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Call Me Any Time: CSG and Private Pressure

September 18, 2013 – 10:44 am7 Comments

By Alex Fein:

keystone cops2Well, they didn’t call my parents….

But they did call someone whom I (and many others) very much respect.

This person – who was connected to one of the incidents reported in yesterday’s article about the CSG – then called me.

CSG had informed this person that the article posted yesterday about our Community Security Group compromised operations.

They didn’t specify which operations and they certainly didn’t specify how the piece had caused damage.

There are so many problems with this modus operandi, it’s hard to know where to begin.

If matters were indeed so serious as to warrant a phone call to this respected figure, why had CSG not contacted me to ask me to remove the post? They have my phone number and email address.

If the article indeed compromised operations, then surely it would have been incumbent upon CSG to contact me.

CSG and its supporters regularly claim that any discussion about its  activities compromises operations, yet they never explain how.

CSG claims it is integral to communal security, yet it has never made public any threat or incident it has been responsible for averting. As mentioned yesterday, its UK counterpart publishes an annual report of such incidents.

CSG’s behaviour last night is further demonstration of a sense of entitlement that is simply not appropriate.

CSG had ample opportunity to speak or write to me before the article was published. I had phoned them twice. When one of their members did call me back, he said that they were not going to comment.

They had the opportunity to speak or write to me yesterday after the article was published.

Instead, they chose to apply pressure behind the scenes, away from any public scrutiny.

If it weren’t so ridiculous, one could be forgiven for perceiving this as a bullying tactic.

Finally, the number of readers yesterday spiked. This is clearly a topic of interest for the community, as it should be. The CSG’s activities are very serious.

Once again, I invite the CSG to enter into public discussion.


Galus will not be posting any articles over the festival of Succot and Shabbat. We wish our readers a Chag Samech.

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  • David Langsam says:

    Ha ha ha … “compromised operations”.

    What operations?

    Harassing congregants?

    Obstructing paramedics attending a cardiac arrest?

    Closing a shul because a ute is not a Mercedes?

    Talking into microphones IN shul?

    You gotta be joking !

  • Steven says:

    Is it halachically ok to get their members to drive all over town on Yom Kippur and Shabat when there is no real danger of any sort? And talk into radios for no reason?

  • letters in the age says:

    I can empathise with you Alex…


    Very Mafia like me thinks!!

  • Doodie Ringelblum says:

    Steven – why do you feel CSG has to work under the constraints of Halakha? I am not aware that the organisation has a religious ethos, and it certainly does not compel any of its volunteers to breach their personal beliefs or standards. (That is different to the issue of whether speaking into radios in shul disturbs congregants.)

  • Alex Fein says:

    Letters, to be fair, CSG is nothing like the mafia.

    There haven’t been threats of any sort. The only pressure that’s been applied has been social.

  • letters in the age says:

    Thanks for that clarification Alex.


  • Jonny says:

    Lol… Great picture…

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