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Fill the Void – Movie Ticket Giveaway

November 22, 2013 – 1:13 pmOne Comment

We are delighted to be able to give away a stack of double passes to critically acclaimed film, Fill The Void  (Hebrew: למלא את החלל‎ – Lemale et Ha’Halal)

Here’s what Margaret Pomeranz had to say about the film on ABC’s At the Movies.

FILL THE VOID is the first film made by an Orthodox Jewish woman, Rama Burshtein, about her community that was intended for distribution outside that community. It’s about Shira – NADAS YARON – who is on the brink of a marriage suggested by her parents Rivka – IRIT SHELEG – and Aharon – CHAIM SHARIR when tragedy strikes the family. Shira’s sister dies in childbirth leaving a distraught husband Yochay – YIFTACH KLEIN. When it seems that Yochay may move to Belgium to marry a woman who will look after his child, Rivka, desperate to keep this last connection with her daughter in Israel, thinks that perhaps Shira could marry Yochay. Shira is caught between her feeling of responsibility to the family and her natural inclinations. This is such a beautiful film, shot in shallow focus so your attention is on the fleeting emotions crossing the faces of the characters. It has been so delicately done, it’s achingly beautiful. The presentation of the Orthodox community, with its very distinctive customs and costumes and practices, is wonderfully compassionate. Young Nadas Yaron won Best Actress in Venice last year for her performance, she is glowingly beautiful and so tentative a heroine. The cast, which is mostly from a non-Orthodox background, is universally splendid. Irit Sheleg as Rivka is heartbreaking. The allusions to Jane Austen, with all the status that marriage brings within a rigidly structured and ruled society, may not go down well with some in the audience, but I found it impossible to resist this exquisitely-made film

… I love it. I’m giving it four and a half stars.

Poster for Fill the Void  (Hebrew: למלא את החלל‎ - lemale et ha'ḥalal)

Fill the Void is being released at Classic Cinemas, Elsternwick, commencing 28th November. A Sydney release is also planned. Date and theatre to be confirmed.

To win a double pass, simply find one of the threads on the  Galus Australis Facebook page referring to this film, and in the comments section, recommend a film you think is worth seeing.

To be eligible to win, you will need to be a subscriber (i.e. ‘Like’) of the Galus Australis Facebook page.  Not a member already? No problem, you can join now by ‘liking’ our page.  Not on Facebook? You can have a friend or family member enter for you. Good luck, and good Shabbos!

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