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Exclusive: Manny Waks to be Sued. Updated 19/12/2013: Manny Refers to “Blog’s” Defamatory Material

December 13, 2013 – 5:41 pm70 Comments

From the editor:

galus exclusive and breaking2We have received the following information from a source that does not wish to be named:

“Mr Manny Waks Will be served imminently with papers by a certain family suing him for defamation. A top QC has been engaged by the family to serve the writ to Manny. Sources say the family have deliberately elected not to pursue Tzedek, as they firmly believe in its cause, and have therefore elected to sue Manny as an individual and not his organisation.”

Update: We have received the letter sent to Manny Waks:

“13 December 2013




Dear Mr Bornstein

We act for Rabbi Abraham Glick.

Our client has requested that we write to you as a matter of courtesy to advise you that Senior Counsel has been retained to prepare a defamation writ against Mr M. Waks, who is of course your paid CEO.

Rabbi Glick has asked us to stress to you that our client has the highest regard for your mission and undertaking. However, regrettably, your mission is being manipulated by Mr Waks to enable him to conduct, by use of your good name in the community, a personal vendetta against our client. Mr Waks has used your website to facilitate the publication of the most vile and reprehensible defamatory comments against our client. Your mission, which is to protect and advance the interests of children, is being twisted and distorted by your paid CEO to enable him to pursue a personal agenda and vendetta against our client.

The statement of claim against Mr Waks will refer to his conduct as CEO of Tzedek Incorporated (Tzedek), however, we wish to stress that the claim is made against Mr Waks and not against Tzedek. Because of the very high regard he has for Tzedek, Rabbi Glick is most reluctant in joining Tzedek to the defamation claim by reason of the conduct of its CEO, although our client would be fully justified in doing so.

We repeat that Rabbi Glick has nothing but the highest praise and regard for your mission statement, however, he points out that your aspirations are being severely damaged in the community by the reprehensible conduct of your CEO.”


Update: 18/12/2013

Four Tzedek board members have resigned, including the treasurer.

At the moment most information is difficult to confirm. Manny Waks has not returned phone calls at the time of posting. We welcome any corrections from readers with more information and will update this post to ensure that its content is as accurate as possible.

To the best of our knowledge, the board members that have resigned are Yulia Zlatkin, Amelia Frid, Joel Vernon, and Tzedek Treasurer, Joel Goldman. Tracy Shoshan is the new Treasurer.

The reasons for the resignation are murky.

While many have assumed that the defamation suit against Manny Waks prompted the resignations, others maintain that at least some of those board members had chosen to leave prior to the notice.

According to one source, Manny Waks maintains that the board is simply being restructured to reflect new operational conditions.


Update 19/12/2013

Tzedek states that a “blog” has been defaming him without naming that blog. We assume he is not referring to Galus Australis which is not a blog but an online magazine.

We would like to remind readers that we have attempted twice to contact Manny and have put out the call for corrections where necessary to ensure that we provide the most accurate information possible.

The latest statement from Tzedek reads:

“Tzedek cannot comment in relation to reports of a defamation writ intended to be issued against its founder and CEO Manny Waks.

Board members

One member of the Board of Directors, Treasurer Joel Goldman, advised that he would like to step down from his position on the Board so that he could focus on his volunteer role with Tzedek as opposed to get involved in any political issues. This advice was received prior to any correspondence from Rabbi Glick’s lawyers. The Board look forward to continuing to work closely with Joel in his senior volunteer capacity (dealing with Tzedek’s financial matters). Joel issued the following statement:

“I confirm that I continue to support Tzedek, including in a volunteer capacity in the same role I held previously. My standing down from the Board is in no way a lack of confidence in Tzedek or its CEO but simply to keep myself out of any broader issues. As I said, I fully support Tzedek.”

Tzedek notes erroneous reporting of this matter in a blog, whose heading states “Four Tzedek Board Members Resign”. This is false. This blog continues to publish false and defamatory material against Tzedek and its CEO. We note that a decision was made several months ago to completely disengage with this blog for these reasons.”

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