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Yeshivah Responds: We Ensure the Safety and Wellbeing of All Children in Our Care

October 8, 2013 – 11:17 am53 Comments

From the editor:

yeshiva2We asked Yeshivah to respond to Tedek’s allegation yesterday that an alleged perpetrator of child sexual abuse is currently teaching there.

Yeshivah’s response is below:

“As part of Police protocols, the police will notify an educational authority if there is a staff member who is being investigated.

Yeshivah Centre has not been contacted by the Police and has no knowledge whatsoever of any ongoing investigation.

We remain vigilant in child protection to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children in our care.”

 Please remember: any allusion whatsoever to the identity of the alleged perpetrator will result in a permanent ban from this site.

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  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Based on the fact that in the past, a distinction has been made, by people from Yeshivah themselves, between Yeshivah Centre and Yeshivah College, who put out this statement, and does Rabbi Smukler, the principal of Yeshivah College, stand by it?

  • kush says:

    It seems that Tzedek aka Manny has finally been exposed:

    Unlike what Manny wants people to believe, there isn’t in fact any police investigation whatsoever. It is merely a “tzedek aka Manny” investigation.

    As the Yeshivah pointed out, they were not even contacted by the police!

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    kush mir: Does Rabbi Smukler, the principal of Yeshivah College, assert that he knows nothing of a police investigation into a current teacher? I would love an email from Smukler asserting that. Send it to the editor, and I hope she’ll forward it on to me.

  • kush says:


    Rabbi Smukler doesn’t owe you anything. You keep trying to drag him into all your business. Like the drama with the shul 3 months ago. He told you then where to go and he should do so again.

    Stop trying to act dumb as to who you are etc.

    I.B. has identified you (with proof) long ago.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    I don’t know who you think I am, I haven’t got a clue who I.B. is, and I don’t understand the rest of your cryptic rambling.

    Let’s get back to the point, as painful as it obviously is for you: I hear that parents of Yeshivah Centre are up in arms about the fact that a CURRENT TEACHER is under investigation by the police, and while “Rabbi Smukler doesn’t owe (me) anything” (I don’t have a kid there), he certainly owes them.

    I am confident that Rabbi Smukler will not deny he knows of the police investigation, whether from the police or via other sources, although based on past experience of published comments from the Bench and by the police concerning the truthfulness and reliability of senior members of the Yeshivah Centre, who knows?

    I hope he does not go down the wrong path, as others have done, because inevitably, lies require more lies to keep the story “straight”, and very soon there is a tangled web that becomes impossible to escape.

  • Steven says:

    Editor – did anyone at Yeshivah put their name to that letter?

  • israel says:

    It would seem at this point that someone could ask the police to comment on this matter

  • freddy says:


    You claim that there is a current police investigation but you bring no proof!

    The Yeshivah says that there is none!

    The police protocol says that there is none!

    In fact no one in shul knows what you or Manny are talking about!

    The only rambling seems to be you!

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    “freddy”, I repeat: I am confident that Rabbi Smukler will not deny he knows of the police investigation. Cut the crap.

  • Steven says:

    For the record, I would love to know who signed the letter and it’s date.

  • Steven says:

    Anyone who thinks that Manny is making this up is an absolute idiot. In one corner you have a victim fighting tooth and nail to get paedophiles off the street and in jail where they belong, and in the other corner you have Yeshivah, who sends them overseas without warning to re-offend and tries to cover it up.

  • Steven says:

    and lets known paedophiles continue working at Yeshivah.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Steven, spot on, unfortunate there’s no FB “like” button here! But some of the commentators you refer to are simply mischievous and malicious, only idiots inasmuch as they think anyone will believe their concocted “doubts”.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    p.s. For anyone that has any doubts, email rabbi.smukler@yeshivahcentre.org or nechama.bendet@yeshivahcentre.org or call them on 95228222. But if they actually deny what Manny has said, please use your real name so you and/or they can be held accountable.

    Remember again, we are talking about a police investigation into a current Yeshivah Centre teacher, is something not clear here?

  • Brad says:


    As you seem to be so well informed perhaps you could explain why Manny refuses to divulge which police are conducting the investigation. Surely they could be asked and being abiding upholders of the law would either confirm or deny any investigation in process along the lines Manny has posted. There’s nothing in it for them to make a no-comment statement because if it’s true and no parent has been alerted, the proverbial will hit the fan if something happens to any student from here on. I wouldn’t want to be in the investigating squad shoes if something does. He/she/they will be hung out to dry. Getting smellier and smellier by the minute.

  • Galus Australis says:

    Steven, the letter is an official Yeshivah response and does not have an individual’s name attached.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Brad, I repeat: Ask Smukler, on the record.

  • freddy says:


    You seem to be well “informed” of the goings on in Yeshivah community.
    I’m not sure which “community” you belong to, but in the “yeshivah” community no one has any idea what you are talking about.

    The only ones who seem to know about this “investigation” are Tzedek, Manny, and Emanuel Newgant!

    And you are “confident” that Rabbi Smukler knows. And you have the audacity to tell other people that what they write is crap!

    Even the police have no investigation. Otherwise they would have contacted the Yeshivah. Unless the police are now also part of your global conspiracy.

    Your responses are pathetic, off topic and the only one talking “crap” (your words to me) are you yourself.

    Steven, you seem to have nothing logical to add but stoop to calling “idiots” to anyone who doesn’t blindly follow Manny. Very mature.

  • freddy says:


    One more thing;

    Why are you so obsessed with Rabbi Smukler? You posts are illogical ramblings.

    Post on topic or bring proof.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    “Blind Freddy
    (Australia, informal) An imaginary incapacitated person held up as an archetype of incapacity”.

  • Brad says:


    You’re missing the point.

    Galus says it has a letter from the Yeshivah. Who cares who signed the letter? It’s an official letter.You think it’s a forgery or the cleaning lady sent it? Fine. Then let’s ask the police. That way we get to the bottom of the whole story. The police don’t have to identify anyone, although if I was a parent and the story was as Manny posted, I’d want to know who etc. However I cannot imagine the police covering up. Either they are investigating a current teacher or they are not. You’re obviously in the know, therefore get the details of the investigating squad, post it here and the Galus editor/s can call. The editor/s can post the result. Voila. What could be simpler?

  • Emanuel Newgant says:


    You’re missing the point.

    Galus says it has a letter from the Yeshivah. Who cares who signed the letter? It’s an official letter.You think it’s a forgery or the cleaning lady sent it? Fine. Then let’s ask the principal of the school. That way we get to the bottom of the whole story. The police don’t have to identify anyone, although if I was a parent and the story was as Manny posted, I’d want to know who etc. However I cannot imagine the police covering up. Either they are investigating a current teacher or they are not. I’m obviously in the know, therefore get a denial from Smukler, post it here and the Galus editor/s can call. The editor/s can post the result. Voila. What could be simpler?

  • Brad says:


    What a lazy post.

    How many times does the Yeshivah have to repeat what it has put in writing already? If the letter is a lie, the chickens will come home to roost well and truly. Why would the school want to risk lying at this late stage of the game? Seems you have an absolute insane grudge against Smukler and Bendet. Discussing anything with you is pointless. You won’t even consider the best option available which is to ask the police. Everyone wants to get to the bottom of the story, the truth that is, except it has to be your way or the highway. A leopard can’t change its spots, can it?

  • kush says:


    So far you have claimed that:

    1) The is a police investigation: NO PROOF

    3) Rabbi Smukler knows of it: NO PROOF

    4) The Yeshivah knows of it: NO PROOF

    5) parents are up in arms: FALSE (ask any person in Shul)

    how about answering freddy and brad’s points???

  • kush says:

    emanuel newgant,

    since you don’t seem to know who I think you are and you haven’t got a clue who I.B. is, I will jog your memory:


    do a search for newgant and see what comes up!


    He is obsessed with Rabbi Smukler since he didn’t intervene when he got into a fight with H.H.


    He has an absolute insane grudge against Smukler and Bendet AND has all their details, emails etc. since he has emailed them many times in the past few years.

  • Steven says:

    Hi Editor, thanks for your reply.

    I am a bit confused how you know the letter from Yeshivah is legitimate then. If you give me your address I can send you an unsigned letter on Yeshivah letter-head that says that there is currently an on-going police enquiry.

  • shabaknik says:

    I’ve been following this from Europe. Are you all mad over there? Your kids are at stake.
    Anyway, I’ve made a few enquiries from over here, and I’ve been told Waks Snr. discussed this at length in the Royal Commission yesterday.

  • Steven says:

    Most people don’t want to know, don’t want to get ‘involved’ (ie even talk about it) and don’t care until the child that is molested is theirs. eg “5) parents are up in arms: FALSE (ask any person in Shul)”

  • Steven, it’s not quite as exciting as you think.

    I emailed Yeshivah asking them to respond to Tzedek’s allegation.

    Yeshivah’s PR person replied from that email address and that response has been published here.

    Any further speculation about the veracity of this post will be considered off topic and an attempt at derailing discussion. This will result in suspension of your account.

  • Steven says:

    Yeshivah has an executive, a manager, a headmaster and a Rabbi all with different agendas. It’s definately not the PR person running Yeshivah. In a few days you will have wished you knew who wrote that email and in whose name. It will all come out in the wash. You can now suspend me for trying to keep the paedophiles off the street.

  • Steven, your account has been suspended for 24 hours.

  • This is nonsense. Any parent who is concerned about current child protection policies at YBR can talk directly to Rabbi Smukler and either satisfy themselves that the school operates effectively in this area or doesn’t.

    Manny’s statement said that “[t]here is an ongoing investigation currently underway”. Several people have asked if this is a police investigation or not, and that has not been clarified as of yet.

    If it is a police investigation and the school has been informed (as per police protocol), then the Yeshivah statement is wrong. If it’s not a police investigation, then serious questions must be asked of Tzedek as to who is investigating and what their authority is.

    Everything else is baseless and inflammatory accusation, with even less credibility when it comes from people who decline to use their actual names.

  • Shulem says:

    There is a letter to Manny Waks floating around on FB and it is so spot on.
    I urge all to read it and take note.
    It seems to me that Manny was deprived by his parents of attention and affection as a child,(there is strong evidence of that) and now he is in overdrive via media attention.
    He may well have many admirers and but there is a growing number of disenchanted people who feel that he is more concerned with destroying the Yeshivah and attacking individuals rather than helping the victims.
    His comment about Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zatza”l is a case in point, where is feels he is qualified to make one.
    I recommend that you all read that letter.
    P.S. Galusaustralis, if you choose not to post this, its okay by me.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Ad nauseam: There is a current police investigation, Rabbi Smukler knows the target current teacher involved, and it is inconceivable that (to use the Magistrate’s words “unfathomable” if) Smukler didn’t tell his employers. Anyone denying this is either ill-informed, or telling fibs…I venture to say that if Smukler denies this in writing to the parents, someone may take court action against him.

    Parents should understood this is solid fact, not speculation, even though I am anonymous.

    As for David Werdiger stating that “serious questions must be asked of Tzedek”, perhaps not all readers realise that his brother is a long-time member of the COM (the Yeshivah Centre Board). I am making no claims or accusations against him or his brother, but people should be aware of at least possible conflicts of interest, even if they do use their real names.

  • Shulem says:

    Neugant, and you know this because you have communicated with Rabbi Smukler directly?
    I think that you are in fact “ad nauseam”!

  • Brad says:


    Let’s get this right. No wriggle room for you.

    Tzedek AKA Manny posted
    There is an ongoing investigation currently underway. This abuse is alleged to have happened some time ago.(a) alleged perpetrator is currently teaching children;

    In other words what’s being claimed is that a current teacher is being investigated on the basis that he/she is an alleged perpetrator.

    The Yeshivah responded to Galus
    “As part of Police protocols, the police will notify an educational authority if there is a staff member who is being investigated.

    Yeshivah Centre has not been contacted by the Police and has no knowledge whatsoever of any ongoing investigation.

    We remain vigilant in child protection to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children in our care.”

    In other words Newgant (why the bullstish name?)is inferring that
    (a) either there are no police protocols
    (b) There are protocols but the police are unaware of the them
    (c) They are aware but choose to disregard
    (d) The investigation is going on but the police are keeping mum
    (e) The police have informed the Yeshivah
    (f) the Yeshivah is deliberately lying to the public via Galus
    (g) Smukler is responsible for Global warming
    (h) Bendet and Gillard plan to elope

    Take you pick Galus friends!

  • Galus Australis says:

    Shulem, that last sentence is a personal attack and your account has been suspended for 24 hours.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Brad, Kush Mir, Shulem (all of whom some believe are YC trolls), and David W.:

  • Brad says:


    Most interesting.

    Those who disagree with you are trolls, yet for some reason the description may be more applicable to yourself.

    And as you are quick to link wikipedia when it suits you perhaps you should take a close look at yourself.

    I cannot see where other posters including myself fit the description below however there is an uncanny resemblance to your activities.

    Apart from taking up space on this planet can’t you find something sensible to do with the 23 hours/45 minutes of your daily spare time?

    As for the AJN article, one important fact was left out. The alleged perpetrator was swinging from the chandeliers holding on by one hand whilst whilst juggling 5 balls with his feet.

    All at the same time!

    I think this thread has been done well and truly.



    In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[6]

    This sense of the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, but have been used more widely. Media attention in recent years has equated trolling with online harassment. For example, mass media has used troll to describe “a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families.”[7][8]

  • Malki Rose says:

    “Parents should understood this is solid fact, not speculation,” – Emmanuel Newgant

    In light of this… it is absolutely IMPERATIVE that the identity of the predator be made public immediately so that parents are able to keep their children very far away from him!!!!
    Every moment of hesistation is extremely dangerous!

  • Reallity Check says:

    Keep their children away from him, Malki Rose? The criminal should be behind bars. And David Werdiger’s comments are worrying. He is making out that the victims and Manny Waks are the criminals, while the criminals are the victims, why are you defending these disgusting individual, don’t you have children or grandchildren?

  • Daniel Levy says:

    Serious questions should be asked of Manny Waks, Werdiger?

    Serious questions should be asked of YOU.

    1) Why are you so hellbent on discrediting a crusader against child sexual abuse?

    2) Why are you always defending those who cover up paedophilia as if they are the ones who should be automatically trusted, and not the person who has now proven you wrong TWICE in a ROW.

    And when you are done answering those questions ask yourself where your conscience went, read Othello and learn some life lessons about how being a “big macher” only ever leaves one with many life regrets.

  • Malki Rose says:

    What???? “defending the disgusting individual”?? Did you not just read what I wrote!!! I want the disgusting individual far away from children!!
    Let’s have his name and bloody well put him behind bars!!!!!!!!! Why are we delaying on this!!!!?!?!?!??!

  • Reallity Check says:

    Malki, I was agreeing with you.

  • Why cant we all just get along? says:

    I truly worry that the way this whole dark situation is being handled in our community is diabolical and will create irreparable damage to our community in the long term. And much of that damage is happening here on these sites as well as Facebook etc where accountability is low, anonymity is high and extremists and trolls rule the roost.

    As Rambam so wisely said all those years ago lets adopt the middle path and work towards whats best for the community.

    Unfortunately so far those on either extreme are the vocal minority dominating the community noise and its for the worse. To compound the problem the issue seems to have descended into a battle royale between the Manny Waks camp (which admittedly does feature many who are anti orthodox/religious etc) and the yeshiva community (which admittedly does feature many who are involved in the Yeshivah/orthodox/frum community.) Indeed with our community being so small almost everyone seems to be some sort of a stakeholder to one side or the other.

    And if we follow our current track we are in for years of bloody chaotic battles where in the end the biggest loser of all will be our community.

    Lets be clear: we don’t need to be pitchfork bearing vigilantes pining for a lynching and we don’t need to be dumb and deaf and defend yeshivah to the last.

    Most of us fall into the category of the silent majority: wanting whats best for our children and seeing yeshiva continue to grow into a strong education establishment.

    Every allegation can and should be looked into by appropriate policing and legal authorities and they can decide how much it should progress and when things should be made public.

    Lets work together to clean up or community and support the growth of our community organizations.

    Thats my two cents!

  • RC – I don’t understand your comment. I made *two* “if .. then” statements. The only thing that is worrying is if *either* of the two “if clauses” turn out to be true.

    As a parent and engaged member of the community, all these allegations – including the latest ones – are very worrying to me. Let’s just remember that they are just that – allegations – and the justice system must be allowed to do its work and deal with them. The trial by media currently taking place helps no-one.

    ‘Why cant we all just get along?’ has it right. Some more common sense like that is needed here.

  • Steven says:

    “the issue seems to have descended into a battle royale between the Manny Waks camp (which admittedly does feature many who are anti orthodox/religious etc) and the yeshiva community (which admittedly does feature many who are involved in the Yeshivah/orthodox/frum community.)”

    The only battle Manny is waging is to get paedophiles off the street and make Yeshivah safe for children. If Yeshivah wants to continually do the wrong thing eg send paedophiles overseas to offend there, or let paedophiles work in Yeshivah and try to obstruct police investigations, then we need Manny.

    I am sure Manny would not mind if anyone else wants to get involved individually or as a group to get paedophiles off the street. But at this stage It is very possible that NO police investigations would have occurred without Manny’s involvement. Wake up !

  • Malki Rose says:

    Steven, I think its entirely unfair to the people in the community who’ve been working on this, to state that no police investigations would be happening without Manny.
    Of course he has done so much.

    But you belittle and diminish the hard work that has been done by many other people over the years.
    There have been police investigations, DHS enquiries and a great deal of intervention and support provided by hard working individuals who are also dedicated to protecting children. They too have given their lives to this cause.

    They just don’t have the same modus operandi as Manny (i.e. the use of the Media to publicize their work). But they have done a great deal to change the lives of hundreds of children in our community.

  • Emanuel Newgant says:

    Malki, absolutely without belittling others etc, but how many were jailed within the Jewish community before Manny started? And yes, utilising the media, because that’s what was required, and still is, to counteract the extreme conspiracy of cover-up which is still well and truly alive, as demonstrated by some of the comments on recent Galus posts about these matters.

    But enablers and apologists, wake up, the cover-up is over.

  • Malki Rose says:

    I don’t believe its a competition to see who is the biggest hero.
    And I don’t agree with measuring people’s efforts like this.
    Locking people up in prison is an achievement.
    Effecting changes in legislation which protects thousands (courtesy of some amazing people in our community) is also an achievement.
    Creating new programs and services for the protection of children.. another acheivement.
    These last two have been done WITHOUT media.

    (And it remains to be seen whether people can be sentenced and jailed without the use of media. I think most people who work in the judicial system would agree that thousands have been jailed without the aid of media. Perhaps we’ll see what happens at the Kestecher hearing on the 15th of November.)

    It takes many different people working hard at the same issue from different angles, using their various strengths, skill sets and contacts to effect great change.

  • kush says:

    emanuel newgant,

    you finally got a response from “Rabbi Smukler himself”!

    gone all quiet now??

    nothing to say??

    it seems that both you and manny have been exposed.

    the two of you seem to still be the only ones who “know” of an investigation and “know” for a fact that Rabbi Smuker also knows.

    pathetic. pathetic. pathetic.

    you still have not responded to any of the questions posed to you!

  • Esther says:

    Emanuel Newgant,
    We all know who you are!
    Is this perhaps what you were looking for?? (And you will predictably find some way to twist this around)
    Shame on you Tzedek-

    A message from the Principal in response to the recent media

    As Principal of Yeshivah College I find it most disturbing that anyone reading the Australian Jewish News or Tzedek website may be led to believe that Yeshivah College currently employs a known perpetrator of child sexual abuse. This could be no further from the truth.

    We are in regular contact with the Victoria Police and the relevant authorities. The Police have made it very clear that should they believe that there is cause for concern or that we need to take action in relation to any staff member, they will contact us immediately. The Police have unequivocally confirmed, that at present, there are no concerns about any of our staff whatsoever.

    If the Police or any government agency were to make us aware of any staff member being investigated for allegations of child abuse, our school policy is clear and unequivocal; we would unhesitatingly stand them down and remove them from having any access or exposure to our children during the investigation.

    We were terribly disappointed that the Australian Jewish News did not have the decency of giving Yeshivah the right of reply prior to publishing an article about an alleged staff member of our College.

    It is outrageous and irresponsible for the AJN or the Tzedek advocacy group, who profess to act in the best interests of the community and the children within it, to make broad and sweeping allegations. In doing so, they have cast suspicion on hundreds of innocent educators in circumstances when the police have confirmed there are no concerns. This does nothing to keep children safe.

    It is a pity, that instead of acknowledging and encouraging our extensive efforts in child protection, and working together with us to ensure the safety of all our children, that Mr Manny Waks and his Tzedek organisation have instead continued to portray themselves as having a vendetta against orthodox Jewry and in particular the Yeshivah community. It is most disappointing that this vendetta also appears to be supported by the AJN.

    Yeshivah, as an organisation today, can only be accused of being overly vigilant in the protection of our children – something for which we are proud.

    We conclude by reassuring the community that we are absolutely committed to ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable members of the community – our children. We prioritise child safety, with best practice in relation to staff employment policies and training, and employ effective policies to prevent, and procedures to deal with any issues should they ever arise. We are in the forefront of student and parent education, and collaborate and work closely with the community, the Police and Government and support agencies. Together we keep our children safe.

    Once again, we call upon anyone with any information about someone they reasonably believe poses a risk to our children to immediately report their concerns to the Police.

    Good Shabbos

    Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler

    Principal Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges

  • issac brott says:

    I dont know who this Newgant is?So dont speak with authority when you are not being accurate.You are an impressive, knowledgeable and qualified individual who seems to be an excellent principal….stick to your job which is looking after and guiding the children in your care but keep your nose out of the gutter that is the past at Yeshivah.Dont you have enough on your hands…stay above it and distant from it.Certainly you have the disadvantage of having assumed a vitally important critical role at a educational institution that has a pivotal role in the Australian Jewish community but by involving yourself you are just ,inevitably going to taint yourself and spoil what is possibly the last hope for the Yeshivah.
    Regrettably the people who are responsible for this reprehensible abomination,this insult to the jewish community and the community at large seem to still have their hand on the tiller.Remarkably and grossly selfishly they have not sought to provide full [nor any at all!] disclosure .We know there are victims as there are two people in jail….but the extent of the disease within ,the collaboration in payoffs,in intimidations,in bullying all seems to be a closely guarded secret!Who paid for Kramers tickets?How much was he paid to slink of and commit his next beastly act?Who provided the filthy shekels?Did they know why?Was there any attempt to fix safeguards in to protect thousands of children?Where are the minutes where these matters were discussed or have they been destroyed?[Can you hear the scurrying of rats to the filing cabinets and the scratching of matches?]
    What we all want to know is if the people who were in charge when these events [sorry…wait a moment I want to vomit] took place and after these ‘events’ took place have been purged,extricated,cut out from the Yeshivah?Can you tell us about that?That sought of reassurance would go a long way to convincing the community that indeed its a safe place for children….can you assure us of this Dear principal?
    Have the records been preserved and handed to the police?Have there been accusations over the years that have now been handed to the police?Are the fresh people in charge exercising their authority and cleansing the administration of the past ….ensuring that the wound has been cauterised and the institution…our beloved Yeshivah sanitised to the tenth degree?Are all those misguided,irresponsible neglectful culpaple persons who were on the periphery of the first transgression…who failed in their duty to act in accordance with the law…moral,jewish,of the land…that led to the subsequent offences….have they been purged,locked out in shame?THIS IS THE ASSURANCES YOU NEED TO GIVE….WELL CAN YOU PROVIDE THOSE ASSURANCES?

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