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Breaking News: Rabbi Glick Interviewed According to Herald Sun and Rabbi Smukler’s Response – Updated 6:00pm

December 9, 2013 – 2:16 pm103 Comments

From the editor:

arrested2Manny Waks and Tzedek have published the following on their Facebook Wall:

“We can now confirm that a major figure within the Melbourne Yeshivah community has been arrested and formally interviewed on allegations of child sexual abuse. We understand that this figure, who is currently employed by Yeshivah, has been released and charges are yet to be laid. More to come in due course.”

We’ll keep readers updated as more information comes to hand.


Update at 3:49pm: A senior communal figure has strongly refuted Manny Waks’s and Tzedek’s account. The figure states categorically that no arrest has been made.

Update at 5:30pm: The Herald Sun names Rabbi Glick as the Yeshiva employee who was, “arrested and formally interviewed by police last week.”


Update at 6:00pm: Below is the email Rabbi Smukler, Principal of Yeshivah-Beth Rivkah has sent to parents regarding R’ Glick’s interview:

“Several weeks ago I wrote to you concerning rumours of an active Police investigation into allegations of Child Abuse by a current member of Yeshivah College staff.  I was repeatedly reassured by Senior Police and, acting on their advice, I informed you that no such investigation was underway.  I also informed you that our policies and procedures in relation to such matters dictated that any member of staff who became the subject of such an investigation would be stood down pending finalisation of the investigation and the determination of any charges that were laid as a result.

Late last week the College was informed that the Victoria Police SANO task force had commenced an investigation into allegations against a staff member at Yeshivah College.  We understand that the allegations relate to alleged conduct in the 1970s.  In accordance with our policy and procedure, the staff member was immediately stood down from his position at Yeshivah and he has not attended the campus or had contact with the students since that time.

We learned today that the Police have interviewed the staff member in relation to the allegations and he was released pending further enquiries with no charges laid.  We will continue his suspension from duties and all contact with the students of the school until the outcome of the inquiry is known.

The College’s action in standing down the staff member should not be seen as prejudging the outcome of the investigation and the College affirms that the staff member is fully entitled to the presumption of innocence accorded to him by Law.

Senior members of the SANO taskforce have commended Yeshivah on our preventative and safety measures and fully endorse the actions we have taken. They have reiterated their full confidence in our current policies and procedures to handle matters relating to Child Abuse and have expressed their appreciation for our active support in relation to their important work.

Yeshivah College recognises that the effects of abuse are profound and ongoing and that victims need the support and understanding of those around them to assist with their recovery. We have counselled and supported several victims of historical Child Abuse and we once again reach out with our offer of support to anyone who feels it may be of benefit to them.  For confidential support please email support@yeshivahcentre.org .

We employ absolute best practice and prioritise child safety.  Through training, we create a vigilant staff, empower our children, and partner with and increase awareness in our parent body. We also work closely with community agencies and the authorities in order to keep our children safe.

The College is and will continue to fully cooperate with the Police and work closely with them in relation to child protection matters.  Anyone who has information that may assist the Police are urged to contact Moorabbin SOCIT (Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Team) on 9556 6565 or the Police SANO Task Force on: sanotaskforce@police.vic.gov.au.



Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler

Principal Yeshivah – Beth Rivkah Colleges”

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