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Ash Rosshandler: A New Path to Fundraising

September 23, 2013 – 11:34 amNo Comment

By Janita Friend:

ash rosshandler2Editor’s note: Ash Rosshandler’s approach to fundraising is a fascinating example of community members’ finding new pathways into the world of social entrepreneurship. Like the Eden Project, Gens X and Y are looking for new and sustainable models of giving back. Below is a piece by his public relations manager detailing Rosshandler’s novel approach:

In a move to create better outcomes for those in need and streamline the cluttered charity market in Australia, Ash Rosshandler, CEO of Karma Currency, has facilitated a merge with successful online volunteering organisation Goodcompany .  The Karma Currency/Goodcompany merge will now mean a ‘one stop charitable giving shop’ is available within Australia, with the aim of connecting those that can give with those in need.

 An Australian first, the merging of the two platforms will give companies and individuals the benefit of visiting just one website to search for a range of volunteering projects and charitable giving options and aims to create a step change in the philanthropic landscape of Australia.     

CEO, Ash Rosshandler, who was named Australian Fundraiser of the Year after establishing Karma Currency, the country’s first online charity gift voucher and gift registry is aiming to change the philanthropic landscape of Australia with the merge, which has been well accepted and already has large corporates Telstra, Origin and NAB using the platform to assist with the running of their corporate social responsibility programs.

“As Goodcompany our focus will be on assisting companies of all sizes to engage with the community and do good.    The aim of the new Goodcompany platform is to offer those companies struggling with staff engagement and management of any kind of corporate social responsibility (CSR) program an efficient, engaging and simple solution,” said Rosshandler.  The new website is www.goodcompany.com.au

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