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Four Jews, Four Christians, and Four Muslims Walk into a Wall….

December 17, 2013 – 10:21 am2 Comments

By Rabbi Adam Stein:

interfaith1Four Jews, Four Christians , and Four Muslims walk into a wall….

And it’s not a joke.

I’ve spent the past two years working on a very special project with two friends of mine: Father John Dupuche and Sheikh Riad Galil.

Both have been involved in interfaith activities for many years, as have I (here in Melbourne, as well as in Kansas City as a rabbi and Los Angeles and Chicago as a rabbinical student).

We are organising a trip we call the “Joint Journey to Jerusalem.” We three will join, three participants from each of the three Abrahamic faiths, all of which call Jerusalem holy – 12 of us in all – on this journey.

We will spend a little over a week in Jerusalem (and hopefully a half day in Bethlehem), visiting each others’ holy sites, museums, and educational institutions.

We will eat together, live together, and discuss what we and our religions share, as well as what makes us different. We will explore this through various avenues, including delving into difficult texts.

This is an amazing opportunity for men and women, clergy and laity, to come together, not to argue or even discuss politics, but to explore our respective (and respected) religions, in a place that’s central to all of us.
It’s about sharing.  And understanding.

In a way, it’s fitting that we’re promoting this trip at a time when the world is memorialising Nelson Mandela, a man who tried to understand the other.

In the end, we may be 12 people of different colour skin, different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and certainly three religions (each of which has its own divisions), but I’m sure we’ll return as a more cohesive group than the one that leaves Melbourne airport.

We even have participants of different religions paired up as roommates! (We promise no reality show hidden cameras.)

Anyone interested in reading more about the trip, and/or applying to be a participant, can download a PDF flyer by clicking here.

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  • Ilan Bloch says:

    What an incredible programme! Kol hakavod for such a great initiative!

  • Moishe'la has spoken. says:

    (Discussion with Moishela (with his family
    A Handicapped child
    (Teves 13 ‘5774 (Dec 16 ’13

    “I Looked Out the Window…”

    I have for the last four days felt such a longing, such a longing to be close to Hashem. I felt not only longing, but the actual closeness to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. As I looked out the window, and saw the wind and the snow and the trees falling, I felt that this world of lies is coming apart, is falling apart, is disappearing in front of our very eyes.

    I felt that all the lies are coming to the surface, that this illusion called Olam Hazeh is becoming clearly nothingness. We are looking for truth. At least I am, but I don’t have to look for truth, because I see it, feel it. I feel close to Hashem, and that is truth, and I look out the window and watch a mini destruction. This mini destruction is brought to us in order to bring us to the truth.

    Here we are, all of Israel, the State of Israel, dependent on electricity. We are dependent on electricity, for all of our materialistic needs, for everything. Isn’t it strange that in such an advanced world people are so foolish to depend on one thing to keep them alive, and the more they depend on it the more they build what to depend on. Everything is based on electricity, and now so many people are without electricity, which is putting their very lives in danger, their lives and their children’s lives.

    There are many places without water or any kind of heating in this terrible cold, without the ability to get out to buy anything, and of course very few people are coming to the rescue to help them. This electricity that we live on is all an illusion. Whoever controls the electricity, controls humanity.

    I look out the window and I see that Hashem is sending us a message. This snow that appeared so suddenly on the Israeli scene with such devastation, is a terrible warning about the future.

    Hashem is trying to pull us close to Him in every way, and one of the ways is to show us that only He can save us. Only He can give us sustenance. Only He can bring us our Parnasa (livelihood). Only He can keep us alive.

    Rulers have always wanted to control the water and the food. Water and food keeps people alive, and once you’ve controlled that, their Cheshbon (intention) is you control people. But they forget one thing, the Ribbono Shel Olam is the one that controls everything. They can die of starvation even if they’re surrounded by every type of food, and they can die from thirst even in a swimming pool.

    Hakodosh Boruch Hu decides all, and those villains that are trying to be instead of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Chas Vesholom, still haven’t learned their lesson from all these generations. Very soon however, they will learn their lesson, and whether they learn it or not, they will disappear from existence.

    I am longing for Moshiach, to be together with Hakodosh Boruch Hu without Mechitzas (barriers); to bask in the light of the Kedusha. I feel it coming. I feel it coming very soon, and with it the longing to see that day is becoming stronger and stronger, until I can almost not bear it. I feel the Geula so strongly coming closer to us that I cry. I cry out in pain and longing. In pain, in pain because it’s so distressing to me not to be there yet. I look out the window, see the trees fall, see people falling in the snow, and I cry. I cry for this world of illusions that so many believe in. I cry for what’s going to be when they realize their big mistake. I cry because we still have so much suffering to go through, and what has happened here in Eretz Yisroel with the snow is not by chance. It’s to bring all the true Jews to that realization.

    True that once the danger is over, many people will go back to their silliness, but we will have more trials very soon, whether weather, or fear of war, or whatever it will be. However Hashem will do it, it will be meant to bring us close to Him. It will be meant to take away the Mechitzas so we can be very close to our Creator. This winter is still going to be very eventful and very difficult. I beg every Yid when you get into big trouble, remember Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the only Hakol Yachol. He is everything. Hold on to Him, and He will save you in every situation. Just be close to Him, and do His will. It’s not enough to try to use Him for your own needs. No, you have to be one with Him. You have to do His Mitzvos, do His Ratzon. I look out the window and I see my own reflection, and I’m so glad that at least I know the truth, but I’m so sad that so many do not.

    I cry at night because I’m afraid for the suffering we still have to go through. If this snow storm was difficult, we are going to be tested and taught in even more difficult ways.

    Each Jew that has grasped the truth from stage one of our difficulties and our trials will suffer less from stages two, three, four, etc. For those that quickly understand and
    accept the truth, each stage will be progressively easier.

    However those who ignore the tests that Hashem is going to
    z give us, and refuse to learn the right attitude and the right direction, will only suffer more and more at every stage.

    I look out of the window into the cold snowy night and see clearly that what I am seeing is very depressing, but I can also visualize beyond this scene the light of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

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