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Tal Spinrad on The Writings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel at Limmud Fest

November 8, 2013 – 8:11 amOne Comment

By Tal Spinrad:

heschel2The following is a press release we received from Tal Spinrad -

“Moral Grandeur and Spiritual Audacity: The Writings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel”

A colleague, advisor…friend of both Pope John 23rd and Rev. Martin Luther King.  Consultant to the Vatican during the early ’60s.  Activist for both peace and civil rights.  Called by Rev. King, “A prophet of our times.”  Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heshel articulated what is best and most dynamic from within the Judaic Nevi’im tradition.  Bold, as well as respected, on the world stage, Rabbi Heshel’s legacy is aptly witnessed by his vast and powerful writings.  During this session we will immerse ourselves within the mikvah of several pieces covering a wide range of subjects.  These topics will include, but will not be limited to, civil rights, the peace movement, Tanakh (focusing on Nevi’im), alternative ways of thinking (with a focus on Autism), politics, prayer and of course G-d.  All of Rabbi Heshel’s writings take on the world’s present day urgencies with an unflinching passion that both inform and move the reader.  Indeed, in Heshel’s own words, we will be taken to a realm of “moral grandeur and spiritual audacity”.

Known for creating dynamic “Outside the box, yet within the tradition” programs, both in the United States and Australia, our facilitator for this program, Tal Spinrad, is the Director of Beit Lama-Loh.  Tal brings the persona of Ezekiel as played by Mel Brooks to his educational style.  Beit Lama-Loh serves the community as an educational resource for those interested in Jewish Family Education and for those families with members with alternative educational needs.  With decades experience as a classroom educator, Tal has presented within many forums on profession development.  Tal has brought his experience as a Jewish Family Education Fellow to Australia and piloted both an unique Jewish on line school “Limud On Line” and the compelling “Family Room Project”.  These venues for Jewish education focus on an intergenerational vision of traditional Jewish education while shifting the setting for such growth experiences from the school room back into the home.  Please feel free to contact Tal at lamaloh1@hotmail.com or check out Beit Lama-Loh at www.lamaloh.net

Limmud Fest is taking place from November 22-24. Register at http://www.limmudfest2013.com/

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  • Philip Mendes says:

    Now there is a Rabbi I have enormous respect for. The great Rabbi Abraham Heschel of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, who was known as ‘the Jewish conscience’ of the civil rights movement. Heschel also actively campaigned against the Vietnam War

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