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Keeping Bad Company: A BDS “What If?”

February 27, 2014 – 3:43 pm5 Comments

bds2Editor’s note: While we usually try to avoid discussions of Israel-related topics, we do occasionally publish on matters regarding the diaspora relationship to Israel.

Among Australian Jewry, there are three distinct camps when it comes to BDS (the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement that targets Israeli businesses and organisations:
1) Those vehemently opposed to BDS under all circumstances (we believe a sizable majority of Australian Jews constitute this group);

2) Those who only support BDS targeting settlement organisations;

3) Those who unreservedly support BDS (we believe only a very small minority of the community advocate this position). 

The discussion surrounding BDS has divided our community and the same points are often articulated by all sides leading to both an entrenchment of already held beliefs and general tedium. That’s why, when we saw a very novel question on the topic, posed by Seraphya Berrin on Facebook, we requested permission to republish it here.

By Seraphya Berrin:

When the question comes up “Why does BDS only target Israel, not all the other occupiers and worse human rights abusers?”, it is used as a deflection from Israel’s real problems, but I think the BDS could try a new answer that will bother Israel supporters more.

Just include Iran, Sudan, Eritrea, Zimbabwa, China, Russia and Saudia Arabia as targets of a boycott. It would take away this question, would be morally consistent, and to the chagrin of Zionists it would place Israel in company it doesn’t want to be in.


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