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Shavua Tov: Some Sunday Diversion

July 7, 2013 – 2:50 pm5 Comments

From the editor:

jon stewart2Farewell Morsi: At least you’ll be spared the agonies of political satire. Jon Stewart does more for Egyptian/Jewish relations than all previous diplomatic efforts combined.

Best of Seek and You Shall Find: Nadav Gold’s question on, “she lo asani isha,” provokes a fascinating discussion.

Read: Arnold Zable’s beautiful writing at The Well.

Not Safe For Work or the Easily Offended: Bubbala Please – Gangsta Bris.

Not safe For Good Taste or the Easily Appalled: Jewish Mum of the Year

Game of Thrones: Imagining the Jewish Version because the original is not sufficiently geeky.

Defeat of the Antisemitic Zombies: In case Jewish Game of Thrones didn’t suffice.

Food: Daniel Broder’s no bake chocolate peanut butter cheesecake… for when you’ve convinced yourself genetics – not environment – is the key to longevity.

Nu? What’s Taking So Long? Putting the entire Jewish cannon in one spot – in Hebrew with English traslation.

Time to Kill This Weekend? Why not watch Howard Stern speak to Jerry Seinfeld for a really long time.

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  • Jonny Schauder says:

    Got to watch the Job Stewart piece
    A working link.


    Brilliant cross cultural relationship building through satire.

  • Jonny Schauder says:

    Alex will this be a regular editorial bit? It’s great!

  • Alex Fein says:

    Thanks for providing the working link, Jonny!

    At the moment, I’m trying out a few new things to see how they go, and to see what interests people. Glad you liked the post! :)

  • letters in the age says:


    Girl, you have the same sense of humour as I…

    Make it a regular item!!


  • letters in the age says:

    Here’s a suggestion for next week.

    Curb your enthusiasm….Palestinian chicken episode.

    Funny me thinks!

    Hilarious series..but you guys already know that.

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