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This week: What do You Think?

July 5, 2013 – 11:31 am12 Comments

kevin-rudd2From the editor:

Alt Neu Labor:

. Rudd’s back and his Zionist credentials are questioned in some quarters. With this in mind does the tenor of Bob Carr’s piece in The Australian (and on his blog) on July 3 bode ill for Australia/Israel relations?

. Was ECAJ’s Danny Lamm right in strongly and publicly condemning Carr’s piece  or is a more conciliatory approach preferable?

. What of MP, Melissa Parke’s, appointment as Minister for International Development? Should this speech she gave in parliament give us pause?

. Were you surprised by the venomous response to Ed Husic’s swearing on the Koran? Do you feel Australia is has a problem with racism?

. Looking at events this week through a Jewish lens, Rabbi Ralph Genende writes on Caulfield Hebrew Congregation’s Facebook page about the pain and necessity of cultural change.

editor’s note: any racist comments will be deleted and their authors suspended. Please follow our new comments guidelines.

Happy Rabbis, Angry Rabbis:

. What do you make of the $60,000 government grant to the RCV (Rabbinical Council of Victoria) to facilitate their pastoral activities?

. What do you think about the NSW Rabbinate’s fury expressed in Thursday’s AJN (letters to the editor section) in response to an AJN editorial criticising the Rabbinate for failing to condemn properly Rabbi Baruch Dov Lesches’s bizarre comments on child sexual abuse?

 Exploitation or Legitimate Grist for the Museum Mill?

Amy Winehouse’s possessions go on display at the London Jewish Museum. Is this ghoulish or is there cultural value in the exhibition?

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