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Galus Exclusive: What The Hell Is Danby Doing? Breaking News: Meir Rabi Condemns RCV; A New Beth Din & More

August 27, 2013 – 12:01 pm26 Comments

From Yaron Gottlieb and the editor.

galus exclusive and breaking2

Today, we have an exclusive from Yaron Gottlieb, breaking news from Meir Rabi, and other important news from around the community:


Yaron Gottlieb has discovered something quite bizarre about Michael Danby’s preferences:

In a Galus exclusive, Yaron writes:
“When it comes to preferences, Michael Danby claims that he is guided by principle. But there are two elements that clearly show this is not the case.

1. It seems that Danby has issued two “how to vote” cards. My best guess is that one is for Jews in Caulfield (or a certain type of Jew) that they receive in the mail, and one is for the rest of the electorate that they receive at the polling booth.

What does it say about Danby, who claims that his preferences are based on conscience? Which conscience exactly?

The reason I believe that there is a special “how to vote” card for Jews is because the one I received in the mail was accompanied by a letter describing all the wonderful things Danby had done for the Jewish community. On that card, Family First was put in second place and the Sex Party was put last. On the “how to vote cards” at the polling booths, those parties’ positions were reversed.

It seems Danby believes that people who care about the Jewish community are more likely to be sympathetic to Danby if his second preference is a homophobic, ultra-conservative party that doesn’t believe in human induced global warming and wants to take indigenous affairs back to the 1960s. What does this say about Danby’s view of us?

2. On both how to vote cards, Rise Up Australia, a racist, Islamophobic, and homophobic party, is put above both Liberals and Greens. Danby claims he is putting Greens last (below even the Liberals) out of principle. His principles don’t seem to extend to condemning racist and homophobic parties.

Danby claims to support GLBT rights and to be opposed to racism of all kinds. How are these the actions of a conviction politician?”


In breaking news: the dispute between Meir Rabi‘s kashrut authority and the RCV heats up with serious accusations being leveled at the Rabbinate. [we have placed certain sections in bold]

Kalman Gradstein of the It’s Kosher authority writes to the RCV:

“Please advise the President and the Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) of the following,

We are surprised and disappointed that the (RCV) would act on advice received from one of our competitors (The K.A.of NSW&NZ) now, for something that has been on our website for the last 3 years without prior consultation with us and followed by a media release that we believe showed little respect for the principles of natural justice and halachic legitimacy.

In addition, we believe it is highly suspicious and potentially nepotistic that the RCV chose to hurriedly make this announcement in the same week that one of our long-term kosher certified company’s ‘Lord of the Fries’ opened its newest store in the Sydney CBD (K.A. of NSW&NZ Turf) which initiated some 30 metre long queues of Jewish and Non-Jewish patronage, not to mention an avalanche of comments and opinions of varying shades and colours on the ‘Facebook Page’ of The K.A.of NSW&NZ.

To date, no authenticated correspondence has been received by us from the Israeli Rabbinate and until we are notified by them directly, we continue to believe that the product kosher certified by us and approved by them in 2010 is valid.

We cannot accept ‘cut and paste/photo-shopped’ copies of alleged correspondence provided by one of our competitor, the K.A. of NSW&NZ as evidence of any wrong doing and are surprised at the lack of due diligence applied to this matter by the RCV and suggest that the motives of the K.A. of NSW&NZ are commercially based.

We intend to publish this travesty of natural and Halalchic justice as perpetrated by the RCV to as broad a constituency as possible this afternoon.

We look forward to your response.”


Meanwhile, the RCV issued the following release regarding the establishment of a new Beth Din: [bold is ours]

“The Rabbinical Council of Victoria (RCV) took a major step forward last week, with unanimous agreement to establish a new Beth Din (Rabbinical Court) for Civil and Commercial disputes.

Members at a Special General Meeting approved the establishment of a Trust to be called “Badatz Melbourne” which will govern the new Melbourne Beth Din for Civil and Commercial Disputes. A set of policies and procedures has been developed in conjunction with senior lawyers, and local and international Dayanim.”


In secular communal news, the JCCV has been organising programmes for youth alcohol awareness and child protection.

JCCV Executive Director, David Marlow describes a recent forum on protecting children from abuse that featured representatives from such diverse groups as Addass and Tzedek:

“The Jewish Community Council of Victoria (JCCV) organised a forum on policies and procedures for community organisations to protect children from sexual abuse, which was hosted by Jewish Care.

The forum was ground breaking because of the breadth of organisations that attended with over 40 people from over 20 Jewish community organisations, including seven shules and five schools.  The range of organisations who participated was diverse, including Jewish Care, Adass Israel, Tzedek, Jewish Aid, the King David School and the Jewish Taskforce Against Family Violence.

The keynote speaker was Dr Joe Tucci, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Childhood Foundation who spoke about why child abuse is sometimes not reported, the framework to prevent abuse and the four factors that made organisations vulnerable to abuse:

  • Lack of awareness

  • Lack of knowledge

  • Lack of procedures and systems

  • Lack of confidence to put procedures in place

Dr Tucci led the participants through a number of real life scenarios, some volunteered from the forum participants, to highlight the risks and issues to be managed.  He said that an organisation must be committed and have the resolve to enforce the policies and procedures developed.

Chairman of the JCCV Child Protection Reference Group, Andrew Blode said that it was not a just a need to develop a policy. Organisations needed to build awareness and develop a culture of child protection.

Rabbi Moshe Kahn, Director of Chabad Youth spoke about Chabad Youth’s significant progress in implementing policies and procedures to protect children, its zero tolerance for breaching of policy and their work in achieving accreditation.

Speaking after the forum, Nina Bassat, President of the JCCV said, “Two Jewish youth organisations are leading the way in achieving accreditation in this area, Chabad Youth and the Zionist Youth Council.  Both should be applauded for their leadership and commitment”


Debbie Zauder writes about the JCCV’s Youth Alcohol Programme:
“’I learnt a lot tonight about what alcohol can do to me, my body, especially my brain this is not the way I want to have fun with my friends.’

This was the comment from a Bialik College student after a Year 6 and 7 YAP session at the school, which was attended by over 200 parents and students.

Guest speakers included Kirsten Cleland, Manager of Headspace, Michelle Kornberg, a Family Educator and Counsellor, Danny Elbaum, Operations Manager Chevra Hatzolah. The main message of the evening was that “It’s OK to say no!” Kornberg explained “when a parent says no to their child, whether it is related to alcohol or any other issue, it must mean no and no is not may be. Furthermore, youth should not feel pressure from their peers to drink; youth have the power and the right to say no too.”

The Jewish Community Council of Victoria continues to address the problem of alcohol abuse, and in particular, the problem of underage drinking. An Evaluation Report by Debbie Zauder, the Project Manager, underlines that the JCCV Youth Alcohol Project’s (YAP) has created awareness on the issue of alcohol misuse within the Jewish community and that parents and students find the program extremely valuable.

YAP aims to educate students and their parents about the short and long term effects of alcohol, the legal aspects relating to the supply of alcohol to minors and offers strategies for managing peer pressure in relation to alcohol…

Since YAP’s inception in 2010, over 2000 Jewish families have participated in a YAP session. YAP has developed and orchestrated a diverse number of events and activities in school and community settings, raised awareness of the issue of youth and alcohol, produced and disseminated resources, publications and a JCCV youth and alcohol policy.”

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  • letters in the age says:

    Yep….Danby is a ruthless politician

    Around the traps , people have many interesting stories about him and his staffers…

    Weird is a nice word to use in this case otherwise other words are defamatory.

    A Jew of convenience when it suits him!!

    Thanks for sharing this exclusive Galus!!

  • Reallity Check says:

    And what are these stories Mrs Letters? Just one, or is it that all you are doing is throwing mud. And what an unprincipled poli Danby is! Especially when he got extra funding for Jewish schools and their security, and how he sticks up for Israel at his own peril. “More of a Labour Zionist than Ben Guiron”, is how Bob Carr describes him.
    The Liberals in Melbourne Ports have put the Greens ahead of Labor. The Greens who show their true colours by inviting Toben to a fund raiser and have a big part in the BSD. The parties that Danby puts near the top have no chance of winning anything while the Greens have. Get some perceptive on this Yaron Galus.

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Criticise Danby all you want, but I have no doubt that he’d have done better politically if he’d abandoned his principles and gone along with the ALP’s facile anti-Israelism.

  • Reallity Check says:

    A Jew of convince? That is down right offensive.

    Editor: the rest of this comment has been deleted. Please do not discuss moderation policy in thread. Please email the editor.

  • Yaron says:

    1. Greens have been placed last by the Liberals in Melbourne Ports:

    2. We do get lots of money from the federal government, but any local member would be doing the same for the community he/she is representing.

    An interesting study would investigate whether the Jewish community is any better off since our local member has been a member of the governing party, as opposed to the years he spent in opposition. My guess is that there is not much difference.

    3. Danby has been very public about his preferences being a matter of conscience, a fact that has been reported in the mainstream media. The Liberal’s preferences are purely a matter of political tactics.

    Danby has also publicly supported the GLBT community and his private backflip within the Jewish community, by putting Family First high up destroys his credibility.

  • Reallity Check says:

    It’s pretty obvious Yaron that you’ve done your research to try and discredit Danby. Your Liberal overloads will be awfully proud of you. Danby is still putting the Libs ahead of the Greens and his other preferences are a matter of tactics that every one uses. So have you done that study if the Jewish community is better off with Danby in opposition than when in government or are you running a smear campaign, which you guys are so good at.

  • Reality Check, please avoid making personal remarks. Any further infringement of our moderation policy will result in suspension of your account.

  • Yaron says:

    You are being rather presumptuous. I am an undecided voter. All I know is that my first preference is not going to any of the three major parties.

    I found a real news story. Would you suggest that I not publish?

  • Reallity Check says:

    What is it that attacks you to the Liberals, is it their stop the boats policy, their direct action plan on carbon, scraping the part of the Racial discrimination Act which will delight the Holocaust deniers and other racists, or giving the gambling companies more power to destroy people’s lives, or for their trashing our economy when it’s the envy of most other countries? Or is it that the Liberals will tax you less?

  • Yaron says:

    NOT voting for the major parties implies that I will NOT be voting Labor or Liberal…

  • Reallity Check says:

    So it’s the sex party then,

  • Yaron says:

    RC, as much as you would like it I am not about to tell you my preferences just because you really really want me to.

    I have nothing to declare in this conversation. I am not a member of any political party.

    Can you say the same for yourself?

  • Edith says:

    There’s always the Rise Up Party

    “Rise Up Australia Party is totally opposed to the introduction of Sharia law in Australia – it is incompatible with our democracy and in particular curtails the civil rights and freedoms of women. To be clear we love the Muslim people but oppose their texts (Quran) and Islamic doctrine and ideology. We stand robustly on the foundation of our Judeo-Christian heritage, which includes the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, the 1215 Magna Carta and the 1688 Bill of Rights. In addition, we specifically highlight our right to Freedom of Speech, and the right to a democratic and accountable government. Also, we acknowledge the inalienable human right of each individual to pursue prosperity, happiness and freedom within a peaceful, well-ordered and well-governed society. We also acknowledge freedom of religion, provided the religion is tolerant of other religions. Islam is one religion which opposes the right to assemble and worship other god’s and it vigorously fights to destroy or kill such people whom they describe as “infidels”. “

  • harry joachim says:

    Editor: Please do not discuss moderation policy in thread. Email the editor. Any further violations will result in suspension of your account.

  • bobby basrah says:

    Editor: this comment is homophobic. Any further comments of this nature will be deleted and its authors will be issued with a warning. Further infractions will result in suspension of accounts.

    As a(n observant) Jew, who is quite active in that community, I say that Michael Danby has been an excellent Member who is always available to assist anyone who approaches him or indeed his office for almost any type of matter.

    Of course we’re unhappy with the Labor pro-gay marriage stance – which supports something that the Torah (and until very recently 99% of all civilised and decent people) considers perversity.
    However when his only serious rival is Mr Ekeldahl – an shameless homosexual – then of course religious and traditional Jews (and non-Jews) will cast their vote for Danby.

    Many of us were quite disgusted when we learned who was being offered up as a candidate. I asked a member of the local Liberal branch how it was that Ekendahl was chosen – knowing the views of even many Liberal (non-Jewish) voters regarding gay marriage etc?

    He replied that they had a problem as no one else from the party was prepared to run against Michael Danby!
    (If there are any Liberal machers here, I would appreciate a denial or confirmation of this.)

    Yaron’s childish attack on Danby for ‘politicising’ (Wow!!) his election campaign doesn’t belong on this forum in my view.

    This comment: “…homophobic, ultra-conservative party that doesn’t believe in human induced global warming and wants to take indigenous affairs back to the 1960s. What does this say about Danby’s view of us?”

    Actually what it says is that Danby understands that most of the Jewish community prefer a party with many similar values to those of our tradition – rather than the smutty and dreckish ideas of the Sex Party. Is that really so difficult for Yaron to understand? If so you’ll never make it in politics – or indeed any field where the views of the public are important.

  • Yaron says:

    1. Please read what I said rather than what you wish I said.

    I never claimed that a political campaign should be above petty politics. That is its very nature (and why I have not investigated the Liberal preferences).

    Mr Danby however, has placed himself on a pedestal as a conviction politician, and yet his actions have found him out to be merely another one of the crowd. It is not that he is any worse, just not any better. This is my issue with him.

    2. The candidate’s views on gay marriage seem to have a disproportionate influence on how you will vote. As another observant Jew I feel that there are far more pressing issues in Australia, and could not really care less about the candidate’s views on gay marriage.

    Please do not presume to speak for me on this topic

    3. As to Mr Danby’s work in the Jewish community, there are many Jews who are his constituents. That is his job. Any MP would act the same as Mr Danby if approached.

    The warning given to Reality is based on his attack on Letters not me.

  • Reallity Check says:

    Don’t flatter yourself Yaron, I couldn’t give a damn who you vote for but I reckon it’s a pretty conservative lot.

    Editor: a portion of this comment has been deleted. You have been warned about discussing moderation policy in thread. Your account will be suspended for the next 24 hours.

  • Yaron says:

    We all know you are voting for Labor, but I think you need to disclose the nature of your relationship with Mr Danby.

    Are you just a Labor member? A staff member of Mr Danby? A volunteer?

  • TheSadducee says:

    @bobby basrah

    I have taken interest in some of your remarks:

    Why is the Lib candidate Ekendahl a “shameless homosexual”?
    Is his homosexuality something that he should be ashamed of?
    Why were/are you “quite disgusted” that he is the Liberal candidate?

    What concern is it of yours if the secular state institutes gay marriage? What is the implications for your faith and life?

  • frosh says:

    What a ridiculous (yet highly predictable) reaction from Reality Check, a well known Labor Party hack (which is fine, but he should disclose this).

    I think Yaron’s critics should debate what he has actually written, and put all the other emotive rubbish aside.

    Is it ok for ANY candidate to give different how-to-vote cards to different segments of your market?
    I would argue that it’s highly duplicitous activity.

    What does it say about how Danby thinks of the Jewish community?
    I would argue that he’s quite mistaken if he thinks the majority of us are disgusting bigots like “Bobby Basrah” and “Harry Joachim” above.

  • Ittayf says:

    Hi bobby basrah,
    I am uncomfortable with your use of the phrase “shameless homosexual” to describe one the candidates running in Melbourne Ports. There is nothing shameful about being gay. This clip, features a number of stories from Gay Orthodox Jews outlining how comments like these make them feel.
    I think it’s worth reflecting upon during the month of Ellul.

  • Editor says:

    A reminder to commenters: please do not comment on moderation policy in thread. Please email the editor with any queries. Please do not make homophobic or racist comments.

    Failure to comply will result in a warning. Further infractions will result in suspension of accounts.

  • frosh says:

    Quite right Ittay and Sadducee,

    I take issue with the likes of Bobby Basrah calling himself an “Observant Jew”, because it seems he does not observe כבוד הברייות

  • frosh says:


    It’s fine that you are an ALP member, and I specifically said so in my earlier comment.

    I am not a member of any political party and never have been. I am also not a political conservative by normal definitions of that term. After all, I am against discrimination against same-sex couples in the civil Marriage Act, and that is a matter of public record.

    I’ve voted for Danby in the past, but I am concerned by some of the shenanigans that have now come to light. I doubt he’ll get my vote this year, but I’ll reserve judgment until I hear him and the two other major candidates speak at this event on the weekend.

  • letters in the age says:

    Thanks Galus et al for maintaining standards in this thread.

    I knew that my post would illicit such a predictable response and it’s sad that the editor had to clean up the abuse.

    I appreciate the new policy that’s been set up and it’s refreshing!!


  • Decided Voter says:

    I received a leaflet in the mail today from the DLP (Democratic Labour Party) candidate running in Melbourne Ports, who has a clear belief in and commitment to traditional values, freedom of religion and the dignity of human life. I know who will be getting my vote.

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