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This Week: What do you Think?

July 25, 2013 – 8:57 pm17 Comments

From the editor:

david kramer2Convicted paedophile, David Kramer, could be free in three months. Do you think the sentence is appropriate? Do you think Yeshiva has handled the sexual abuse issue well? If not, what do you think it could have done better?

Meanwhile, a number of key Jewish organisations have come together to offer community groups a free seminar on dealing with allegations of child abuse. Do you think this is a positive move on their part? Do you think there is a duplication of resources, considering the work Tzedek is doing?

Israel’s new Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi, David Lau says, “I am everyone’s rabbi – I do not belong to one sector or another, but to all of Israel.” Do  you believe this to be the case? Haaretz certainly doesn’t. Do you feel that non-Orthodox streams of Judaism will fare well under his rabbinate? Can one Orthodox rabbi effectively represent every Ashkenazi Jew?

The Jewish Daily Forward examines the problematic nature of Pope John Paul II’s friendship with the Jews. Do you believe there is space in Catholicism for an unambivalent acceptance of Jews? Can we ever be truly reconciled with Rome?

Two young Chicago Jews write about the importance of Jews’ combating anti-Muslim bigotry. What do you think our responsibility is in this arena? Do Australian Jews do enough in fighting racism beyond anti-Semitism?

Pick of Seek and You Shall Find: Michael Ess discusses the inauthenticity of Haredi Judaism and asks – among other things – whether Modern Orthodoxy should distance itself from more extreme forms of our religion. What do you think?

Hat tip to commenter, Letters in The Age: Jewish ethicist, Leslie Cannold, may become a Senator if Julian Assange is elected but unable to return to Australia. See the comments section for more details.


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