly, I’d like to thank my wife, Rachel, both for all her hard work building and maintaining the site’s back-end, and for putting up with all the mishegas that comes with the territory.

Good luck and Good Shabbos!

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