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Shavua Tov: Picks of the Week

July 14, 2013 – 2:35 pm2 Comments

From the editor:

arrested devlopment2Shavua Tov everyone. We present the pick of Jewish life from around the web.

Pick of Tablet: For fans of Arrested Development, read about how the Bluths are the archetypal Jewish family.

Pick of Jewcer: Help the producer of Bubala Please continue producing his videos (not safe for work or the easily offended).

Pick of the videos: Watch Mel Brookes talk about his life (hat tip – Jewtribe.com)

Pick of Hipster Jew: Re-examining the K-word.

Pick of Heeb: Let’s all Pray Naked – a take on the Women of the Wall controversy.

Pick of Arutz Sheva:  Will Egypt divorce the Palestinians?

Pick of Times of Israel: A call for Israel’s social justice movement to get serious.

Pick of Haaretz: Why would you want to learn to read ancient Hittite?

Pick of Zeek: Ever wondered what happens when a Hasid leaves the fold?

Pick of what’s on:
1) Ittay Flescher and Felicity Dinah will be performing at the Moishe House open mike night next Saturday. There’s a very good reason the Moishe House is a magnet….

2) Even if you’re not into the gala scene,  hearing Deborah Lipstadt tell of her do-or-die battle with David Irving has got to be a highlight of the speakers’ circuit this year.

Updated to add: An Israeli 5 year old girl is in desperate need of a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. Please go to Gift of Life to see if you’re elligble to register and maybe you could help.


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