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Howard Goldenberg at Limmud Fest

October 30, 2013 – 12:01 pmNo Comment
limmud4Editor’s note: Howard Goldenberg is presenting at Limmud Fest 2013. He has provided the following biography and description of his Limmud Fest presentations.
Slightly well known as the author of two modestly successful works of non-fiction (My Father’s Compass, a memoir; and Raft, an account of his Jewish self in Aboriginal outback clinics), Howard Goldenberg is better known as an eccentric, a blogster, an unpredictable cook, an heroic eater and a slightly pathetic marathon runner.

Recently Howard has created two full length works of fiction, genuine made up fables, both novels. The earlier of the two, Carrots and Jaffas, will be published by Hybrid, the courageous publishers of his first two books. The second novel, A threefold Cord, a story for co-reading by a persoan 8-12 years old with an adult, took three months to write, where the adult novel took four years.

Speaking of fiction, Howard says stories, storytelling and storytellers made him, created his mind, his appetite for wonder, his notions of the human. In particular the novel always seemed to be the pinnacle, the height that a writer creates and the reader labours to climb, only to discover himherself in that fictional-always-true world.

Having now written the two works, Howard discovers the person waiting from him at the top is his own self. Whether labouring four years or 3 months, the writer has only one story, the story inescapable.

“I wanted to tell a made-up story, I wanted to leave behind me that relentless first-person, present-tense, author, that paragon, that constructed lily that readers – to my consternation – love to take at face value and to gild beyond recognition of the maculate original.

I would fabricate, fabulate, escape. Instead I wrote of heartache and suffering, of rescue and caring, of human bonds and human bondage, of redemptive love, of anguished love, of the refugee, of the Indigenous Australian. I kept my promise to myself: no howard goldenberg, no Jewish protagonist, just aussie everyman, loking for meaning. Well, Howard peered at me from every written page, his pre-occupations, his passions, his very physiognomy, his eecentricity and his humour. I couldn’t get rid of the bastard.”

Even Howard’s children’s-adult novel, A Threefold Cord, inspired by the demand of his grandchildren to write  a book “for us, a kids’ book” is a work in  67 chapters, mirroring the number of the author’s years.

Howard contemplates publishing this book under an alternative name, a persona dedicated to storytelling for children. Insteqad of Howard Goldenberg look for Grebne D’ Log.

Howard’s journeys away from self towards self will provie the material for his two sessions at Limmudfest – one on asylum seekers, the other on Aboriginal Australia.

Morsels, scraps and cannibalised portions of Howard’s longer works can be found on his blog each Monday and Friday atwww.howardgoldenberg.com

Howard says, “One post in two is worth reading, but I never know until afterwards which is the good one…”

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