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Tzedek: Alleged Perpetrator Currently Teaching at Yeshiva Melbourne – Plus Headlines

October 7, 2013 – 11:41 am35 Comments

From the editor:

Please be advised, any mention of – or allusion to – the identity of the alleged perpetrator will result in an immediate ban. Yeshivah has been offered a right of reply.

yeshiva2Tzedek has just issued the following statement:

“We are now in a position to release publicly the following limited information.

Some time ago serious allegations against a current teacher within the Yeshivah College in Melbourne were made and a formal statement has been given to the police. There is an ongoing investigation currently underway. This abuse is alleged to have happened some time ago.

We urge other victims from Yeshivah (past and present) to come forward as this may assist in this case. We similarly urge anyone with information regarding abuse (or cover-up) within Yeshivah to come forward. Of course we encourage anyone with information regarding any other cases of abuse/cover-up to also come forward. You may contact Tzedek for support, guidance or assistance. You may also contact the police directly.

We would like to emphasise that while we have identified the institution involved in this alleged case, the community should refrain from speculating and/or accusing anyone. The right thing to do is to come forward with credible information so that justice may prevail and for our children to be safer. The main reasons we have decided to make this allegation public is because this:

(a) alleged perpetrator is currently teaching children;

(b) institution has a significant record of employing perpetrators/alleged perpetrators (some of whom have already been convicted) and covering up abuse; and

(c) may cause additional victims (or other people with information) to come forward (this has been the trend until now).

Enough! No more silence.”


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  • Elisheva Picker says:

    Aren’t teachers suppose to have ‘Working with Children’ clearance? Can a person who has serious allegations against him, receive such clearance?

  • Reallity Check says:

    I can’t understand how parents can still send their children to this school after all that has been revealed previously

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    “Yeshivah has been offered a right of reply.”
    This should be interesting.

  • Philip Mendes says:

    I am no apologist for the ultra-orthodox, but serious care needs to be taken to ensure this doesn’t turn into a witch-hunt.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    You must be joking Philip. So far two out of two cases that have come to court from Yeshivah Centre are at present sitting in jail. Rather than a witch-hunt, to me it sounds more like calling the pest control in for rats.

  • Reallity Check says:

    Philip no witch hunts here, the issue is protecting our children from these vile criminals and those who protect them

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Editor, as a journalist who has broken stories in the past, I believe you should seek out an answer to the following questions from Yeshivah Centre, even if they don’t want a right of reply to the article: If they knew about a teacher being actively investigated by the police for CSA, would they suspend the teacher till the outcome of the investigation? What if the police did not charge the teacher at present, but refused to give the teacher a clean bill of health because they had a credible victim/witness? Does Yeshivah Centre know who the teacher is in this case?
    I believe these are questions that parents at the schools have a right to ask and get answers to.

  • letters in the age says:

    The wider community are also concerned when these individuals are working within their neighbours and other famlies in the area.

    It’s not fair for the decent people in this busy gentrified area.

  • letters in the age says:




  • Joe in Australia says:

    Letters in the Age, I am so glad that you corrected that typo.

  • Philip,

    Witch hunt? Of course not. The circumstantial evidence is so compelling, it’s more than sufficient for most to have reached judgement a long time ago. The “connections” and “links” between this one, that one and the other one are as obvious as 1+1=2. Bring on the lynch mob!!

  • Steven says:

    David, either I don’t agree with your comments or I don’t understand them. Let us know if the last one was sarcastic or not.

  • Steven – yes, it was sarcastic.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Mr Werdiger Esq. Do you have any answers to my valid questions above @October 7, 2013 at 9:17 pm?

  • Galus Australis says:

    Emanuel, please keep the tone civil. Embellishments such as, “Esq.” do not conform with Galus commenting policy.

  • TheSadducee says:

    Esquire is actually a compliment – not sure why it doesn’t conform to the commenting policy?

  • Galus Australis says:

    Sadducee, it’s clearly sarcastic. That is not welcome.

    Nor is discussion of moderation policy in thread. Please refer any further questions to the editor via email.

  • Shulem says:

    I would be happy enough to have been made aware that there is child abuser on the loose without naming the school at this stage.
    If the perpetrator isn’t named neither should the institution.
    Rather, the proper and respected authorities should inform the administration of institution about the investigation and then the institution should suspend the suspect until it is all cleared up.
    I am just saying.

  • letters in the age says:

    Joe in Aus…



    Best of luck to Manny and the royal commission hearings that are conducted in private.

    Justice prevails.

    Relief to all victims and families concerned.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Shulem: Get someone to ask the school if they know, and if they do, why is the teacher not suspended. Parents should be up in arms about this, I know I would if I had a kid in the school. Werdiger above does not answer this question at all, instead complaining about a witch-hunt; perhaps he could ask one of the Committee members he knows?

  • Brad says:

    Nice lunchtime break we hear. Coats treat you well?
    You seem to have a real bee in your bonnet. What’s your beef with all of this? Seems way to personal.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    “Brad”: What’s my beef? Should be yours as well.As for “Nice…well?” I have no idea what you are talking about. Take your medicine (editor: this is professional medical advice, not ridicule of the writer).

  • Joe in Australia says:

    I suppose Yeshivah is in an invidious position: interfere with a prosecution by revealing the teacher’s identity, or face the wrath of anonymous commentators by failing to satisfy their inchoate demands. They’re both difficult positions, but I suspect Yeshivah will go with the one that doesn’t expose them to a libel suit and criminal prosecution.

  • For the record: I don’t response to taunts (or any comments) from sockpuppets.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    “Joe”: Exactly what libel suit would ensue from them admitting they know about the police enquiry about a current, serving teacher, or denying it if they don’t know?
    And this is not a frivolous matter, but one of great public interest, where many believe that the parents of children in Yeshivah Centre have rights too…

  • Reallity Check says:

    This is crazy, there are no witch hunts or lynch mobs. What ever happened to protecting the most vulnerable in the community, our children, from these vile criminals and those who harbour and protect them?

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Emanuel Newgant: Let us suppose that Yeshiva College has been told that the police are investigating someone on their staff. What do you think they should do? As I see it the options are:

    1) Nothing.
    2) Tell everyone that someone on Yeshiva’s staff is being investigated, but not say who it is.
    3) Tell everyone which staff member is being investigated.
    4) Suspend the staff member, which will inevitably identify him or her.

    The last two options are the ones which might interfere with a prosecution, but I can’t see much point in them saying “Neener neener, we know something we’re not telling you!” If you feel differently then you could always do something about it yourself.

    Reallity Check: I daresay that the chances of any staff member under suspicion interfering with a child now are pretty remote, and a modicum of sensible supervision would prevent it altogether.

  • Brad, any further personal remarks, taunts, or otherwise off topic comments will result in a suspension of your account.

  • Galus Australis says:

    Any further speculation about a commenter’s identity, any personal or off topic remark will result in a 24 hour suspension of account.

  • Shulem says:

    Spot on Galus Australwas is.
    Emanuel, I asked and answered.
    I was satisfied with the response that there is no new investigation going on that no one knows what Manny is going on about.
    What we all do know is that he wants compensation and that he wants to destroy the Yeshivah and all connected to it.
    He has a profound hatred for anything or anyone orthodox.

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Four weeks have passed since the news release from Tzedek. Have there been any developments? Have charges been laid, or are they likely to be laid?

  • Rishus says:


    If he named the alleged perpetrator, every parent would be able to make their own judgment about the veracity of the claim, and whether to prevent their children from having contact with Manny’s target.

    Far better, from Mannys’ perspective, is to make this a story about the Yeshiva, with an insignificant role allocated to the mystery bogey man.

  • TheSadducee says:


    And what would his motivation be to make the story about Yeshiva rather than the victim/suspect? What is he getting out of this? How is he benefitting from it?

  • Joe in Australia says:

    I don’t see that anyone benefits from the latest story. An unspecified person says he was assaulted by someone else. No charges have been laid; apparently nobody is under investigation; but there is a stream of press releases to trumpet this vague and inchoate claim without any way of verifying it or any suggestion as to what a concerned parent might do.

    Meanwhile, we have the news that Manny’s parents are going to move to Israel on a part-time basis. Good for them, I suppose, but this focus on Manny and his family is extraordinary. So far I think we’ve had Manny’s Father Was Shoved, Manny’s Brother-In-Law Was Insulted, and now we have Manny’s Parents Are Moving.

  • issac brott says:

    Have a democratic election for a new committee at Yeshivah….sweep the smootz out…..open the records that they havent already hidden/dissappeared/destroyed ….come clean and put it behind the community.Until that happens we are not going to know the full extent….what really happened,who is/was responsible and what was and what was not done….we all certainly know what should have been done….oh look you are all knodding your heads in agreement…well you all know then what needs to be done…ITS CALLED A HOUSE CLEANING!

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