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Another Alleged Perpetrator Faces Court. Holocaust uniqueness? Jewish Care Abuse Response. Abuse Hush Money And More

November 15, 2013 – 10:14 am12 Comments

From the editor:

gossip2This is what we believe will be dominating Shabbes dinner table conversation….

. Another accused in the Yeshiva abuse scandal faces court: Aaron Kestetcher has his committal hearing today.

. Jewish Care responds to accusations of abuse against its predecessor organisation in a way many are suggesting should have been the way Yeshivah should have behaved from the beginning.

. Manny Waks posted a link on his and Tzedek’s Facebook wall to an article from a publication that is reviled by many for its sensationalism, racism, and  desperation to be a part of hipster culture. The story detailed horrific and graphic abuse allegations and tarred the entirety of Orthodox Jewry, alleging that there is a, “child rape assembly line.”

. Meanwhile the accusations against Chabad institutions continue to emerge. The latest allegations relate to the possibility that NSW abuse victims may have been given hush money.

. In news unrelated to child rape, the NSW Kashrut imbroglio continues is bizarre and messy course. Rabbi Meir Rabi writes  provides a fascinating update in the comments section of his article posted on October 31.

. Rabbi James Kennard spoke at the Holocaust Centre’s Kristallnacht commemoration about the uniqueness of the Holocaust. Rabbi Kennard dismissed comparisons with Darfur, Cambodia, and Rwanda as a hindrance to learning the lessons of the Holocaust.

I had written, …”and implied that any suggestion that the Shoah was not the worst genocide in history is a form of moral relativism.” Rabbi Kennard has since contacted me, asking me to correct that statement. He did not state that the Holocaust was the “worst” genocide.

Rabbi Kennard has given me permission to publish his communication with me and I thank him for the correction:

Rabbi Kennard writes: “I did not say, or imply, that “any suggestion that the Shoah was not the worst genocide in history is a form of moral relativism.” I never once raised the issue of what was the “worst genocide in history”. I do not know why you claimed that I implied any such thing and would be grateful for a correction.

What I did say, as the JCCV press release, and the AJN article, made clear was that there were six factors which together made the Holocaust unique:

·         The Holocaust was state sponsored and organised

·         It involved not just death on a massive scale, but dehumanisation of the Jewish people through propaganda

·         Modern industrialisation was used to orchestrate the process of death

·         The scale of the Holocaust was not just the numbers who were murdered but the effort to which the German war machine went to hunt down and eliminate Jews throughout their controlled territory

·         The killing was not a means to an end, but the end in itself

·         The Holocaust was not carried out by monsters, but by ordinary people.

I believe that the Holocaust’s uniqueness lay in the combination of those six (and other) factors.

By all means challenge me, and invite your readers to challenge me on what I said, but not on what you incorrectly claim I “implied”.

Shabbat Shalom”

. CSG and the Anti-Defamation commission have joined forces to avoid duplication in responding to anti-Semitc incidents.

. And a reminder:  Mitzvah Day is on Sunday.

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