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Exclusive: Manny Waks to be Sued. Updated 19/12/2013: Manny Refers to “Blog’s” Defamatory Material

December 13, 2013 – 5:41 pm70 Comments

From the editor:

galus exclusive and breaking2We have received the following information from a source that does not wish to be named:

“Mr Manny Waks Will be served imminently with papers by a certain family suing him for defamation. A top QC has been engaged by the family to serve the writ to Manny. Sources say the family have deliberately elected not to pursue Tzedek, as they firmly believe in its cause, and have therefore elected to sue Manny as an individual and not his organisation.”

Update: We have received the letter sent to Manny Waks:

“13 December 2013




Dear Mr Bornstein

We act for Rabbi Abraham Glick.

Our client has requested that we write to you as a matter of courtesy to advise you that Senior Counsel has been retained to prepare a defamation writ against Mr M. Waks, who is of course your paid CEO.

Rabbi Glick has asked us to stress to you that our client has the highest regard for your mission and undertaking. However, regrettably, your mission is being manipulated by Mr Waks to enable him to conduct, by use of your good name in the community, a personal vendetta against our client. Mr Waks has used your website to facilitate the publication of the most vile and reprehensible defamatory comments against our client. Your mission, which is to protect and advance the interests of children, is being twisted and distorted by your paid CEO to enable him to pursue a personal agenda and vendetta against our client.

The statement of claim against Mr Waks will refer to his conduct as CEO of Tzedek Incorporated (Tzedek), however, we wish to stress that the claim is made against Mr Waks and not against Tzedek. Because of the very high regard he has for Tzedek, Rabbi Glick is most reluctant in joining Tzedek to the defamation claim by reason of the conduct of its CEO, although our client would be fully justified in doing so.

We repeat that Rabbi Glick has nothing but the highest praise and regard for your mission statement, however, he points out that your aspirations are being severely damaged in the community by the reprehensible conduct of your CEO.”


Update: 18/12/2013

Four Tzedek board members have resigned, including the treasurer.

At the moment most information is difficult to confirm. Manny Waks has not returned phone calls at the time of posting. We welcome any corrections from readers with more information and will update this post to ensure that its content is as accurate as possible.

To the best of our knowledge, the board members that have resigned are Yulia Zlatkin, Amelia Frid, Joel Vernon, and Tzedek Treasurer, Joel Goldman. Tracy Shoshan is the new Treasurer.

The reasons for the resignation are murky.

While many have assumed that the defamation suit against Manny Waks prompted the resignations, others maintain that at least some of those board members had chosen to leave prior to the notice.

According to one source, Manny Waks maintains that the board is simply being restructured to reflect new operational conditions.


Update 19/12/2013

Tzedek states that a “blog” has been defaming him without naming that blog. We assume he is not referring to Galus Australis which is not a blog but an online magazine.

We would like to remind readers that we have attempted twice to contact Manny and have put out the call for corrections where necessary to ensure that we provide the most accurate information possible.

The latest statement from Tzedek reads:

“Tzedek cannot comment in relation to reports of a defamation writ intended to be issued against its founder and CEO Manny Waks.

Board members

One member of the Board of Directors, Treasurer Joel Goldman, advised that he would like to step down from his position on the Board so that he could focus on his volunteer role with Tzedek as opposed to get involved in any political issues. This advice was received prior to any correspondence from Rabbi Glick’s lawyers. The Board look forward to continuing to work closely with Joel in his senior volunteer capacity (dealing with Tzedek’s financial matters). Joel issued the following statement:

“I confirm that I continue to support Tzedek, including in a volunteer capacity in the same role I held previously. My standing down from the Board is in no way a lack of confidence in Tzedek or its CEO but simply to keep myself out of any broader issues. As I said, I fully support Tzedek.”

Tzedek notes erroneous reporting of this matter in a blog, whose heading states “Four Tzedek Board Members Resign”. This is false. This blog continues to publish false and defamatory material against Tzedek and its CEO. We note that a decision was made several months ago to completely disengage with this blog for these reasons.”

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  • 2 "M" says:

    I suppose after 9/11 the U.S went after the masterminds one by one but eventually they got them all!

  • hang on says:

    [Name removed] clearly didnt give a damn about the victim ,he was just consumed with his own agenda [content removed]

  • Palmer says:

    This is going to be bad for Waks. Very bad. Apparently they also have [potentially defamatory material removed]

    The shame of it is… I liked a lot of what Waks was doing early on and deservedly so there was probably a nice payout coming to Waks from Yeshiva,[content removed] and now hes going to have to fork it all out to Rabbi Glick. [content removed] We can all learn a valuable lesson from this.

    [gratuitous nastiness removed]

  • sylva says:

    It’s about time. It became “fashionable” to use the reprehensible crime of molestation as a “tool” to punish individuals or communities [content removed]
    The crime of false allegations just as criminal. It is premeditated, it destroys entire families, entire communities and is nearly impossible to clean up entirely.
    Here are just a few cases that
    should be viewed – especially if you consider yourself fair minded.
    go to youtube.com, search the following: “the mcmartin trial” “just ask my children” “witch hunt Kern County”
    Also Google: “Dateline Haunted Memories”.
    [content removed]
    Unfortunately not everyone who is falsely accused has the means to fight back.
    [content removed]
    The saddest part of this saga – the REAL victims are once again victimized. Who will believe anything as this trend reverses???

  • David says:

    Given the circumstances, the board of Tzedek must stand down its CEO until this matter is clarified.

  • 2 "M" says:

    Given that at least 4 board members of Tzedek have resigned in the past 24 hours it is vital for a new CEO to step in so Tzedek can do that which it is supposed to do, effectively and objectively. Andrew Blode is a perfect candidate as he already leads the JCCV task force. This whole circus must end and our focus must be on victims only and not media hype, false allegations, personal vendettas. The donors and wider community must request for Manny to step down. Enough is enough. No more silence. Tzedek tirdof.

  • chanie says:

    One must ask- why have 4 board members stepped down? [content removed]

  • Sunshine says:

    What surprises me is how eager the community are to stand on the side of a man who’d rather [content removed] than do the right thing.

    That is ok by the orthodox community.

    You are no different to those who enabled the Nazis

  • Raph says:

    It’s a strong case for defamation. [content removed] arguably leaked Rabbi Glick’s name to journalists. [content removed]

    Mr Waks claimed that he was proved right about Kramer and Cyprys, so he would be proved right about Rabbi Glick.

    I can’t quote Manny’s exact words, because Manny’s deleted the Facebook post and blocked me from his Facebook page (along with others who dared to argue with him). But the Glicks probably have a screenshot of the defamatory statement. Or they could obtain the content directly from Facebook.

    This could also be grounds for criminal defamation. Mr Waks could face up to two years in prison (see s10 of the Wrongs Act).

    In the recent Vic case of Trkulja v Google, the plaintiff was awarded $200,000 merely because a Google search linked his name to organised crime. [content removed]

    It’s sad. I respect Manny’s perculiar combination of courage [content removed]. But the Jews have enough enemies without fighting each other. We agree with Tzedek’s overall principles. But Mr Waks will destroy lives using innuendo. [content removed]

    [content removed]

  • Naava says:

    People resign from boards when the risk of being sued increases dramatically…it’s not rocket science to work that out. Not everyone has the resilience to cope under the full weight of communal pressure. Being on a board is often voluntary and thankless and the cost to your own sanity and risk to your family’s livelihood in this particular case may outweight full commitment to the cause. The tzedek board members I’m sure have a very long and bumpy road ahead of them. This is natural human behaviour. No conclusions can be drawn about so called “untoward methods”.

  • Stand Up says:

    Yet more intimidation against anyone who dares to speak out against child sexual abuse at Yeshiva.

    [defamatory material removed]

    It is time for all members of the Jewish community to take a stand against the Yeshiva Centre which is an embarrassment to itself and the rest of us. Whether you send your child to a Chabad creche, attend a Chabad House a few days a year or get asked by young boys in the street to put on tefillin, we must send a clear message that the Yeshiva community’s ongoing approach to child sexual abuse and in particular, it’s support of Rabbi Glick is unacceptable. Leaving the latest allegations against Rabbi Glick aside, his history of dealing with child sexual abuse is on the public record, as is his ‘unfathomable’ court testimony. It is time to stand up and say these are not the actions of a respectable community figure.

  • could galus please shed some light on the financials of Tzedek .I understand they exist off charitable donations ,are they obliged to publish the salaries paid,and the money actually spent on doing advocacy work

  • Dina says:

    Raph I believe the words were :

    Manny Waks :Michael, I challenge anyone to identify a single instance in which I orTzedek got something wrong about allegations. If that happens, an apology will be forthcoming. On the other hand, the Yeshivah leadership has gotten it wrong on more than one occasion.

  • Rushus says:

    Why did it take so long for manny to flesh out his accusation against Glick? And even all this time, the accusation is very vague and flimsy. For all I can tell, I was repeating a simcha between mincha and maariv while the “rape” was happening right next to me!!

  • Haari says:

    I’m not a member of the yeshiva comittee or a part of the inner circle of the community. With that in mind – the accusations against Rabbi are so fantastical that even leading child abuse activists and people who are sympathitc to Tzedek have questioned the accusatios and sought to distance themselves from this. This speaks for itself and should raise alarm bells. My message to all of the santiciminous arm chair activists – Yes Rabbi Glick has made mistakes, but he doesn’t deserve this. His family doesn’t deserve this. And slightly off topic – if you were in his position in 25-35 years ago (where there was no mandatory reporting and attitudes were different) I can guarantee that you would have fallen into the same trap and made the same mistakes. Not that it justifies the cover up. But neither is the defamation that is levelled against the Rabbi justified. One of the self righteous pontifactors ^… has even resorted to godwins law. Before you wallow in your self righteous sanctimony, I’ve got a news flash for you sunshine (no pun intended) – those support a salem style show trial are the nazi enablers. That is how nazism thrived. And yeshiva should do the right thing – reinstate Rabbi Glick. Stand by him and don’t throw him to the wolves.

  • Dina says:

    “Stand Up” is being manipulative to readers in saying, that we must send a clear message that the Yeshiva community’s ongoing approach to child sexual abuse is unacceptable. Nothing could be further from the truth, and such words sound much like something of a vendetta. Yeshivah has taken ownership of its past, and should be applauded for its current excellent policies and constant education of parents, staff and students of every age from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Stand Up is trying to manipulate readers into thinking that if you are not a friend of Manny, then you are automatically an enemy of the issue of CSA. This is a untrue.
    There are many people who advocate for CSA, and the protection of children, who believe in the cause and work tirelessly to further that cause, but at the same time they simply disagree with Manny Waks’ [content removed – handling] of the situation and of his methods. [content removed]

  • letters in the age says:

    This is sad on all sides…

    As an outsider it seems ambitions and a lot of baggage has taken over the decency of goodwill and respect.

    Hope this issue gets resolved quickly.

    Cheers :)

  • Waks'&Wanes says:

    Very well said RAPH & HAARI

  • Stand Up says:

    @Dina: I have no interest in defending or attacking Manny Waks who I don’t know from a bar of soap. I think Manny’s approach has been a convenient distraction for Yeshiva, allowing community members to focus on him instead of addressing the real issues. Indeed, I have found that as soon as you say anything to people at Yeshiva about CSA they respond by attacking Manny which completely misses the point.

    The real issue that Yeshiva needs to address is (1) why Rabbi Glick has still not apologised and taken responsibility for his past handling of abuse cases (which everyone seems to agree was wrong) and (2) that a Magistrate found that he gave ‘unfathomable’ evidence under oath. This should be a massive problem for everyone in the Yeshiva community. Why isn’t it?

    As an outsider with no prejudice against Yeshiva, I read all the right things from you and the Centre about dealing with CSA today and yet cannot reconcile that with the fact that Rabbi Glick remains a respected community figure with involvement in the school. How can anybody take you seriously while Glick is still there, unrepentant and having faced no consequences for his actions? What message does that send?

    I can say all of that without passing judgement on the recent investigation or suggesting that anybody would have acted differently 20-30 years ago. I am talking about what is the right thing for Rabbi Glick to do today and dumbfounded as to why people in the Yeshiva community can’t acknowledge that.

    Additionally, there is no more basis for anyone to conclude that Manny Waks has defamed Rabbi Glick than there is for people to conclude that Rabbi Glick is guilty in relation to the current investigation. In both cases, there have been no proceedings brought, no defense submitted and no trial. Until that time, nobody has any business accusing Manny of being defamatory. As we’ve heard incessantly this week, anybody can make allegations against anyone else – it does not mean they have done it.

    Finally, I think posting links about people being falsely accused of sex crimes is a little premature. The inference that Rabbi Glick has been falsely accused is baseless and I would be highly doubtful as to whether your jumping to judgement on the outcome of the present investigation is something that advances the cause of victims of child sex abuse.

  • Sunshine says:

    If you believe what you’ve written Dina please state that the cover ups of YC that led to more CSA was disgraceful and that people who did this should not be the people working in schools

    My bet is you won’t because you don’t believe that at all.

    Picture your child being raped and asked if a person who protected that rapist is ok to run a community school…..

    You probably don’t care

    Haari I’ve been in that position exactly 30 years ago and the man is still behind bars. So please don’t tarnish anyone with your “everyone would protect abusers” brush

  • NOT INVOLVED says:

    For all those who don’t know what to think and those who think they know what to think I strongly advise you to watch the following video’s, some if not all are based on absolutely true stories. and then make your conclusions. They are interesting to watch.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n8YPCIe1q4 (dramatized version of the above)

  • Miriam says:

    It’s about time someone takes action against Manny’s cavalier methods (emphasis on methods, not the cause, which is good.)

    Manny [content removed] constant running to the press both prior to charges being laid and after.

    It is impossible for defendants to get a fair trial by a jury when their names have been splashed repeatedly across the media.

    In the Cyprys case alone Manny breached a Magistrate’s suppression order but was unable to be held accountable because the information he leaked was published on failed messiah i.e. outside of the court’s jurisdiction. He showed further disrespect for the legal system in the County Court when Judge Wischusen looked directly at him and gave a lengthy lecture reminding those in the court room not to talk to the media at that particular pointin time. Manny then walked out of the court room and straight into a television interview in front of the court house, using the loophole that the interview would not be aired until after the trial was over.

    David Cyprys was found guilty of rape by a jury despite very solid evidence that he was NOT guilty. Even the police informant Lisa Metcher and the crown prosecutor thought he woud be acquitted (Metcher was overheard in court telling the prosecutor “we’re f***ed” after the defence concluded its case, while the prosecutor nodded his agreement with a look of defeat on his face).

    A jury found Cyprys guilty despite the evidence. With the huge amount of media coverage (the majority of which misportrayed the facts) he didn’t stand a chance.

    [content removed]

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Haari: I actually think Rabbi Glick was right to stand down (or be stood down, or whatever technically happened). We need to follow the protocol that has been established for dealing with these accusations; not because I think he’s guilty, but because leaving these decisions to individuals’ judgment was clearly a bad idea.

    You might well think these allegations are fanciful, and I’m not going to pre-judge that, but if we abandon the system the first time it’s tested we won’t have it in place to handle future allegations: the next alleged perpetrator will ask why he isn’t treated with the same deference as Rabbi Glick. Rabbi Glick doesn’t deserve to be a korban, but his dignified behavior in the face of this allegation will do a great deal to ensure that future allegations are taken seriously and without special favoritism shown to the accused. When he is vindicated, as I expect he will be, he will deserve our respect to an even greater degree than before.

  • Steven says:

    Can’t believe what I am reading, but it is becoming reminiscent of the Weberman case where no one wants to believe he did it and large sums of money were raised for his defence. Not saying Glick did or didn’t or anything. And neither should anyone else be. We will have to wait to see the outcome of the police investigation.

  • Brad says:


    Manny Waks was quoted as follows “Michael, I challenge anyone to identify a single instance in which I or Tzedek got something wrong about allegations. If that happens, an apology will be forthcoming. On the other hand, the Yeshivah leadership has gotten it wrong on more than one occasion”. So, where was the apology made to that guy who was pilloried all over Manny’s Facebook page earlier in the year when his picture was posted in the paper as a person of interest. Recall that one? Of course it was all over Manny’s FB page, and as a model corporate citizen heading a Sexual Abuse Childrens advocate outfit not withstanding that story had absolutely nothing to do with abuse, he couldn’t wait to titillate his minions of lemmings by proudly proclaimed he had reported the person’s identity to the police, the person being a member of Bet Hatalmud. When informed he had the wrong institution he shrilled with glee it that person was member of Yeshivah and sent a correction to the police.

    Was there any sexual abuse involved? No!

    Were there any children involved who may have legitimized Manny’s interest? No!

    What was there? A disgruntled female train passenger who made an unbelievable claim someone had attempted to upskirt her. The way it was presented was a laughable as the latest allegation by Tzedeks latest recruit “victim”. The person in question upon seeing his picture in the paper promptly presented himself to the police. The conclusion? The story was an invention.

    That was the beginning and the end of it.

    What did it have to do with Tzedek protocols? Nothing at all!

    However the common denominator was that the Yeshivah was implicated and by mentioning the publicised picture was tha of a mitpalel of the Yeshivah would in itself achieve a (pyrrhic) victory for Manny.
    Manny’s aim? To once again discredit the Yeshivah. His Facebook page was running hot, the person was trashed for days. Was there ever an apology? Work that one out for yourselves.

    So much for Manny Waks’ retort… “Michael, I challenge anyone to identify a single instance in which I or Tzedek got something wrong about allegations. If that happens, an apology will be forthcoming”.


  • Sammy says:

    I’m not sure why Miriam above is being so misleading but the person in question pleaded guilty for raping eight boys, and found guilty for raping one. So he pleaded guilty to most of the accusations. Why would you lie Miriam? You seem to know a lot about the trial, do you go by another name?

  • Miriam says:

    Sammy: I am not being misleading; unlike you I actually know the facts.

    David Cyprys was accused of rape by ONE individual. The other complainants told conpletely different stories of being inappropriately touched or being asked to expose themselves.

    This individual who accused David Cyprys of rape is the same individual who back in 1991 claimed that he had been inappropriately touched only. Now when other complainants came forward about David in 2011, he suddenly decided he had actually been raped in 1991, on three separate occasions equalling 5 counts.

    The jury heard evidence from this individual’s psychiatrist who said he had NEVER claimed he had been raped, that when asked he said that he had been very comfortable talking to police about what had happened and that he had withheld nothing.

    The jury also heard that police had asked him in 1991 if he had been penetrated and he had said no (he was 15 almost 16 at the time so he knew what this meant).

    Lastly, [possibly defamatory material removed]

    The defence was unable to ask if he had been told he would get a lot of compensation money as part of a claim against Yeshivah if he came forward again now with a new story.

    Once a jury had found Cyprys guilty of rape, it would have been suicide to do anything other than plead guilty to the remaining charges because any jury would assume that if he was guilty of rape he was also guilty of everything else.

    Sammy, if you still dont believe me, I understand that the court transcripts are available to the public so please feel free to satisfy yourself there that I am speaking the truth.

    The outcome of this individual’s lies is that David Cyprys will spend significant time in prison plus a lifetime on the sex offenders register.

    Without the five rape counts he would have been looking at nothing more than a few months if anything because he would have been sentenced as a minor and young offender for these crimes, and not as an adult.

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Sammy, that article says he was convicted of raping one boy, and pleaded guilty to molesting eight others. The facts are bad enough; they don’t need to be embellished.

  • YC says:


    As a former Yeshivah student I can tell you that we all knew very well what Cyprus was up to. Your post is an offence to the victims of Cyprus and should be removed. Cyprus is guilty and I hope he spends a long time in jail. He destroyed peoples lives and should pay the price for it.

    The police told several witnesses who were giving testimony that they have a very strong case and were very confident he would get a guilty verdict. Anyway, it is all academic now he will serve his time in this world and in the world to come.

  • Sunshine says:

    Thank you YC.

    But Miriam feel free to visit him daily in jail

  • m clarke says:


    Does anyone know how much of Tzedek funds are actually used for victims? (other than Waks salary etc.)

    How much does Waks pay himself per year?

    I have heard that several “board members” have resigned over the weekend, can anyone confirm?

    Will the “board” release the last 2 years of meeting minutes indicating among other items, when Waks salary was approved.

    Does Tzedek actually have “Non-Profit Organization” status? Are donations actually tax free?

    How much funding has Tzedek actually received and what is the expense ratio for the overhead and executive compensation etc.

    Does Tzedek have any official oversite other than Ceo Waks?

  • Steven says:

    No one has resigned.

    Why don’t you cut and paste and PM Manny on his facebook with your questions?

  • Tzedek board says:

    4 board member definately resigned over the weekend. The treasurer was replaced with Tracy Shoshan but the others have not been. Does Manny care to clarify?

  • hang on says:

    oh and how about an update from the editor re zephania wax’s [content removed] threat to sue galus

  • Sunshine says:

    I get it……. If we have to stop victim blaming the next best thing is to discredit the CEO because he earns “shock horror” a wage?????

    Good tactic

    I’m wondering what YC paid their molestors to leave? And what they costs the community, victims and courts in therapy bills, wasted legal fees and goodness knows how much else.

    I’d like to see those figures please

    How much does. Community pay [defamatory content removed]? More than MW I’m sure

    Manny WAKs is in the wrong profession

  • Avigael says:

    Sick Sick Sick Community [defamatory content removed]. This is nothing more than another attack on the war on pedophilia. May the Australian Police arrest the rest of those sickos and may the Judge that listens to this throw it out in disgust, allowing costs and damages to Manny Waks. [defamatory content removed]

  • Rishus says:

    After much navel gazing, I have figured out what actually happened. I remember similar events happening in Yeshivah Shul on a regular basis during the time period in question.

    [defamatory content removed]

  • J Goldberg says:


    The very fact that Tzedek Blog is still posting the original story from the Herald Sun which has since been modified substantially to remove the words “arrested” and to remove the defamatory content, clearly shows the intent of Tzedek to defame Rabbi Glick. Plain and Simple.

    [content removed]


  • Aussie says:

    @J Goldberg….

    The Herald-Sun has but the Age has not modified it’s story at all…..

    If the whole story of a defamation case is true then why is the Age not being sued??….

  • chanie says:

    Even if it was before he was sued for using tzedek “to facilitate the publication of the most vile and reprehensible defamatory comments against (Rabbi Glick” it certainly wasn’t before they were aware of what [content removed]

    manny has been very quiet lately, posting lots of unrelated things on his blog [content removed].

  • hang on says:

    how is it that such a high profile organisation such as tzedek ,that appeals and posts ,to the public ,is so lacking in transparency with regards to their board ,their finances ,etc

  • MargB says:

    The idea that Manny is doing all this for money is laughable – there are much easier ways of making a (much more financially rewarding) living than becoming a CEO of a new start-up not-for-profit. When he took on the role, Manny took unpaid leave from an executive level position in the APS – if money was all he wanted, he is more than capable of earning it in a job where he isn’t on call 24/7 with virtually no back up (outside his family) working 12+ hour days. Initially, at least, he was unpaid and it’s unlikely he is yet making anything approaching his previous salary.

    Over the past year Manny has spent thousands of hours talking to victims – often late into the night, finding them appropriate professional counselling, supporting them when making a police statement or attending court and writing submissions on their behalf. He has given dozens of unpaid talks to professionals and members of the community. He has met with and built partnerships with a range of professional, government and charitable organisations, developed and delivered educational materials, fundraised and lobbied for funding for support services for victims, managed dozens of volunteers and much much more.

    Those who think Manny should have tried to resolve his concerns within the community before going to the media – well he only spoke to The Age after 15 years of Yeshivah ignoring his concerns, trying to sweep the issue under the carpet and hoping he would go away. Since then, dozens of other victims have come forward and several offenders have been jailed.

    If the apologists in the religious community spent as much time and energy protecting innocent children as in attacking Manny, there would be no need for Tzedek and Manny would be in all likelihood earning a much larger salary while working significantly fewer hours in a completely different industry.

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Aussie: several people have pointed out that The Age and The Herald made slightly different claims, and The Age’s may have been technically correct. Anyway, you need deep pockets to sue a newspaper; they have resources and experience on their side.

  • Max says:

    Why is the orthodox community backing such vile people.

    Guilty of abuse or not the coverups should have resulted in immediate dismissal.

    They should be ashamed.

    And since the man who lied under oath offers no actual explanation as to why he prioritised paedophiles, why should a victim group explain why they prioritise bringing down these vile men.

  • Blocked by Manny Waks says:

    REALITY CHECK. Let’s get a few things straight.

    Everybody agrees that children should be protected. But Manny Waks’ ‘campaign’ is no longer about ‘protecting’ children. All the schools already implement very strict safeguards against child abuse, especially the Yeshivah (where the adults are not permitted to touch the children in any whatsoever).

    This is about [content removed].

    Furthermore, how hypocritical for [content removed] to allege a ‘cover-up’. There’s a long story regarding [content removed] David Kramer’s exile overseas. [content removed]

    This chillul Hashem is about vengeance.

    [content removed]

    [content removed] It’s become a proxy war between the religious and the anti-religious/Reform lobby.

    It’s a bloody disgrace.

  • Joe in Australia says:

    Max, I presume that Manny would vehemently deny that he was trying to “bring Rabbi Glick down”. In fact, that is exactly the sort of thing that Rabbi Glick’s lawyer might be trying to demonstrate, because someone who spreads stories maliciously loses many of their legal protections under defamation law. As the saying goes, with friends like these …

  • Avigael says:

    Whats a “Bloody Disgrace” is chabad posing as “authentic Judaism” and bringing destruction and Chilul HaShem on the entire community. Chabad institutions have shown to be the antagonist to the principles, halacha and mesorah of Judaism. Did it ever occur to you that Manny Waks derech and outlook was set in his schooling years. Hang your heads in shame ! If anything, its just another damnation of a Heretic Chabad teaching. Its not by accident that any graduate is either a complete masugar brainwashed Chabadnick or completely secular, either case they certaintly are not founded in Halacha or the Mesorah.
    Chabad is about as authentic to Judaism as Santa Claus. The only difference is that Santa delivers.

  • Steven says:

    Blocked by Manny, what a load of rubbish. Not going to waste my time on your crazy theories.

  • Harry says:

    “Update: 18/12/1976″

    Surely the update to the original article is not over 30 years’ old?!

  • Max says:

    If I recall Waks senior has been very forthcoming about his role and the need to face consequences

    Of course Glick and the fortunately dead Groner never did that. [content removed]

    Blindly following rules makes you a cult.
    One that which thousands are running away from.

    Time will tell

    Back to salaries and boards…….. That’s your best argument? The underhanded dealings amongst the religious orthodox puts anything else in the shade.

    Gods chosen people indeed

  • J Goldberg says:


    I will write sslloowwllyy for the “aussies” in the room who require extra time to comprehend…..

    Tzedek did not publish the Age story on its website. It published the Herald Sun story, which it did not modify even after various posts to its Facebook page notified it of the changes.

    Are you still following?

    The Age has been on a rampage with misleading and malicious stories about Yeshivah and Rabbi Glick for a long time, and the family probably was not interested in dealing with a “rabid dog” and chose to deal with the Newspaper with far more journalistic integrity, the Herald Sun.

    Still following?

    The Herald Sun then retracted most of its story including all of the parts that were obviously LEAKED to them before Rabbi Glick even went to the police for the voluntary interview. Logically, once the paper realized that they had published the victims verbatim claims before the police had announced charges or even notified the press and that these claims had not been released to the public, they removed all mention of this information from their story.

    Plain and Simple.


  • WasThere says:


    I fully agree with you that to sue a newspaper is no cheap or easy exercise….

    Any story such as this the reporter must run by their editor who then gets the story cleared by their in house legal department….
    Only after the legal department signs off on the story is it then printed in the paper or posted online….

    Also worth to note that the Age or any other similar paper is not required to reveal where they get their information from unless a court order is made by a judge….

    If you visit the link below and have a quick read you’ll see that the case involved Richard Baker from the age who is the main reporter on all these Yeshivah related stories….
    Substitute Ms Liu for yeshivah or anyone else and you’ll get a good understanding of how the process works…


  • Rishus says:

    First we have a story from Manny from two months ago stating that an unnamed yeshiva teacher is under active police investigation and his arrest is imminent.

    Now we have a story about how Manny is imminently going to be sued.

    Perhaps we can limit ourselves to discussing what has already occurred. Or, if people enjoy looking into their crystal ball, can anyone tell me if the Ashes will finish in a 5-0 whitewash?

  • Galus Australis says:

    Hi Harry.

    Thanks for pointing that out. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and I had his birth year on the brain. It’s been fixed now.


  • WasThere says:

    Statement from Tzedek….

    Tzedek statement
    Posted on December 19, 2013 by Tzedek

    19 December 2013

    Defamation writ

    Tzedek cannot comment in relation to reports of a defamation writ intended to be issued against its founder and CEO Manny Waks.

    Board members

    One member of the Board of Directors, Treasurer Joel Goldman, advised that he would like to step down from his position on the Board so that he could focus on his volunteer role with Tzedek as opposed to get involved in any political issues. This advice was received prior to any correspondence from Rabbi Glick’s lawyers. The Board look forward to continuing to work closely with Joel in his senior volunteer capacity (dealing with Tzedek’s financial matters). Joel issued the following statement:

    “I confirm that I continue to support Tzedek, including in a volunteer capacity in the same role I held previously. My standing down from the Board is in no way a lack of confidence in Tzedek or its CEO but simply to keep myself out of any broader issues. As I said, I fully support Tzedek.”

    Tzedek notes erroneous reporting of this matter in a blog, whose heading states “Four Tzedek Board Members Resign”. This is false. This blog continues to publish false and defamatory material against Tzedek and its CEO. We note that a decision was made several months ago to completely disengage with this blog for these reasons.

  • WasThere says:

    Nice to see the thread title changed and the misinformation removed….
    No doubt a full apology from Galus admin to Manny and the board of Tzedek is to follow….

  • Joe in Australia says:

    I have no opinion on Manny’s recent statement, other than to point out that an earlier version of Tzedek’s “board of directors” web page read as follows:

    Read more about Tzedek’s Board of Directors
    Manny Waks – Founder and CEO
    Josh Bornstein – President
    Yulia Zlatkin – Vice President
    Joel Vernon – Secretary
    Joel Goldman –Treasurer
    Amelia Frid – NSW Member
    Shawn Goldberg – Member
    Tracy Shoshan – Member
    Ari Heber – QLD Member

    Its current web page says:

    Read more about Tzedek’s Board of Directors

    Manny Waks – Founder and CEO (Operations)
    Josh Bornstein – President (Strategy)
    Shawn Goldberg – Vice President (Clinical Services)
    Tracy Shoshan – Treasurer
    Paul Kaufman – Secretary (Policy and Legal Affairs)
    Danny Schwarz – member

    The sources are here: http://web.archive.org/web/20131024232847/http://www.tzedek.org.au/about/our-people/board-of-directors/
    and here: http://www.tzedek.org.au/about/our-people/board-of-directors/

  • WasThere says:

    I looked that up when the story about 4 board members resigning was first reported here….
    Unfortunately the “way back machine”(which I love almost as much as google) only had a grab from 24th Oct and 13th Nov….
    Real pity we don’t have a grab from lets say 13th December for if we did then we’d have a better idea of when things changed…

    Worth to note that board members especially unpaid ones changing is no big deal but it would be interesting to know if it took place b4 or after the letter that it’s claimed is from a lawyer was posted….

  • Name Removed By Request says:

    I do not know if they apply to the current case or cases.
    I have heard heard there are two ways to win a case by facts or by intimidation, misinformation, financial threats, etc… If you have the resources, you can choose the second option. I am not sure what resources any of the parties have. But it is clear to me facts are rapidly becoming irrelevant which is the real tragedy.

    PS: DO not post my name


    Miriam will now be able to visit her “innocent” according to her, husband in jail.
    Mr. Cypris has been sentenced to 8 years jail with a 5.5 year minimum.

    I truly feel sorry for her and her extended family as she like those Mr. Cypris molested, is an innocent victim.

    I hope and pray that that Mr. Cypris’ victims will somehow find a little comfort in the fact that this [removed] predator has finally been brought to justice.

  • WasThere says:

    His wife is Michelle not Miriam….
    And yes she can visit him any Saturday she likes once he’s transferred to Ararat in the next couple of weeks since anyone convicted of child sex offenses are only allowed visits on Saturdays at that prison….

  • Miriam says:

    Orthodox Shulgoer and wasthere:
    In earlier postings I said I believe my husband is innocent of the rape charges by one victim, which are totally inconsistent with the testimonies of the other complainants.

    I did not claim that he was innocent of all the other charges – that was your deliberate misinterpretation.

    On second thoughts I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt; perhaps you’re just stupid.

    Either way, crowing over somebody else’s suffering just shows you in a bad light.

    Feel free to continue venting your self righteous nastiness; I will no longer respond.

    I have the pain of my loved ones as well as my own to deal with, and I prefer to focus on that.

  • Sunshine says:

    There are no winners here ……


    I fully understand your anguish at what has obviously been a terrible and stressful time in yours and your extended families life.

    Had you read the second one line paragraph of my post, perhaps in hindsight, you may not have lumped me in with “was there’s” post, which displayed no compassion for YOUR situation at all.

    I make no apologies for any other part of my post.

    The indisputable facts are that firstly, your husband was found guilty of five counts of rape in a trial in August.

    Secondly, HE then pleaded guilty to 12 more charges, including five counts of indecent assault, and four of procuring an act of gross indecency.

    Whether or not one of the charges of which he was found guilty had some inconsistencies, and perhaps your husband may decide to appeal the severity of his sentence on those grounds, the fact remains, that he is a sexual predator and paedophile of the worst kind, and, in my opinion, deserved every year of his sentence.

    Unfortunately, those in positions of power whom it is alleged knew of his predilection for young boys and allowed this to continue unabated, may never be brought to justice for there alleged complicity in this matter.

    However being the alleged pious men that they are purported to be, I am sure that they are not looking forward to the Yom Hadin that awaits them.

    That you have remained married to your husband despite his extra curricular activities and continue to defend him,on the one hand baffles me, on the other hand impresses me. I don’t know of too many marriages that could possibly survive such an ordeal.

    So Miriam, I am far from “stupid,” nor am I “crowing” over your situation, nor am I “venting self righteous nastiness”.

    As I said, your husband deserves everything that has come his way.

    Neither you, nor his victims, to whom you do not appear to be overly concerned about as they do not rate one compassionate mention in your posts, deserve what has happened, as you are all innocent parties in this matter.

    However, perhaps instead of attempting to continue to defend the indifensable, you might like to spend some time reflecting on the mental and physical anguish through which your husband put his victims, and the effect that his actions will have on your life and the lives of your children and extended family.

  • WasThere says:

    For those who missed the latest news….

    Manny plans to take legal action against the Yeshivah Centre for its failure to act…..

    If I were him I’d also go after anyone from management who was in that position at the time individually….


  • hang on says:

    is a man and his family falsely and maliciously accused of a horrible sex crime a victim ?

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