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Gay Marriage: The Gulf Between Our Leaders, An Odd Misrepresentation, and More

November 3, 2013 – 11:29 am42 Comments

From the editor:

marriage equality2There have been some communal developments over the past few days:

In this a letter to the AJN editor this week,  Ravs Moshe Gutnick (ORA President), Yehoram Ulman (RCNSW President), and Meir Kluwgant (RCV President) affirmed two things:
1) Canberra’s Rabbi is indeed Chabad’s Shmueli Feldman. They refer to him as, “rabbi of our nation’s capital.” Many in the community, including the ACT Jewish peak body, were unaware of this.

2) That marriage equality is in contravention of biblical teachings and should therefore not be available to anybody.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s Jewish peak body, the JCCV has issued a detailed statement condemning homophobia. The ACT’s peak body’s statement in the AJN last week made it quite clear that many ACT Jews do not share the Chabad Rabbi’s views on homosexuality. There seems to be a growing chasm between our lay and religious leadership.

In other news, conservative Zionist advocacy group, Shurat Hadin, has launched legal action against a Sydney academic who supports BDS. Interestingly, ECAJ  – which many believe also propagates conservative Zionism – does not support this action. according to ECAJ Executive Director, Peter Wertheim, the action is “counterproductive”. He does not, however, specify why he thinks such litigation is problematic.

Finally, Jeanne Pratt has donated $50,000 to Jewish Care. There has been a lot of debate recently surrounding the funding of “legacy” institutions, such as Jewish Care – which has an enviable track record of service delivery- versus funding start ups.

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